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ubuntourist!remind Provide -- and use -- SVG images wherever possible07:58
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ubuntourist!remind Gallaudet ARA / RAGU update: Book chapter produced. Now in manual editing phase. i.e. we're done.08:00
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ubuntourist!remind Gallaudet ARA / RAGU update: Book chapter produced. Now in manual editing phase. i.e. we are done.08:00
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ubuntourist!remind Gallaudet RERC / Sound Advice - The money's done. So ubuntourist is in limbo...08:02
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ubuntourist!remind Gallaudet RERC / Sound Advice - The money is done. So ubuntourist is in limbo...08:02
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jelknerGM, nrcerna09:25
nrcernaGM jelkner09:25
jelkneri'm learning a lot in my organization theory class that will be useful to us09:25
jelknernrcerna, i think it was the right thing to do to start this MBA program09:26
nrcernahey, that's good jelkner09:26
nrcernaOf course09:26
jelknerthis week we have to write about a scenario involving communications issues between groups of managers at a merged pharma company09:27
jelknerwith team split between the US and France09:27
jelknerthe scale is much different, of course, but the issues of communication, trust, decision making, and cultural awareness09:28
jelknerare very much the kinds of issues we need to resolve too09:28
jelknerso of course i write all my papers from the point of view of nova web development! ;-)09:28
jelknerbtw. do we have a git repo ready for our website yet?09:29
nrcernaI'm working on that, I mean the last time I spoke Douglas, he told me that GFbot needs to work on libreorganize with arepo for every customer.09:30
jelknerthat's what i'm asking for09:30
nrcernaIf I'm not bad, GFbot already send us here two gits urls09:31
nrcernaOne with libre organize base theme09:31
nrcernaand then other whit NWD website09:31
jelkneryou only put the first one in the forum09:32
jelknerbut we need the 2nd09:32
jelknercan you put it there09:32
nrcernaYes, that's what i'm looking now09:32
jelknerlena just phoned me to let her in09:32
nrcernaI'm prepareing ubounturist request too, about SVG files of NWD logo09:33
nrcernasure jelkner09:33
jelknernrcerna, i think we have svg09:36
jelkneror we did09:36
jelknerthis isn't the first time we talked about that09:36
jelknerbut we should have the svg in a git repo09:36
nrcernaYes, but I mean the other colors that GFbot and I used09:36
jelknerahh yes09:36
jelknerthe beautiful thing about svg is changing colors is just changing an attribute in a text file09:37
jelknersince svg is a plain text formant09:37
jelkneranyway, nrcerna, i want to file issues today09:37
jelknerthat should be one of my main tasks09:37
nrcernaOkay jelkner09:37
jelknerso i need that url in the forum09:37
nrcernaI'm going to put it there09:37
jelknerACTION leaves nrcerna be so she can get something done09:38
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nrcernaI just posted something on forum jelkner, please let me know if that works for you.09:49
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@ubuntourist : nrcerna : hrodriguez : lbolz : +jelkner : @mjsir911 : wolcen : @ChanServ11:00
Making our website bilingual (jelkner)11:00
Provide -- and use -- SVG images wherever possible (ubuntourist)11:00
Gallaudet ARA / RAGU update: Book chapter produced. Now in manual editing phase. i.e. we are done. (ubuntourist)11:00
Gallaudet RERC / Sound Advice - The money is done. So ubuntourist is in limbo... (ubuntourist)11:00
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nrcernaGood morning everyone11:03
jelknerGood morning!11:03
SITarabutaGood morning!11:03
lbolzGood morning!11:04
ubuntouristAgenda fired early. I hope you saw it.11:04
nrcernayes ubuntourist :)11:04
nrcernaare we ready?11:04
jelknerwe are11:04
ubuntouristTo quote jelkner and monty burns from the simpsons "Excellent!" ;-)11:04
nrcernaLet's start!11:05
nrcernaitem 1: Git repo for NOVA Web Dev website issues (jelkner)11:05
jelkneri think this is resolved11:05
jelkneri see there are tags for customers11:05
