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nrcerna!remind NOVALACIRO Progress (ask German)09:53
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nrcerna!remind Reading / research about API, API REST, django and some back-end, front-end integration.09:53
"Reading / research about API, API REST, django and some back-end, front-end integration." added to message queue09:53
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nrcernaACTION meeting with Douglas10:41
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jelkner!remind Gallaudette meeting and how we meet their needs10:53
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GFbotjelkner, gm10:54
jelknerGM, GFbot 10:54
jelkner!remind The importance of effective communication10:54
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GFbotjelkner, today im going to chair the meeting and tell my report after that I'll leave, i'm kind of sick.10:56
+jelkner : GFbot : lbolz : nrcerna : @mjsir911 : wolcen : @ChanServ10:56
Reading / research about API, API REST, django and some back-end, front-end integration. (nrcerna)10:56
Gallaudette meeting and how we meet their needs (jelkner)10:56
The importance of effective communication (jelkner)10:56
jelknerlbolz, is zOnny with you?10:58
jelknersorry your not feeling well, GFbot 10:58
jelknerStefan is sick too10:58
nrcernaHe feels like when you get sick here jelkner 10:58
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jelknersorry to hear that, GFbot, that wasn't fun10:59
jelknerGood morning, hrodriguez 10:59
hrodriguezGood morning jelkner 10:59
GFbotgood morning!11:00
nrcernaGood morning!11:00
jelknerlbolz, are you here?11:00
hrodriguezGood morning everyone!11:00
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nrcernajelkner, where is ubuntourist?11:00
jelknerthat's what i want to know11:00
nrcernaI see11:01
GFbotcan we start?11:02
lbolzok z0nny and kevin are here with me11:02
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nrcernashoot GFbot11:04
GFbotlets start11:04
GFbotFirst Item: "Understanding LibreOrganize - The NEA4OR Story"11:05
jelknerThat's supposed to be mine, but given what happened this morning, i think we have a more urgent discussion we need to have11:05
jelknerGFbot, can i'd like to propose we substitute what is on the agenda for a broader discussion of what we do next11:06
jelknerwhat to people think?11:06
jelknerwe had a meeting with Gallaudet, and will be getting a contract proposal from them11:06
jelknerSITarabuta is likely moving back to Romania11:07
ubuntourist(We hope)11:07
jelknerso we can't plan on him being a key part of meeting that while he is in transition11:07
ubuntourist(We don't hope THAT. We hope the contract...)11:07
jelknerwe have ubuntourist threatening to miss meetings to watch tv11:07
jelknerand lbolz and zOnny showing up unexpectededly without telling anyone they were coming11:08
jelknerso, here is our first order of business as i see it11:08
jelknerwe need to figure out if we can take the Gallaudet contract11:08
jelknerand we need to let ubuntourist retire11:08
jelknerbut we need to make steady progress toward that11:09
jelknerso, this is a question for GFbot and zOnny 11:09
ubuntouristand jelkner making decisions at 6:30 and expecting everyone else can accommodate. 11:09
jelknercan we handle the Gallaudet contract?11:09
jelknerubuntourist, whatever11:09
jelkneri do the best i can11:09
jelkneri didn't make decision11:09
jelkneri just told you i couldn't make it to the location11:10
jelkneri try to do that out of deference to you, ubuntourist 11:10
jelknerbut you don't have a modern way to communicate11:10
jelknerso i sent the email11:10
jelknerin my view, you should just plan to go to HacDC and work on your own things11:11
jelknerand be there in case we show up11:11
jelknerotherwise, it is my responsiblity11:11
jelknerand i am coming from far11:11
jelknerand can't always get there easily11:11
jelknerso, 1st question is, can we handle the gallaudet contract?11:11
jelkner2nd questions is, should we continue to meet at HacDC?11:12
jelknerif ubuntourist isn't coming, it doesn't make any sense11:12
ubuntouristI think we're up to about four times in the last 6 or 7 weeks.11:12
jelknerlook, ubuntourist, i tell the other members they need to communicate directly with you11:13
jelknerit isn't my decision that we meet11:13
jelknerbut i am the only one who can let people in11:13
jelknerso if i have that responsibility11:13
jelknerand can't be there to let people in11:13
jelkneri tell them not to come11:13
jelknerthey have to do a good bit of traveling to get there11:14
jelknerit is disrespectful in the upmost to not be there when they arrive11:14
jelknerand, with winter break coming, there will be more sundays i can't be there11:14
jelknerso, should we continue to meet at HacDC?11:15
jelknerlbolz, zOnny, you really should have let someone know you were coming11:15
jelkneri didn't even notify you i wouldn't be there since i had no reason to suspect you would show up11:15
ubuntourist(Discussion happening...)11:17
nrcernaI suggest we can set up a process to avoid this kind of misunderstandings11:18
SITarabutamaybe we can use some kind of "check-in" app thingy online?11:18
nrcerna?thoughts 11:18
