IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2020-01-22

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jelknerGM, nrcerna 09:41
nrcerna16gm jelkner09:41
jelkneri just sent you an email09:41
jelknerbut i'm getting an error on the novawebdev_scrum channel09:41
nrcerna16i just read it09:41
jelknerit says, "#novawebdev_scrum :Cannot send to nick/channel"09:41
jelkneri can't fix that09:42
nrcerna16weird jelkner 09:42
jelknerlet's put it on the agenda for sunday09:42
jelknerin the mean time, we'll need to meet here09:42
nrcerna16Sure! :)09:42
jelknertalk to you in an hours09:42
jelkneri've got work to do now09:42
nrcerna16Okie jelkner 09:42
jelknerhi nrcerna16 10:44
jelknerhi nrcerna10:44
nrcerna16Hi jelkner 10:44
jelknerwhere is GFbot?10:44
nrcerna16German is here triying to set up all his stuff,10:45
jelknerOK, should we meet tomorrow?10:45
jelknerTo give him a chance to get ready?10:45
nrcerna16Yes jelkner 10:45
jelknerTomorrow, same time, same channnel10:45
jelknerlet's talk then10:45
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GFbotHello jelkner 10:46
jelknerHello, GFbot!10:46
nrcerna16btw today we are going to work on the issues we have since we started yesterday10:46
jelknerGreat to see you!10:46
nrcerna16Oh he is here jelkner 10:46
jelknerSo, GFbot, what is our goal for today?10:47
GFbotget nea and novalaciro issues done.10:47
jelknerwe can keep this real short10:47
jelknerwe should10:48
jelknerwe have work to do10:48
jelkneri am going to try to make a bit more progress with my tdd study10:48
jelknerlet's talk more tomorrow10:48
jelknerhasta tomorrow10:48
nrcerna16sure jelkner 10:48
jelknerACTION sign off for the day10:49
nrcerna16see you maƱana10:49
GFbot1+ jelkner see u10:49
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jelknerHello, gfbot__ 15:13
jelknerI'm still getting the same error on the scrum channel15:13
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jelknernrcerna16, gfbot__, i have to leave for a meeting15:49
jelknertalk to you tomorrow15:49
jelknerACTION signs of for the day (again ;-)15:49
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