IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2019-10-27

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jelknerGood morning, nrcerna!09:38
nrcernaGM jelkner 09:42
nrcernaI was reading aou the emails jelkner 09:42
jelkneryou mean from this morning, nrcerna?10:09
nrcernaYes 10:10
nrcernajelkner 10:10
jelkneri'm sitting here in the comfort of my home, nrcerna 10:10
jelkneri think ubuntourist felt slighted10:11
nrcernaHey, thats good :) 10:11
jelknerwell, not really10:11
jelkneri mean it is goo10:11
jelknerbut it would be better to be at HacDC with stefan and heylin10:11
jelknerand kevin10:11
nrcernaI mean for the confort 10:11
nrcernaI know 10:11
jelknerbut since stefan can't make it, there is no point10:11
jelknerso we will need to adjust that10:11
jelknerto next week10:12
nrcernaSure 10:12
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jelknerGM lbolz 10:18
nrcernaGM :) lbolz 10:19
jelknerlbolz, do you have a link to the web page for our DG workshop yet?10:19
lbolzi do, but the site isn't live yet10:20
jelknerlbolz, can you make it live today?10:23
jelknerthat would be a great way for you to spend your sunday ;-)10:23
jelknerand then you would be ready for your tuesday meeting with monica10:24
jelknerand we could move on to the next phase of planning10:24
jelknerwe are blocking on that at present10:24
jelknerok, bb in 20 minutes10:24
nrcerna:) 10:26
lbolzyep sure10:28
jelknerACTION finished folding his laundry, so he's back ;-)10:45
jelkneranyway, lbolz, it would be great if you could make that website go live today10:46
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nrcernaGM GFbot 10:48
jelknerGM GFbot10:51
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jelknerGood morning SITarabuta!10:55
SITarabutaGood morning!10:56
nrcernaGM SITarabuta 10:56
SITarabutaHi nrcerna!10:56
jelknerlbolz, you didn't respond10:58
jelknercan you get the website live today?10:58
jelkneror was "yep sure" a confirmation that you can ;-)10:59
jelkneri thought it was just an acknowledgment that i would be back in 20 minutes10:59
SITarabuta : GFbot : lbolz : nrcerna : +jelkner : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ : wolcen11:00
jelknerGM everyone!11:00
jelknerlet's fly through this meeting11:00
jelkneri don't see ubuntourist11:00
jelknerhe is probably a bit upset that we ditched him11:00
lbolz"yep sure" was confirmation jelkner11:00
jelkneri got an email from him early this morning saying he was at HacDC11:01
jelkneranyway, first item11:01
jelknernrcerna, GFbot, how are things going with Elizabeth Guzman?11:01
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jelknerACTION waits for nrcerna and GFbot 11:02
GFbotim here11:02
nrcernaGFbot started to work on that, he asked something by email to Keith, 11:02
jelknernrcerna, GFbot the election is 9 days away11:03
nrcernaHe made updates, but he still working on the last one11:03
jelknerafter that, things will die down with that site11:03
nrcernaWe know jelkner 11:03
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jelknergood morning, hrodriguez 11:03
jelkneri'm glad you could make it11:03
jelknerok, if there is nothing pressing, let's move on11:04
hrodriguezgood morning everyone!11:04
jelknersince nrcerna and GFbot are handling that well11:04
nrcernaBut they came up with something that GFbot I S trying to understand and do ASAP11:04
jelknernext item is most important, SITarabuta, GFbot, nrcerna, are are things coming with LibreOrganize?11:04
GFbotas you know11:05
nrcernaHe is going to work on that today, right GFbot 11:05
GFbotboxes are done11:05
SITarabutai worked on navbars11:05
GFbotlets see what SITarabuta has for today.11:05
SITarabutai got stuck at the end really11:05
jelknerSITarabuta, when do you need to go to the embassy?11:05
GFbotSITarabuta oh we can try to see what happen11:05
jelknercan you work with GFbot today?11:05
SITarabutai am there11:05
jelknerso working with GFbot today is not possible11:06
SITarabutait is, but not right now. at around 2 PM our time..11:06
jelknerwill we be ready to work with hrodriguez next sunday on the novalaciro site?11:06
jelknercool, SITarabuta 11:07
jelknerso, SITarabuta, nrcerna, GFbot that question is for you.11:07
jelknerdo you think we will be ready to work with hrodriguez next sunday?11:08
SITarabutait depends on what she needs on  the website11:08
jelknerwe won't know until we start working with her11:08
jelknerthat's the point of getting together11:08
