IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2019-10-16

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nrcernaGM GFbot 11:07
nrcernazOnny told me that he is going to help us when he come back from his work 11:08
nrcernaCould you you Please work on following the steps replaceafill mentioned to understand how is working Novalaciro with tendenci? Then we can get a read me to give to Stefan and he could help us with that 11:10
nrcernaGFbot 11:10
nrcernaIm going to post about this GFbot, but I think is funcional at this moment on mobile11:17
nrcernaThe dropdown is not useful on desktop version11:17
nrcernaBut it could work on mobile. 11:18
nrcernaGFbot I'm still thubking about that Pinterest example I showed you 11:19
GFbotpost what you think there :)11:20
nrcernaBut are you working today what I mentioned first, right? 11:21
nrcernaGFbot 11:21
GFboti can try it11:21
nrcernaYes, please ;) GFbot 11:25
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nrcerna_GFbot I just commented on the issue 12:13
nrcerna_Respondiste GFbot? :O13:30
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