IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2019-10-24

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nrcerna_ACTION On lunch14:57
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jelknerPing mjsir911 17:53
mjsir911oh its thursday night17:53
mjsir911chip's with you17:53
mjsir911what's up? I havent been very contactable, have been 6 hours forward in spain17:53
jelknermjsir911, what would it take to get your debian gasp repo to add ahrm?17:54
mjsir911thats an interesting question17:54
mjsir911maybe no time, maybe some time17:54
jelknerit's just pure python, yes?17:54
mjsir911does armhf have all the same dependencies?17:54
jelknerits just debian buster17:54
jelknershould be super easy17:55
jelknerand nothing to build17:55
jelknersince it's just python17:55
jelknerjust metadata i imagine17:55
jelknermjsir911, here is what I get now:
mjsir911oh, this should be easy17:57
jelknerthat's what i thought17:57
jelkneronly a few more weeks til boston, btw17:57
jelknerlooking forward to it!17:57
mjsir911jelkner: build is underway:
jelknermjsir911, you rock!18:13

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