IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2019-10-17

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nrcernaHe is alive jelkner ! 17:03
jelknerIt's ALIVE!17:03
jelknerwho brought it back up?17:03
zOnnyGFbot: one question17:03
jelknermjsir911, stays logged in all the time17:03
jelknermaybe he could restore the missing log from today?17:04
replaceafillhello everyone, are you in a meeting?17:04
replaceafilli don't want to interrupt :)17:04
replaceafillalthough i don't think i have anything else to recommend17:05
replaceafillnrcerna, is there anything else you need from me?17:05
nrcernanot really17:07
nrcernathanks for your guidence17:07
replaceafillgreat, good luck!17:07
jelknernrcerna, i just emailed brian back and bcc'd everybody@17:08
zOnnyGFbot: I got it17:08
nrcernaThanks jelkner17:08
GFbotzOnny, what?17:08
GFbotzOnny, im confused17:08
zOnnyGFbot: I was talking with jelkner about celina benitez site17:08
GFbotyes?, tell me more about that17:09
nrcernait would depend of the time we have to develop the site, if we are going to use LibreOrganize or Tendenci17:09
zOnnyGFbot: we can revamp the old site as it is17:09
nrcernait would depend of the time we have to develop the site, if we are going to use LibreOrganize or Tendenc jelkner17:09
GFbotzOnny, how17:09
zOnnyGFbot: It is only flask17:09
GFbotit wasnt tendenci?17:09
jelknernrcerna, which site are you talking about now?17:09
jelknerthe new one with ATU?17:09
GFbotzOnny, that should be in a repo17:10
jelkneri'm just going to find out what their timeline is, nrcerna 17:10
jelknerthen leave it up to you and the team to figure out how to do it17:11
zOnnyGFbot: The one you deleted was tendeenci1117:11
nrcernasure jelkner17:11
zOnnyGFbot: if we don't want more tendenci sites17:11
GFbotzOnny, whats your plan and when we can start17:12
zOnnyGFbot: I'm talking with jelkner 17:14
zOnnyGFbot: I was telling him about having her flask site running again if we don't want another tendenci site17:19
GFbotzOnny, got it17:22
GFbotnrcerna, 17:40
nrcernahol GFbot17:41
GFbotnrcerna, ya termine lo de lee17:41
GFbotahi envie el corre.17:41
nrcernaOk ya reviso17:46
nrcernasupongo que me copiaste GFbot17:46
GFbotno se17:46
GFbotsolo respondi a todos.17:46
GFbotseguro ibas ahi17:46
nrcernaOki ya reviso17:50
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