jelkneri'll give it a go11:05
jelknerafter the meeting11:05
nrcernayes, you can found what you need here:
jelknerand start filing issues11:05
jelknerACTION done11:06
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nrcernaItem 2: Getting our financial house in order  (jelkner)11:06
jelknerok, quickly11:06
jelkneri'm sending out monthly financial reports11:06
jelkneri thought 1st sunday of each month11:06
jelknerdo people like that?11:06
jelknerbtw. nrcerna you should have received your transfer11:07
ubuntouristI'll need to remember to pay attention, but +1.11:07
jelknerit's showing up in the bank statement11:07
nrcernaIt fine for me11:07
jelknerACTION done11:07
nrcernaI dindt received the xoom transfer yet btw jelkner11:07
jelknernrcerna, let's look into that11:08
nrcernaI think we are going to have news tomorrow11:08
jelknerit many take another day or two11:08
jelknersince xoom needs to get the money from the bank11:08
jelknerbut they did now11:08
nrcernaItem 2: Making our website bilingual (jelkner)11:08
jelkneri put this on the agenda11:09
jelknerbut this is a you and GFbot thing, nrcerna 11:09
nrcernaYes, but we need to discuss this11:09
jelknerso, go ahead11:09
nrcernawe had a meeting about it with replaceafill on thursday11:09
nrcernaGFbort and I realized that to make it, we need the django admin11:10
jelkneroh sh*t!!!!11:10
nrcernaso that's the problem we enconuntered11:10
jelknerthat's a terrible problem11:10
nrcernareplaceafill tried to explain to us about that11:10
nrcernawe need to find the way to solve this without that11:11
nrcernaand make it work (boxes, navbars) to get there11:11
jelknerwe need to find a way to solve that problem without11:11
nrcernaso we have a hard work to do this week jelkner11:11
jelknernrcerna, GFbot this is a good time to talk about NOVALACIRO11:12
jelknerNOVALACIRO has $7K available to spend on LibreOrganize11:12
jelknerwe ahve to use that strategically11:12
jelknersince if we spend it all and don't have a product ready at the end11:12
jelknerwe're finished11:12
jelknerNOVALACIRO *must* be bilingual11:13
ubuntouristOne awkward option is to have both languages on all pages and encourage everyone who uses stuff to to that. But I thought, w/ a wee bit o'11:13
jelknereven more than NOVA Web11:13
jelknerit can't not be11:13
jelknerso, let's meet with replaceafill and talk about how to make this happen11:13
jelkneronce we get it for NOVALACIRO, we'll get it for us11:13
ubuntouristJavaScript, you could ask the browser "What's your preferred language?" and auto display whatever that is.  (But I have zero knowledge of Tendenci.11:13
ubuntouristSo I don't know what I'm talking about.)11:14
jelknerthat's ok, ubuntourist 11:14
jelkneri don't think any of us know what to do now11:14
jelknerbut as replaceafill always says "its software"11:14
jelknerwe can do it11:14
jelknerits just how much work will it be11:14
jelknerso nrcerna, replaceafill gets back 10/1411:15
ubuntouristWell. No promises, but in theory, I now have a lot of time on my hands, since it's after October 1.11:15
jelknermaybe we can meet with him soon thereafter11:15
jelknercoo, ubuntourist 11:15
jelknerthat would be great11:15
jelknerok, to be continued11:15
nrcernabut replaceafiil is out, I mean he is coming the next week, so we could try with GFbot to keep moving on the apps we need to make work without the django admin11:15
jelknerACTION down for now11:15
nrcernanext item11:16
nrcernaProvide -- and use -- SVG images wherever possible (ubuntourist) 11:16
nrcernaI uploaded the color version we used with GFbot here :
ubuntouristYeah. Pretty straight-forward request. I could try but I figure it's best left to the experts.11:17
ubuntouristGreat. There's one item done quickly.11:17
ubuntouristACTION is done with that...11:17
nrcernanext item11:18
nrcernaGallaudet ARA / RAGU update: Book chapter produced. Now in manual editing phase. i.e. we are done. (ubuntourist)11:18
ubuntouristHold a sec on that.11:18
ubuntouristI thought I was done. SITarabuta looked at it... We'll talk more later on the SVG.11:18
ubuntouristSo. ARA.11:18
nrcernawhat happened?11:18
ubuntouristnrcerna, jelkner says table it for a bit. In the interest of keeping to his half hour.11:19
