IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2019-10-23

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nrcerna_GFbot are you there?13:25
GFbotjust busy with boxes.13:31
nrcerna_Sure, can we work on what Keith requested in the afternoon? GFbot?13:39
nrcerna_The elections are really close GFbot13:39
GFbotnrcerna_, yes13:47
nrcerna_let me know when you can work on that GFbot13:48
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nrcerna_*ACTION AFK (on lunch)15:06
nrcerna_ACTION  AFK (on lunch)15:06
nrcerna_Hey GFbot16:25
nrcerna_not yet?16:25
GFbotim done16:25
GFbotnrcerna_, ????16:42
nrcerna_I'm here16:45
nrcerna_I need to know the size of the design we need16:46
nrcerna_to add it to the site GFbot16:46
GFbotjust sent an email.16:46
GFbotnrcerna_, mira wsp16:49
nrcerna_I sent you the email with the adv GFbot17:32
nrcerna_text me if you need something else , when its done, we need to email Keith.17:34
GFbotnrcerna_, ok17:36

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