IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2020-01-29

*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev08:32
*** GFbot has joined #novawebdev10:19
GFbotHey jelkner 10:19
jelknerGFbot, how is nrcerna?12:01
jelknerEduardo messaged me this morning12:01
jelkneri'm waiting to hear back12:01
GFbotjelkner, no idea12:04
GFboti sent her a msg12:04
GFbotbut, no answer12:05
jelknerI'm whatsapping with Eduardo12:06
jelknerhe told me he will message me when she leaves the doctor12:06
jelkneri'll let you know as soon as i hear anything12:06
jelknerin case i hear before you12:06
GFbotjelkner, ty12:06
jelknerGFbot, i'm getting ready to take the bus home.14:46
jelknerI'll check messages when i get there to find out how Natalia is doing.14:46

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