jelknernrcerna, GFbot, while ubuntourist is doing his report11:19
nrcernaoh, sure11:19
ubuntouristSo, nrcerna more after meeting.11:19
jelkneri'll let you know what we talked about before the meeting11:19
jelknerSITarabuta, and i should work on adding tests to it11:20
jelknerwe have months to do that11:20
jelknerACTION done11:20
ubuntouristARA: Susan at Gallaudet finished editing, generated the book chapter, saved it as a Word document and is editing that.11:20
nrcernaGallaudet RERC / Sound Advice - The money is done. So ubuntourist is in limbo... (ubountourist)11:21
ubuntouristThat means NOVA is done with it.11:21
ubuntouristACTION done with ARA11:21
nrcernasomething else?11:21
ubuntouristSound Advice: 11:21
ubuntouristThe contract for last year finished October 1.  There's a MUCH smaller contract that, I believe has been signed, sealed, delivered, but it will be an "on call"11:22
ubuntouristarrangement: The new contract is to help transfer the project to11:23
jelknerthat means ubuntourist has free time to work with SITarabuta 11:23
ubuntouristanother university. And I won't know the details of how and when until they contact me.11:23
ubuntourist(They're largely abandoning what I did and moving it to different hardware and software. C'est la vie.)11:24
ubuntouristACTION is done with Sound Advice.11:24
nrcernaThanks ubuntourist11:24
nrcernasomething else?11:24
nrcernaif not, i think we're done11:25
nrcernaACTION drops the bag of gravel11:25
ubuntouristChair for next meeting?11:25
ubuntouristACTION picks up the bag of gravel11:25
jelknerlbolz, you wanna try?11:26
lbolzsure i guess?11:26
lbolzi might need some help11:26
jelknerof course, lbolz 11:26
jelknerwe're all here to help11:26
ubuntouristACTION hands hands the bag to lbolz 11:26
nrcernaThanks everyone11:27
ubuntourist!remind 2019.09.13 Chair = lbolz 11:27
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GFboti want to talk about the linode email jelkner11:28
jelknergo for GFbot 11:28
ubuntouristnrcerna, SITarabuta looked at the SVG and said it appeared to be a bit blurry... How did you generate it?11:28
GFbotthe invoices that you send are from the last month right?11:28
jelknerwhile ubuntourist and nrcerna are talking11:28
jelkneryou and i can talk about that11:28
jelknerit just came in11:28
ubuntouristnrcerna, If it got generated from the PNG, that will not scale as an SVG should... (It will always be a bit fuzzy.)11:29
GFbotjelkner because now if you check linode i deleted some of the linodes11:29
GFbotthat we are not using.11:29
jelknerso next month will be cheaper11:29
ubuntouristnrcerna, I MAY have a "more pure" SVG of the NWD logo, but definitely not the LO logo.11:29
jelknerthat's good, GFbot 11:29
jelkneri know we have expenses11:29
jelknerthat's to be expected11:29
jelknerwe just don't want to waste resources11:30
jelknersince we have so little11:30
GFbotjelkner yea, i hope next month will be cheaper.11:30
jelkneri was telling SITarabuta that perhaps later we can find ways to economize further11:30
nrcernaOh, I took that png a few years ago, but I can search the SVG one (jelkner mentiones that is on gitlab) ubunturist11:30
GFbotjelkner just let me know if that happens11:30
jelknerby combinging sites on a single server11:30
jelkneri'm not sure nrcerna 11:30
jelknerbut we want it there if its not11:31
ubuntouristnrcerna, (I have not yet looked at the images on Google Drive, so I'm acting based on what SITarabuta saw.)11:31
jelkneri just remember us talking about this before11:31
jelknerit might be google drive11:31
SITarabutanrcerna, they were very pixelated, like the were low-resolution11:31
nrcernadid he opened the GDrive link? ubuntourist?11:31
ubuntouristubuntourist, OK. And is the LibreOffice pure SVG? 11:31
jelknerGFbot, after ubuntourist finishes with nrcerna, lets talk about NOVALACIRO with nrcerna and hrodriguez 11:31
nrcernadid he opened the GDrive link? ubuntourist?11:32
nrcernai'm looking it now11:32
ubuntouristnrcerna, Yup. He opened whatever you sent in today's meeting.11:33
nrcernaI think the better way to solve this is get the "original SVG file" ubuntourist11:33
ubuntouristnrcerna, (I think he only opened the NWD logo, not the LibreOrganize logo.) Let me see if I have a "purer" SVG logo, and I'll pass that on.11:34