SITarabutai am probably overthinking11:18
nrcernawe cand discuss that SITarabuta ;)11:19
ubuntouristnrcerna, Speaking for myself only, on Sundays, I'm usually running out the door. Not checking e-mail and not doing much else in my "Dark and Surly" moments.11:19
ubuntouristnrcerna, So, I find that early-morning changes in plans screw me up.11:20
lbolzjelkner, we'll notify you next time before we come in11:20
nrcernaI see11:20
jelkner+1 lbolz 11:20
nrcernathanks lbolz 11:21
jelknerubuntourist, the only solution i see is if you see going to HacDC on sunday morning as something you do regularly11:21
jelknereven if no one else shows up11:21
nrcernaWe need to find the way to make this smooth11:21
jelknerthat way you won't be pissed off11:21
nrcernaI mean the communication 11:21
jelknerand we can continue meeting there11:21
jelknerwhen people get sick, or things come up at the last minute11:22
jelkneremail is the only way we reach you, ubuntourist 11:22
jelknerso if you don't check it before you leave, what do you expect us to do?11:22
jelkneri text the others11:22
jelknerbut i can't do that wit you11:22
jelknerSITarabuta, we don't need an app11:23
jelknerThis is a human problem, not one with a "tech fix"11:24
ubuntouristOK, so then I will continue to show up, but with the understanding that on occasion other people might.11:24
jelknerif you think of it that way11:24
jelkneryou won't get pissed off (i hope ;-)11:24
ubuntouristDark. Surly. Good luck.11:24
jelknerGFbot, before you go to sleep11:25
jelknerwe need to talk about Gallaudet11:25
GFbotjelkner, cool11:25
jelknersince i strongly suspect there will be a contract proposal coming11:26
jelknerthis is a very important business decision we all need to make together11:26
jelkneras nrcerna and GFbot know, replaceafill didn't want to do this work11:26
jelknerhe did it two you years ago11:26
jelknerand he did it well, but he didn't want to make that his work11:27
jelknerhe didn't want to do "gig work"11:27
jelknerand he was in a position to make that kind of choice11:27
ubuntouristI'm hoping to loop a Gallaudet RSIA employee, Larry Musa, into future conversations, since he's used Linux, and knows what a database is -- unlike one of the people we met with.11:27
GFbotjelkner, well11:27
jelknerACTION is all ears waiting for GFbot to weigh in11:28
GFbotin my opinion if you are talking about Gallaudet Im don't what can i do for them11:28
ubuntouristI'm still not sure that they're aware of what they have or what they want, but, coming out of the conversation on Friday, the two bits that seemed clear:11:28
GFbotim dont know*11:28
ubuntourist1) Create additional fields and views for the International Visitors Request Form11:29
ubuntourist2) Move the International Policy Manual from its current Drupal / PHP life to something more suitable. (It's BASICALLY a wiki, but not public.)11:30
ubuntouristACTION is done with that summary11:31
jelknerand don't forget to maintain the ARA next year11:31
jelknerso here is the issue, GFbot 11:31
jelkneri understand you don't know what needs to be done11:31
jelknersince we haven't been looping you into that work11:31
jelknerfor better or worse, nrcerna and i thought it made sense to have ubuntourist and SITarabuta work on that11:32
nrcernaIt seems like GFbot could take charge of the first part, right?11:32
jelknerso you could focus on LibreOranize11:32
jelknerbut we now have a new situation11:32
ubuntouristjelkner, They still seem very unsure of where they're going with the ARA. There will be work there, but whether it's integrating / porting to InterFolio, or, as I suspect, waiting til the last minute and panicking again...11:32
jelknerSITarabuta's availability is likely to be interrupted at unexpected times11:33
jelknerthat means we should have him work on short cycle deliverables, not long term projects11:33
jelknerubuntourist, i understand the "unsure" part11:33
jelknerbut past experience suggests some contracts will come out of this11:34
SITarabutai wouldn't necessarily say that it will be interrupted11:34
SITarabutai have a pretty linear life haha11:34
jelknernot now you don't, SITarabuta 11:34
jelknersince it will branch in unexpected ways11:34
ubuntouristACTION laughs (and gets the reference)11:34
jelkneryou're graduating high school11:34
jelknerand heading into a period of transition11:35
jelkneranyway, ubuntourist, gallaudet will very likely want work from us11:35
jelknerfrom a business point of view11:35
jelknerif we decide this makes sense for us11:35
jelknerwe should do what we need to do to meet their needs11:35
jelknerotherwise, replaceafill is right and we should not pursue it11:36
ubuntouristjelkner, dare I ask about ... sorry, don't recall her name ... your ASL guest?11:36
jelknerso, we have a *very* important business decision to make11:36
jelknerubuntourist, no point discussing rachael now11:36
jelknerthat was future planning11:37
jelknerpredicated on us wanting to continue our relationship with gallaudet11:37
jelknercan we make this the first agenda item for next sunday?11:38
jelknerand have GFbot, zOnny, SITarabuta and ubuntourist share information about the work so that they can have an informed opinion next week what we should do11:38
