IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2019-10-07

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jelknerGM nrcerna_ 09:37
nrcerna_Gm jelkner09:37
jelknerI've got a meeting with my principle in a few minutes, so we need to be brief09:37
jelkneri only have one important question for you09:37
nrcerna_sure 09:37
jelknerdid you see the issues?09:38
nrcerna_yes jelkner09:38
nrcerna_i did09:38
jelknerany questions?09:38
nrcerna_no at this point09:38
jelknerlet's check-in again tomorrow09:38
nrcerna_Okay jelkner09:38
jelknerhasta tomorrow09:38
nrcerna_see you maƱana09:39
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