nrcernaAfter GFbot and SITarabuta finnish nabvar, the next step is the billigual thing, right GFbot? 11:08
jelknerfirstly, we need to port the old site11:08
SITarabutanrcerna +111:09
jelknerbut nrcerna, we agreed that hrodriguez can work on a spanish only site until we get that working11:09
nrcernaAs I remember, we already have boxes, this could be easier, right? GFbot 11:09
GFbotmaybe :)11:09
jelknerGFbot, let's do everything we can to find out!11:09
jelknermaybe is hard to plan around11:10
SITarabutamaybe till next week we could start doing some bilingual stuff?11:10
jelkneryes, SITarabuta, that is the next task11:10
jelknerok, does anyone else have anything to discuss?11:11
GFbotbtw, celina site is running jelkner11:11
jelkneroh, super!11:11
jelkneri forgot to ask about that11:11
jelknerthanks, GFbot 11:11
nrcernaThe order is the following :11:11
nrcerna1.GFbot (work on Elizabeths update)11:11
nrcerna2. SITarabuta  and GF it work on. Navbars, 11:11
jelknergood plan, nrcerna 11:12
jelkneranyone one have anything else?11:12
nrcerna3. Try to figure it out about billigual 11:12
jelknerwho can chair next week?11:12
nrcerna4.start developing the website (Novalaciro) 11:12
jelknernrcerna, that is a great plan11:13
jelknercan you chair next week?11:13
nrcernaYes jelkner 11:13
jelknerso you can report on how it is progressing11:13
jelkner!remind nrcerna chair for 2019-11-0311:13
"nrcerna chair for 2019-11-03" added to message queue11:13
jelknergreat, nrcerna has a clear plan11:14
jelknerso let's get on it11:14
nrcerna:) 11:14
jelknerlast call for any last announcement11:14
jelknergoing once...11:14
nrcernaYou know what to do GFbot :) 11:14
jelknergoing twice...11:14
jelknerACTION drops the bad of gravel11:15
jelknerlbolz, btw. i've been working on java since yesterday11:15
SITarabutajava :D ?11:15
jelknerwe are going to use BlueJ as our IDE11:15
jelknerSITarabuta, its not by choice ;-)11:16
jelknerbut i'm a teacher, you know11:16
jelknerand i have classes to teach11:16
SITarabutaoh yeah i see11:16
jelknerSITarabuta, since the class is called Java Programming I11:16
jelkneri could hardly use anything else11:16
jelkneranyway, lbolz, BlueJ is very nice11:17
jelkneri'll be showing it to students tomorrow11:17
jelknersince you and sheereen get lost in the shuffle11:17
jelknerfind a time to talk to me about it11:17
lbolzalso, jelkner, did you ever log into the gmail account that the django girls gave us?11:18
jelknerhow do i go that, lbolz?11:18
lbolzit's in the email they sent us for when they confirmed our application11:19
lbolzbut i was just trying to log in11:19
lbolzand apparently the password was changed 18 days ago11:19
lbolzso i was wondering if you did it11:19
lbolzbut i guess not11:19
lbolzso i might need to contact them for that11:20
jelknerlbolz, i'm looking at the email now11:20
jelknerif you need me to do something11:20
jelkneri can do it now11:20
jelknerwe are arlington@djangogirls.org11:20
jelknerjust tried to login11:21
jelknersays password was changed 18 days ago11:21
jelknerlbolz, did i do that?11:21
lbolzyeah that's the issue11:21
jelkneror did you?11:21
lbolzi don't ever remember changing it so i thought it was you11:22
lbolzbut you said you never logged in11:22
jelknerlet me see11:22
jelknerthere is nothing in my password manager11:23
jelknerand i'm pretty good about that11:23
jelkner(since my mind is going with advancing age ;-)11:23
jelkneri never change a password without adding an entry for it at the same time11:24
jelkneri don't have any entry, lbolz 11:24
jelknerso it is very unlikely that i changed it11:24
jelknerplease get on slack and see if you can find out how to reset it11:24
lbolzyeah, i was about to do that11:24
lbolzbut with that exception we're ready to launch the site11:24
jelknerso lbolz, work on recovering email today11:25
jelknerand we will be all set11:25
jelknerlbolz, can you meet with me tomorrow during 5th period?11:25
jelkneri have planning11:25
jelknerand you don't have class, right?11:26
lbolzthat works11:26
jelknersee if you can get email recovered by then11:26
jelkneryou and i can look over the website11:26
jelknerand talk about next steps11:26
jelknerso you're ready for your weekly meeting with monica on tuesday11:26
jelkneralright everyone, i'm going to log off so i can focus on work11:27
jelkneri'll check email periodically throughout the day11:27
jelknerand can jump back on here if anyone needs anything11:28
jelknerjust email me.11:28
jelknerACTION logs off...11:28
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