IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2019-10-22

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GFbotnrcerna, i can see SSL on nova11:33
nrcerna_GFbot Edzon already fixed that12:30
GFbotnrcerna_, oh cool12:30
nrcerna_but you need to learn how to do it12:30
nrcerna_I need to talk about the request Keith did on the email I sent you this morning GFbot12:31
nrcerna_can do it?12:31
nrcerna_can we do it? I need to let you know to them that we are able to do it12:32
nrcerna_They want this two things. 1) can we add and election day advertisement into the website? 12:33
nrcerna_2) With that, can we also add a link to the board of elections so that people can figure out where to vote?
nrcerna_In the meantime, can we have the link at a minimum live in a tab on the front of the website? Like along the top12:33
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