nrcernaplease, ubuntourist11:34
ubuntouristThe reason I was asking is that I'm going to change the footer for the Gallaudet ARA / RAGU project to our logo. (I've already added z0nny's name as one of the developers.)11:34
ubuntouristACTION is done then. He will send his best logo onward.11:35
SITarabutaACTION gracefully leaves the chatroom.11:36
jelknernrcerna, let's chat11:37
jelknerthis conversation involves GFbot, hrodriguez, jelkner, and nrcerna 11:37
jelknerthe topic is NOVALACIRO11:37
jelknernrcerna, let me know when you're ready11:37
GFbotshe's away no11:38
GFbotlets wait for her11:38
nrcernaI'm back11:40
jelknerready, nrcerna 11:40
jelknerok, basically, we need to figure out the next steps for LibreOrganize11:40
jelkneri wasn't expecting the huge problem with bilingual support11:41
jelknerbut we need that so much, i think it is the top priority11:41
jelkneralso, novalaciro is the organization with the dedicated donation for LibreOrganize11:41
jelknerso they have funds for this11:41
jelknerand we need to keep that in mind11:42
jelknerso, nrcerna11:42
jelkneri am going to file issues on our website11:42
jelknerin the gitlab link you gave me11:42
jelknertagging them appropriately11:42
jelknerthose can be fixed11:42
jelknerpretty easily methinks11:43
jelknerso the bigger issue11:43
jelkneris starting work on the novalaciro website11:43
jelknerGFbot, while we know we need to do something about this eventually11:43
jelkneryou are the only dev we have who can hack on LibreOrganize11:43
jelknerit is a complex system11:44
jelknerzOnny doesn't have time with his new job11:44
jelknerand SItarabuta will take awhile before he's ready to contribute anything11:45
jelknerso while we help train him11:45
jelknerGFbot, you're the man!11:45
jelknernrcerna and GFbot are our only full time people11:46
jelknerso you two are key in any event11:46
jelknerwe need full time people11:46
jelknerand can only afford you two at this point11:46
jelknernrcerna, what do you think?11:46
nrcernayou're right jelkner11:47
jelknerso, nrcerna, what do you think we should do next?11:47
jelknerwe have the following funds available:11:47
jelknernovalaciro: $7K11:48
jelkneraea: $1K11:48
nrcernaI mean, we need to continue, but we need to think that even if we are the only fulltime, 11:48
nrcernais going to take time to get there11:48
jelknerit's a marathon, not a sprint11:48
jelknerslow and steady11:48
jelknerwe need to keep making progress11:49
jelknerthe tricky part, nrcerna 11:49
jelkneris that we need to show off something to have a shot at funding11:49
jelknerso we need to focus on that11:49
jelknerour new website looks great, btw!11:49
jelknerit is beautiful11:50
jelknernice work!11:50
jelknerso that kind of thing helps11:50
jelknerthink about english / spanish11:50
jelknerand novalaciro11:50
jelknerwe can't bill novaliciro until we can setup their new website11:50
jelknerthat's why hrodriguez is here now11:50
jelkneri did not anticipate the language problem11:50
jelknerthey absolutely must have a bilingual website11:51
jelknerACTION done11:51
jelknernrcerna, what do you think?11:52
jelknertalk to me, nrcerna 11:52
GFbotwe need to migrate novalaciro to tendenci1111:52
nrcernayes jelkner, we are discussing this with GFbot11:52
nrcernato let you know11:52
jelknerGFbot, to LibreOrganize you mean11:52
GFbotbut theres a problem11:52
jelknerseems like there's always a problem :-(11:53
GFbotwe need to update or create a new app that change the languages11:53
GFbotthat will take time11:53
GFbotand you "dont have time"11:53
jelknerGFbot, they have $$ to pay you to do that11:53
nrcernaIt happens beacuse we forked tendenci jelkner11:53
nrcernareplaceafill told us is  trade off11:53
jelkneryes, i know11:53
jelkneri don't know what choice we have11:54
jelkneri can tell you that having an ugly confusing megamenu with 30 unused items is a show stopper11:54
jelknerwe can't do that11:54
jelknerwho would want to fund that?11:54
jelknerwho would want to use it?11:54
jelknerso we need the kind of thing you just showed me11:55
jelknerpretty, elegant, usable11:55
jelknerour new website11:55
jelknerwe need that11:55
jelknerso we had no choice11:55
