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jelknerHmmm, I guess no scrum meeting this morning.09:33
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jelknerI'm getting old, nrcerna.  That was a "mind fart" on my part :-(09:39
nrcernajajajajaj np jelkner 09:39
nrcernaI understand, I'm not older but that happen me a lot jaja jelkner 09:40
nrcernajelkner 10:26
nrcernaI forgot that we agreed with German that Thursdays he will come later because we are going to have our 5 - 7 pm meeting, remember?10:27
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nrcernabut he is here jelkner10:42
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jelknerGood evening, nrcerna16, GFbot!17:17
jelknerStefan is on his way17:17
jelknerHe'll be here by 6 pm17:18
nrcerna16Hello jelkner17:18
nrcerna16we are here :D 17:18
nrcerna16We need are glad to announce that we have been making real progress jelkner17:19
nrcerna16GFbot is doing great job with AEA17:20
nrcerna16We already set up the new home design17:21
nrcerna16and we still working in add some features to AEA LO theme to make it user friendly and they could update info easier as well17:22
jelknerso, nrcerna16 17:23
jelknersince aelkner isn't here tonight17:23
jelknerhe'll bb next thursday17:23
jelknerwe should focus on getting stefan to help GFbot, yes?17:24
jelknerlbolz is working with Ellis17:24
jelknerthey have 35 pages of documentation of Tendenci17:24
jelknerEllis is trying to understand how it is all connected17:25
jelknerlbolz can share that document with you, nrcerna16 17:25
jelknerat some point17:25
jelknermy plan is to let them see how far they can go with it17:25
jelknerEllis wants to understand Tendenci well, and then to start removing the pieces we don't need17:25
GFbotjelkner, im focus on AEA and working on something good for them and libreorganize.17:26
jelknercool, GFbot 17:26
jelknerwe want you and Stefan to take care of our customers17:26
jelknerAEA is *super* important17:26
jelknerand timing is everything17:26
jelknerso as soon as stefan arrives, lets meet with him17:27
jelknersound good, GFbot and nrcerna16?17:27
GFbotjelkner, yes AEA its important so i plan to finisht what i am doing with them and then meet with Stefan.17:27
GFbotif you dont mind17:27
GFbotjelkner, we have the design already but, im working on a tool that will be useful for them and Libreorgnize as I told you.17:29
GFbotit will done tomorrow and i'll migrate the site this weekend to have something cool for the meeting17:29
GFboton sunday17:29
jelknernrcerna16, are you here?17:30
nrcerna16yes jelkner17:30
jelkneri'm wondering what's the best way to handle this?17:30
jelknerif GFbot is "in the grove", we don't want to disturb him17:30
jelknerwe want to let him get code written17:31
jelknerbut we only have thursday's and sundays together17:31
jelknerso someone should talk to stefan tonight17:31
jelknerso we can get him writing code too17:31
jelknernrcerna16, do you want to do that?17:31
jelknerwe need to make sure he has a task assigned to him17:31
jelknerbefore he leaves here tonight17:31
nrcerna16I think GFbot could take 15 minutes at least to talk with Stefan17:32
jelknerlet's do that then17:32
nrcerna16Sure ;)17:32
nrcerna16About the artifacts you mentioned jelkner 17:32
jelknerwhich artifacts, nrcerna16?17:33
nrcerna16sorry was a document jeje jelkner 17:33
jelkneroh, the document lbolz and Ellis are working on?17:33
nrcerna16lbolz, could you please share the document with me? 17:33
nrcerna16Yes jelkner 17:33
nrcerna16that one17:33
jelknernrcerna16, i have a suggestion for you ;-)17:34
jelkneryou could add that to sunday's agenda17:34
jelknersomething like: ask lbolz to share the Tendenci document she is working on ;-)17:34
nrcerna16Oh, sure17:34
nrcerna16!remind ask lbolz to share the Tendenci document she is working on17:34
"ask lbolz to share the Tendenci document she is working on" added to message queue17:34
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SITarabutaHere I am :~)17:57
GFbotjelkner, SITarabuta brb in 10 mins17:58
nrcerna16Hello SITarabuta 18:00
nrcerna16German is going to be back in 10 - 15 mins18:00
SITarabutaHi nrcerna1618:00
nrcerna16How are you doing ;) 18:00
SITarabutaJust about fine haha18:04
SITarabutaHow 'bout you? =)18:05
nrcerna16Feeling the same jajaa18:13
nrcerna16SITarabuta, 18:13
jelknernrcerna16, mattva01 and SITarabuta are discussion how to organize config files in Django apps18:13
jelknerSITarabuta is listening to mattva0118:13
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jelknerGFbot, SITarabuta is talking to mattva0118:14
GFbotjelkner, ok18:14
jelknerGFbot, nrcerna16, SITarabuta 18:16
SITarabutaThere I am18:16
jelknerthings keep changing every time I talk SITarabuta 18:16
jelknerhe works really hard18:16
jelknerwhen we talked on sunday18:16
jelknerhe was stuck18:17
jelknernow he feels he is making real progress18:17
SITarabutaalright so18:19
SITarabutai've been working o forking Tendenci.18:19
SITarabutaBut the proper way18:19
SITarabutareplacing their own apps with ours. not making libreorganize an app18:19
SITarabutawe basically have LibreOrganize The Project not The App18:20
SITarabutaand it is going great18:20
SITarabutaand I looked over the logs on Saturday18:20
