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jelknerGM, nrcerna 09:48
jelknersee you at 9:45 your time09:48
jelkner(about an hour)09:48
nrcernaHello jelkner 09:57
nrcernaSorry I was away09:57
nrcernasee you then jelkner 09:57
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jelknerGM, GFbot and nrcerna 10:47
jelkneri'm running late, sorry10:47
jelkneri've only got a minute, actually10:47
jelknersince i need to get ready for my class10:47
jelkneranything pressing?10:47
jelknernrcerna, GFbot?10:48
jelkneranything pressing?10:49
jelknerif not, can we meet tomorrow?10:49
nrcernaWell we need to know if you showed the link to Ingrid?10:49
jelknernot yet10:49
jelkneri talked to her10:49
jelkneri'm supposed to show it to them this afternoon10:50
jelknerwe had no chance10:50
jelknerwe were meeting and marching10:50
nrcernaOk we jus need it to know that10:50
jelkneri talked to her about it while we were walking10:50
jelknerok, let's talk tomorrow10:50
jelkneri'll update you then10:50
nrcernaSure jelkner 10:50
nrcernasee you maƱana10:51
jelknerACTION logs off for the day10:54
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replaceafillGFbot, ping11:32
replaceafillnrcerna, ping11:34
GFbotreplaceafill, hey11:35
replaceafillGFbot, como le has llamado a la aplicacion en tu proyecto?11:35
replaceafillsi haces eso, tenes que cambiar todas las refencias dentro de la aplicacion a ese nombre11:35
replaceafilly asi11:36
replaceafillah, las migracion tambien11:36
replaceafillel nombre en templates, etc11:37
GFbotno sabia eso, bueno algo nuevo que aprendo.11:37
replaceafillasegurate que ya no exista ningun profile_picture11:37
replaceafillcomo nombre de app, paquete o directorio11:37
GFbotreplaceafill, bien, lo hare ahora mismo11:37
replaceafilly no se te olvide correr la migracion11:37
replaceafillno creo que lo hayas hecho porque te hubiera fallado11:38
replaceafillGFbot, escribime cuando lo hayas tratado de integrar nuevamente11:39
replaceafillGFbot, nrcerna o/11:39
GFbotreplaceafill, si, gracias tio11:39
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jelknermjsir911, are you around?13:54
mjsir911I am13:54
jelknerdid you see glenda's email?13:55
mjsir911nope, checking now13:55
jelknerit just came in at 1:55 pm13:56
jelkner3 minutes ago ;-)13:56
jelknermjsir911, thoughts?14:01
mjsir911uhhh, sorry, just got back to it.14:01
mjsir911Apache upgrade should be super simple14:01
jelknerso, can i tell her we will confer about this on thursday night, and i'll get back to her friday?14:02
mjsir911if everything goes well, it should really just be a bump to the apache proxy version14:02
mjsir911yeah, that sounds good14:03
jelknercan you be on irc during our meetup?14:03
jelkner6 to 8 pm14:03
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jelknerso we can make sure mattva01 weighs in as well14:03
jelknermjsir911, if you can confirm that, i'll let you go until thursday at 6 pm14:04
jelknermjsir911, and i'll give glenda a call14:04
mjsir911yep, I'll be around14:04
mjsir911sounds good14:04
jelknercool, mjsir911, talk to you thursday14:05
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jelknernrcerna, you here?14:29
jelknerping GFbot, nrcerna 14:29
nrcernahello jelkner 14:29
GFbotjelkner, 14:29
jelknercan i give you a quick call, nrcerna 14:30
jelknerGFbot, are you with nrcerna?14:30
GFbotfrom 9 to 514:30
nrcernayes jelkner 14:31
jelknernrcerna, GFbot this is bad15:43
jelknerthe server is not running15:43
jelkneri tried to show it to Darlene15:43
GFbotjelkner, let me check15:43
GFbotit is15:44
GFbotjelkner, 15:44
jelknernever mind, she has15:45
GFbotjelkner, it works right?15:50
jelknerIt does work16:06
jelknernrcerna, GFbot, I just had a long conversation with Darlene.16:06
jelknerMy job is going to be customer management16:06
jelknerWe need to train our customer how to think about and communicate about websites16:07
jelknerMost people aren't used to thinking about that16:07
jelknereven we have only limited experience16:07
jelknerso she pointed me to the VEA website16:07
jelknerWe do want to use that as kind of a model16:08
GFbotthey like it or not?16:08
nrcernashe didnt like it?16:08
jelknerWell, its not "they", it's only she16:08
jelknernrcerna, her first impression was good16:08
jelknerbut you need to understand, it's a looooong way from finished16:08
jelkneryou've got three boxes that say "Testing News"16:09
nrcerna? I dont understand16:09
jelknerwhat don't you understand16:09
jelknerdid you look at the VEA website?16:09
jelknerlet's talk about that16:09
nrcernaWe are going to add the info they have ont the website as well16:09
nrcernathis was a test 16:09
jelkneryes, nrcerna, i understand16:09
jelknerthe problem for us in designing them a site16:10
jelkneris what are the categories they need?16:10
jelknerand how should they be layed out?16:10
jelknerand how do we design them to be flexible enough to create form edit options for them?16:10
jelknernrcerna, you'll need to talk to GFbot about this16:11
GFboti dont get it16:11
jelkneryou don't get what, GFbot?16:11
GFbotwhat you mean exactly16:11
jelknerLet me try to school ya, than16:11