ubuntouristbefore GFbot weighs in, I think, perhaps a look at the repos. Particularly the ARA. This is what got zOnny in trouble: The beast was much bigger than he was told.11:38
jelknerThe goal should be to bring zOnny back in when he is ready11:39
jelknerbut not to throw him in the deep end before he is ready11:39
jelknerthat was my fault11:39
jelknerfor which i apologized many times11:39
jelknernow we can only learn from that experience and not repeat it11:40
jelknerso GFbot, you're opinion of this is really important11:40
ubuntouristI will open up access to GFbot and send links.  Also, I will suggest that GFbot fill out a "visitor request" but make it clear in every field that this is a bullshit / test request from NOVA Web Development, and that they should not actually schedule a visit from him.11:40
jelknernrcerna, can you work with GFbot on that?11:41
GFbotwell we need to see first11:41
GFbotwe have things to do11:41
GFbotwith novalaciro.11:41
jelkneryes, GFbot, we do11:41
ubuntouristI'll CC nrcerna, either or both of you should test out the live request form.11:41
jelknerand that is the tough part of trying to launch a successful business11:42
jelknerwe have to make decisions11:42
jelknerdecisions have consequences11:42
nrcernaIn order of urgency jelkner? what its on top?11:42
jelknerand tradeoffs11:42
nrcernawe know jelkner 11:42
jelknernrcerna, this isn't my decision11:42
jelknerit is our decision11:42
nrcernais our11:42
nrcernaI know11:42
jelknerand it should be informed by careful consideration11:42
nrcernaI just asked the order11:43
jelknerif we don't move fast enough on LibreOrganize, we will miss the current political season11:43
jelknerand may have to wait a few years for an opportunity like that again11:43
jelkneron the other hand11:43
jelknerwe get paid, and paid well by gallaudet11:43
jelknerwe don't know if or when that will happen with LibreOrganize11:43
jelkneralthough we do know we have unclaimed NOVALACIRO money11:44
jelknerwaiting if we can claim it11:44
jelknerso, nrcerna, part of our task is to weigh these tradeoffs11:44
nrcernaI know jelkner 11:45
jelknerand decide what to recommend as to how we allocate our very limited resources11:45
jelknerGFbot, it's hard for me to do that when i don't have the data11:45
jelknerhow close are we to giving hrodriguez a LibreOrganzie system she can use?11:45
jelknerat which point we can invoice and bring in a few more thousand dollars11:46
jelknerwhen you feel better, GFbot, i'd like you to communcate that as clearly as you can to nrcerna 11:46
jelknerso she and i can talk about it11:46
nrcernado you think we could generate revenue (whit this) to have a part time support for GFbot? jelkner11:46
GFbotsounds good to me11:46
jelknerin any case, it is worth at least 1/2 day for you, GFbot, to look at the Gallaudet work to see if you think you can help ubuntourist, zOnny, and SITarabuta with it11:47
jelknerzOnny, do you think you'll be at ACC next Thursday?11:47
jelkneri'd like to check in with you about how you feel your progress is going11:47
jelknerit was very impressive to see how fast you got sign and read going11:47
ubuntouristAs for Gallaudet, for better or worse, I am the "institutional memory bank" and if I get hit by a bus (or go watch TV til I die), NWD is screwed on that front.11:48
ubuntouristSo, I need to pour as much of that institutional history int as many of you as I can.11:48
jelknerwe need to gradually work toward making you not a single point of failure ubuntourist 11:48
jelknerwe need someone in the DC area who can go to campus for that11:48
jelknerso zOnny is the logical choice11:48
jelknerif he thinks given time and effort, he could do that11:49
jelknerSITarabuta could help him11:49
zOnnyright zOnny?11:49
jelknerzOnny, are you coming next Thursday?11:49
nrcerna zOnny, are you going next Thursday?11:50
zOnnyjelkner: I don't know yet11:50
jelknerzOnny, can you commit to communicating with me between now and next Sunday?11:51
jelknerif you can make it thursday, we can talk then11:52
nrcernaI just wanted to let you all know that I was doing research about API and front end , back end stuff 11:52
jelknerif you can't we need to schedule another way to do that11:52
GFbotjelkner, anything else that i need to know before leave?11:52
nrcernabut before that I would like to chair the meeting next sunday11:52
jelknerphone call could work11:52
nrcernaIt is ok?11:52
nrcernaACTION is Waitig...11:53
zOnnyjelkner: works11:54
nrcernaOk I chair the next 11:54
ubuntouristBTW, Testament is proceeding (Books to Prisons)11:55
jelknerubuntourist, you have lbolz and zOnny there11:55
jelknercan you work with them on that today?11:55
ubuntouristjelkner, hence my comment. zOnny, lbolz anything you wish to add? (No pressure.)11:56
jelknerubuntourist, you give me the word when i pay them11:56
GFbotjelkner, i'll drop the bag11:56
jelknerget well GFbot 11:57
jelknerhrodriguez, i'll call you in about an hour11:57
GFbotACTION drops the bag of gravel11:57
ubuntouristACTION goes off to write up an institutional history, open repository access, etc, etc.11:58
GFbotjelkner, see you tomorrow, i'll talk with nrcerna about Gallaudet11:58
jelknerACTION signs off11:59
nrcernaBye everyone11:59

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