SITarabutaand I saw that you might be concerned about the progress we already made on the current LO18:20
SITarabutaand I want to say that it will NOT be lost18:20
SITarabutabecause it would be ported to LibreOrganize18:20
SITarabutaSo no work is lost and we have ourselves are really clean and nice Tendenci18:21
SITarabutaThat is extremely easy to use18:21
jelknerand then we add tests!!!!!18:21
SITarabutaand updated to the latest django18:21
SITarabutaACTION me is finished18:21
jelknerso nrcerna16 and GFbot 18:22
jelknerdo we give SITarabuta until sunday to show us what he's got?18:22
jelknerso let's "Walk on two legs"18:22
jelknerGFbot continues to work on AEA needs18:23
jelknerSITarabuta continues to see how fast he can get a refactor working18:23
SITarabutaIf I fail (hopefully not!!), I will switch back. But I think that this rework will help us in the long run18:23
GFbot1+ jelkner SITarabuta 18:23
SITarabutaGFbot and I will be able to work much faster when we have a proper app18:24
nrcerna16Yes, we are going to have a great report of what we are doing18:24
SITarabutaand not this Tendenci mess with 50 apps18:24
nrcerna16We realized that we need "News" we discovered this, with AEA18:24
nrcerna16in case that helps you SITarabuta 18:24
SITarabutagood. yes because i am porting apps18:25
SITarabutaand i need to know what we keep18:25
SITarabutawe probably don't need "study groups", but we definitely needs forums and events and news and boxes and so on18:25
nrcerna16Yes, we are going deeply studying LO theme and trying to adapt the features every customer needs18:25
nrcerna16so we are doing this every time we add LO to our current customers,18:26
nrcerna16every customer have different user stories as well18:26
SITarabutai see. this process will be much easier if LO V2 happens18:27
SITarabutaAlright, so we are all up to date18:27
SITarabutaI hope I will have good news on Sunday18:27
nrcerna16and the other thing we need to think is about Accessibility and make it user friendly18:27
SITarabutaUser friendly will not be a problem18:27
SITarabutaI ERASED the admin interface18:28
SITarabutait is gone18:28
SITarabutayou cannot get to it in any way18:28
SITarabutanow the accessibility part, that might be a bit more tricky18:28
SITarabutadepends what kind of accessibility we need18:28
nrcerna16:O so can add the code as a blank paper?18:28
nrcerna16I mean18:28
nrcerna16whitout Tendenci html?18:29
SITarabuta100% yes18:29
SITarabutathere is no Tendenci template18:29
SITarabutathe app is just Django Python right now18:29
SITarabutai made some basic fresh templates18:29
SITarabutaand we will be able to use the ones we have18:29
SITarabutawill little adjusting18:29
nrcerna16GFbot, where talking about the mess that is to use the defoult template18:29
GFbotbut, we didnt have time to clean that up when jelkner was here18:30
SITarabutayes, because it is a LOT18:30
GFbotso, we use tendenci templates18:30
SITarabutait is huge18:30
GFbotSITarabuta, right18:30
SITarabutathat is why i wanted to get it fresh18:30
GFbotSITarabuta, we didnt  have the time to clean it.18:30
GFbotwe needed use LO for our clients18:31
SITarabutaExactly, especially because you are the main developer18:31
SITarabutayou had to work on that18:31
SITarabutanow, I can work on this as a side-project18:31
SITarabutaand you can keep doing stuff for the customers18:31
SITarabutaand when i am done18:31
nrcerna16Well, Im really glad SITarabuta 18:31
SITarabutaeasy peasy transfer over18:31
GFbot1+ SITarabuta 18:31
GFboti was talking with nrcerna16 18:31
GFbotthat tendenci doesnt let us to make18:32
GFbotnew designs18:32
GFbotbecause we are using default html18:32
GFbotand thats a pain18:32
SITarabutayep, i tried with NOVALACIRO and it was hard for me18:32
SITarabutai will provide you with a base.html that has 3 things18:32
SITarabutabootstrap4 with a header and a footer18:33
SITarabutathat is all18:33
SITarabutayou will love it18:33
SITarabutabecause you can make every site totally different18:33
nrcerna16Yes, where just having freedom at the homepage of every website, but this would help us a lot18:33
jelknernrcerna16, GFbot are we finished?18:35
jelknerAdrian has a question for SITarabuta 18:35
jelknerif we are done for now, we'll pick this up again on sunday18:35
GFbotyep jelkner 18:36
nrcerna16Thanks for take your time and do what you did, try and explore in order to help us (and learn too)18:36
SITarabutaI am so glad we had this chat. I will update you guys on Sunday.18:36
nrcerna16see you on sunday18:36
nrcerna16:D 18:36
jelknerThis is exciting, nrcerna16, GFbot 18:36
jelknerlet's see where it goes18:36
jelknerSITarabuta is really motivated18:36
nrcerna16I know you are delighted ;) jelkner 18:36
jelknerhe's working like a man possessed18:37
jelknerhasta domingo18:37
nrcerna16jajajaja 18:37
jelknerACTION signs off for the evening18:37
nrcerna16!remind AEA report - New features on LO theme (German and Natalia)18:37
"AEA report - New features on LO theme (German and Natalia)" added to message queue18:37
nrcerna16!remind Stefan report - Forking tendenci (Stefan)18:38
"Stefan report - Forking tendenci (Stefan)" added to message queue18:38

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