jelknerplease look at the VEA website16:11
jelknertell me when you are on it16:12
jelknerdo you need the url?16:12
nrcernaWe're looking16:12
jelknerSo let's talk about it.16:12
jelknerWe start at the top with menu options:16:13
jelknerAbout, Membership & Benefits, Take Action, Tips & Tools, News and Events, and Contact16:13
jelknerYou can only have so many menu choices16:14
jelknerToo many is confusing16:14
jelknerso they need to be chosen well16:14
jelknerWe need to discuss that with them and help AEA decide what it wants16:14
jelknerNext is a slide show section with headline news16:15
jelknerand tabs:16:15
jelknerOur Members, Take Action, Videos, and Events16:15
jelknerBelow that is "The Latest"16:15
jelknerand interesting section16:15
jelknerit has a three column layout16:15
jelknerit displays the top two rows16:16
jelknerand has a "View More" button16:16
jelknerthat reveals you can add as many rows as you want16:16
jelknersince you git a numbered pages view of the table16:17
jelknersee what I mean when you click "View More"?16:17
jelknerit also appears you can set an item to have a colspan of 216:17
jelknerthat looks nice on the homepage16:17
jelknerthe big "Fund OUr Future Rally" spans two columns16:18
jelknerI'm sure this is a CMS16:18
jelknerso that content editors can upload their own content through forms16:18
jelknerIt's the kind of thing replaceafill build to the CDC16:18
jelknerfor the CDC16:19
jelknerThen there is a Virginia Journal section16:19
jelknerand below that a "Member Voices" section16:19
jelknerThen Fund our Future, and finally the footer16:20
jelknerWe want to look at this site for ideas16:20
jelknerbut not just Virginia16:20
jelknerWe should look at other NEA locals, AFT locals, and then other union websites in general16:21
jelknerto get ideas16:21
jelknerif we want to play in this space16:21
jelknerwe will need to develop "domain knowledge" about unions and how to build effective websites for them16:21
nrcernaI see16:22
jelknernrcerna, we talked about this before16:22
jelknerwhen i was there in the Summer i told you about a guy i know who made his entire living doing websites for volunteer fire departments16:22
jelkneryou may not remember that story16:22
jelknerbut the point i was trying to make is that there are a lot of web developers out there16:23
jelknerwhat makes us special?16:23
jelknerwhy would someone want to come to NOVA Web Development?16:23
jelknerthe answer should include several things:16:23
jelkner1. They are skilled developers who give you high quality work at a reasonable price.16:24
jelkner2. They understand your business and can help guide you to make good choices16:24
jelknerfor 2, we need to decided what kind of businesses we want to target16:25
jelknerkevin and i always wanted to be happy about what we were doing16:25
jelknerto, as he said, "help build the world we want to live in"16:25
jelknerso that means for me targeting "businesses" that serve humanity and make the world a better place16:26
jelknerwe thought, given who we were and where we work, two specific targets make sense for us:16:26
jelkner1. Educational institutions16:26
jelkner2. Labor unions16:26
jelknerwe have since added "Progressive grassroots organizations"16:27
jelknerbut it is still not clear to me that they will ever have the resources to afford custom software16:27
jelknerlet's see about that16:27
jelknerbut schools and unions do16:27
jelkneri'm talking a lot again16:28
jelknerdo you have questions?16:28
jelkneri need to know what you "don't get"16:28
nrcernayes because you are talking about very custom software / design, 16:28
jelknerthat's our business, nrcerna 16:28
jelknerwe aren't selling a product16:29
nrcernaI mean GFbot and I said we dont get it because we used the same info they have and we tried to imagine the needs the have as well16:29
nrcernaWe did a similar news section, with the difference that the design is kind of friendly since they dont have tendenci layout16:30
nrcernaI think our idea to create the news section was because we saw they need updated info16:30
jelkneryes, the news section is great16:31
jelknerbut there is nothing else at this point16:31
jelknerDarlene liked the look of it16:31
jelknerand once we get her adding news, we can test how well it works16:31
nrcernaso to know their needs we need context, this is kind of tricky or hard when your not there, it would help us a lot to heve you or someone to collect this needs and then we can create16:32
jelkneri am doing that, nrcerna 16:32
jelknerthat's my job16:32
jelknerdarlene needs to be trained in how to think about her needs16:32
jelknershe doesn't know16:32
jelknerso this will be a process16:33
jelknerwhat we need now, is a minimal viable product16:33
jelknerwe need to get the website running with LO16:33
nrcernaOk my question is, what are going to do now, meaning, are we pushing it? are we going to start over, are we going to wait ?16:33
nrcernaOk got it16:33
jelknerWhat do you mean "pushing it"16:34
jelknermaking it live?16:34
nrcernauntil she approve the design, right?16:35
jelknerACTION signs off for the evening16:53
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