IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2020-01-30

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nrcerna16ACTION AFK12:14
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jelknerHello, GFbot 15:18
jelknerThanks for sending the link to the AEA testing site.15:18
jelknerI'm ready with user stories already ;-)15:18
jelknerLet me know when you're ready, GFbot15:19
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jelkner!remind Discuss financial planning for the months ahead16:20
"Discuss financial planning for the months ahead" added to message queue16:20
GFbotjelkner, hi16:40
jelknerHello, GFbot 16:40
GFbotyour welcome16:40
GFbotim ready!16:40
jelknerMy first question is, can I add content to the homepage?16:40
jelknerGFbot, are you here?16:41
GFbotaea doesnt have16:41
GFbotboxes there16:42
jelknerSo that's my first user story16:42
jelknerwhere do you want me to file it?16:42
jelknerthe user story, i mean16:42
jelknerwhere do you want me to submit the issue?16:42
jelkneri want to file an issue16:42
jelknerthat's the workflow16:43
jelknerACTION goes to file an issue16:43
jelknerIssue filed:
jelknerThanks, GFbot 16:50
GFbotjelkner, :)16:52
GFbotmost of the issues are closed jelkner 16:55
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jelknerzOnny, hi!19:10
jelknermjsir911, are you here?19:10
jelknermattva01 is here19:10
zOnnyHello World19:10
jelkneri need to call glenda tomorrow, so i wnated to talk to you two before i do19:10
mjsir911I mean, it's not too complicated, the apache is just acting as a proxy to the actual app19:11
jelknermjsir911, hold on19:11
jelknersince its a nova web contract19:11
jelkneri'd still like a 2nd opinion19:12
mjsir911My biggest question for matt would probably be how do we automate keeping containers up to date19:12
mjsir911yeah, of course19:12
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mattva01so what's up?19:18
mjsir911they just want the apache server running in docker to be updated19:18
mjsir911all it's doing is acting as a proxy19:18
mattva01why do they want it to be updated19:19
mattva01just asking so I get the picture19:19
mjsir911security vulnerability19:20
mattva01oh ok, yeah19:20
mattva01that is actually simple19:20
mjsir911my biggest question is probably how to automate this so they don't have to come to me to update it19:21
mattva01with the way the image is built, not super easy to full automate it, but you could def make it super easy for someone to adjust a constant and rebuild19:23
mattva01to automate you'd obviouslly have to scan for new apache versions19:24
mattva01or rebuild it every month or something19:24
mattva01do you already have it building through a CI system?19:24
mattva01if not, you could use something like circleci or github actions19:25
mattva01or gitlab's CI19:25
mjsir911for automated builds? I'm not familiar with that19:25
mjsir911like weekly or whatever19:25
mjsir911monthly, yeah19:25
mjsir911but functionally I just need to update the apache version and ask them to do a `docker-compose pull` & `docker-compose restart` or whatever19:26
mattva01yeah, assuming the image is set to "latest"19:26
mattva01that would totally work19:27
mattva01do you have a custom apache image or is it just using a standard one in the docker-compose file?19:27
mjsir911unfortunately, the only line in the apache dockerfile is "copy httpd.conf /etc/whatever/"19:28
mjsir911so it would require maintenance on our end19:28
mjsir911it would be great if I could just point to apache:latest, but there's some overhead in the config files I haven't exposed them to19:29
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mattva01sorry, I got disconnected19:37
mattva01but yeah, check out how the base docker image for apache is created19:39
mattva01also env and build variables19:40
jelknermjsir911, so are we good?19:45
mjsir911yeah, sounds it19:45
mjsir911I'll be able to work on it this weekend19:45
mjsir911Is it even worth invoicing them for $50?19:46
jelknerthat's what we're discussing now19:48
jelknermjsir911, what would you like to do?19:48
jelkneri'm sure she would be delighted if we just fixed it.19:49
mjsir911I can just update it & push it19:49
mjsir911they need to do something, but very minimal19:49
mjsir911Let's bill them for $200 for updating it & automating the update process so they get the weekly latest with a command19:49
jelknermjsir911, can we split it?19:50
mjsir911have you got any progress on the tax stuff jelkner?19:51
jelknermjsir911, we're getting help from diego on sunday19:52
jelknerso if you're around on irc19:52
mjsir911alright, cool, I will be19:52
jelkneri'll be here from 9 am to 3 pm19:52
jelknerand we (me and heylin)19:53
jelknerare going to call him19:53
jelknerokie dokie19:53
jelkneruntil sunday19:53

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