IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2019-12-05

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jelkner!remind Understanding LibreOrganize - The NEA4OR Story09:12
"Understanding LibreOrganize - The NEA4OR Story" added to message queue09:12
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nrcernaACTION Meeting with replaceafill12:04
GFbot:b 12:34
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jelknerhola nrcerna 16:26
nrcernahello jelkner16:26
jelknernrcerna, please join lbolz in our learn channel16:26
jelknerwhich is where aelkner will meet you16:27
jelknerthat's what everyone wanted it for16:27
jelknertutoring sessions and such16:27
jelknerso, nrcerna, we might as well use it ;-)16:27
jelknernrcerna, do you need help with that?16:28
nrcernahelp with? jelkner16:29
jelknerjoining the other channel16:29
nrcernaI'm in16:29
jelkneroh, cool16:29

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