nrcernawe know, and also we agree that we have a functional web app (meaning 70/30)11:55
jelkneryou mean 70 percent done?11:56
nrcernaIt seems like we are done at 70%11:56
jelkneryes, i agree11:56
jelknerand what we have looks great11:56
jelknerthat is *so* important11:56
jelknerwe are strong on design, nrcerna 11:56
jelknerwe need to take advantage of that11:56
jelknerso while we wait for GFbot to work on NOVALACIRO11:57
jelkneryou and i can work on an english only nova web development website11:57
nrcernawe always are going to have this struggle , I mean its one thing of this job, keep leaning how to solve this kind of issues11:57
jelknerready to reaching out to customers looking for design work11:57
jelknersince we can do that now11:57
nrcernaI propose something11:57
jelknergo for it11:57
nrcernawe can star the desing (meaning layout) for NOVALACIRO, we can work on that as we did with NWD website (is a separate app "custom pages)11:58
nrcerna(in our dev instance)11:59
jelknerdo it in spanish first11:59
jelknerbut we can't go live with it until it is both11:59
jelknerand work with hrodriguez on that11:59
nrcernaand then we can try to figure it out how to shoot two birds with one bullet11:59
nrcernameaning billingual for NOVALACIRO and NWD11:59
jelknerahh, we use stones here, but i guess a bullet would be easier ;-)12:00
jelknersorry, nrcerna that was an attempt at humor12:00
nrcernanp jaja12:01
jelknerthe idiom here is to "kill two birds with one stone"12:01
nrcernasure, I learned something new :D12:01
jelknerso, nrcerna that sounds like a good plan12:02
jelknerlet's do it12:02
jelknerhrodriguez will be your customer for that site12:03
jelknerjust like i am (we all are, but i'll be most active) on our own site12:03
nrcernawe are going to do it, GFbot is going to push the progress and work everything on dev instance12:03
jelknerok, i'm going to sign off so i can get to work12:03
nrcernaYes, I can ask her if I have any concern12:03
nrcernathanks for your time jelkner12:04
jelknernrcerna, you and i will talk tomorrow at 9:30 am, yes?12:04
GFbotjelkner see you12:04
jelknerthank you, nrcerna!12:04
nrcernayes jelkner12:04
jelknerGFbot, see you 12:04
jelknerand thanks for the great work!12:04
jelknerACTION signs off for the day...12:04
*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev14:34
jelknerGFbot, r u here?14:34
jelknerOh GFbot14:34
jelknerr u here?14:34
*** SITarabuta has joined #novawebdev14:34
GFbotjelkner yes14:37
SITarabutahi GFBot14:37
jelknerGFbot, SITarabuta finished getting Kevin's ARA installed on his laptop14:38
*** nrcerna has joined #novawebdev14:38
jelknernow he is asking what he should do14:38
jelkneri suggested he work with you to get LibreOrganize on his laptop14:38
jelknercan you help him with that, GFbot?14:38
jelknernrcerna, we filed 4 issues, btw14:38
jelknerall assigned to you ;-)14:38
nrcernaGreat, jelkner 14:39
nrcernaThanks 14:39
GFbotjelkner SITarabuta you'll need the script14:40
GFbotto create the local instance14:40
GFbotthere you have14:40
jelknerdon't worry about me, GFbot 14:40
jelknerthis is you and SITarabuta 14:41
SITarabutaok, i am downloading it14:41
jelknerhave fun!14:41
SITarabutaalright, is there any specific name that i should give to the instance?14:42
GFbotyep when you have the script14:44
GFbottry ./ v114:44
SITarabutahold on, i have some problems14:49
SITarabutai keep getting this error FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/log/mysite/debug.log'15:03
GFbotwhat version of ubuntu are you using?15:04
GFbotyou need 18.0415:05
SITarabutai thought that might be a problem15:05
GFbotthe script is not update15:05
GFboti have the same problem today15:05
GFbotso i think that i going to change to 18.04 again15:05
GFbotLTS version15:05
SITarabutaok, well15:06
SITarabutai will change that, and then try again15:06
GFboti'll be herer15:06
GFbotim doing the same15:06
SITarabutai won't be able to do it today unfortunately15:06
SITarabutais next sunday ok?15:07
GFbotit if ok for jelkner15:07
SITarabutayeah, i talked to him15:07
GFbotSITarabuta so see you then!15:08
SITarabutasee you GFbot15:08
SITarabutaACTION sadly logs off 15:08
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