IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2020-02-17

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jelkner!remind Look into add LibreOrganize to Open Source Collective ( to raise funds08:39
"Look into add LibreOrganize to Open Source Collective ( to raise funds" added to message queue08:39
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ubuntourist!remind Determine our practices -- best or not -- for GitLab workflow09:05
"Determine our practices -- best or not -- for GitLab workflow" added to message queue09:05
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nrcernahey jelkner, German is trying to turn on his computer, we dont know why it seems like the charger is not working.09:42
nrcernasorry I wrote this at scrum lol09:43
jelknerGM, nrcerna 09:43
jelknerthe scrum channel seems broken09:44
jelknerso we can't use it until it gets fixed09:44
jelkneris that a GFbot thing?09:44
jelkneranyway, should i give you a call from signal?09:44
*** GFbot has joined #novawebdev10:35
jelknerGFbot, nrcerna, did you get the email?11:31
GFbotjelkner, no11:31
jelknerWe need to do something about our broken email!11:32
jelknerI want to use emails11:32
jelknerbut they seem to get sent very slowly11:32
jelkneri'll forward it to you personal account11:32
jelknerso you can see it11:32
jelknerbut you should use to reply to dan11:33
jelknerso let's see how long it takes.11:33
GFbotjelkner, next taks after ORA11:33
GFbot*fixing emails*11:33
jelknerbut we probably can't do that yet11:33
jelknerwe don't want to use Google11:33
jelknerin the mid term11:34
GFbotjelkner, we can set it up on a vps right?11:34
jelknerwe need to get off proprietary platforms11:34
jelknerbut we don't want to incur the cost of running our own server11:35
jelknertoo much work11:35
jelknerand no business case for it yet11:35
jelknersince no one is paying us to do it11:35
jelknerso let's live with it for now11:35
jelknerand figure all that out next July11:35
jelknerwe will probably have at least three PRIME interns for the month of July11:36
jelknerGFbot, we need useful things for them to do11:36
jelknerthat can be done in one month11:36
jelknerfixing our email problem could be just such a tast11:36
GFbotgot it11:37
jelknerso let's put that on our ToDo list for july11:37
jelknerI just forward it from my personal gmail to yours, GFbot 11:40
jelknerdid you get it?11:40
jelknerthat usually happens almost immediately11:40
GFbotjelkner, got it11:41
jelknerlet's see how long it takes the original to arrive11:41
jelknerwe need to help dan soon11:41
jelknerokie, dokie, GFbot, back to classwork for me11:42
GFbotjelkner, god damn11:43
GFboti just answer you lol11:43
jelkneri need to run errands, GFbot and nrcerna 14:00
jelknerso i'm signing off for now14:00
jelknerlet's talk again tomorrow morning14:00
jelknernrcerna, i'm going to send you the paper i just submitted to UofPeople14:00
jelknerno need to send to everyone, but it might be useful for you to see it14:01
jelknersince you and i need to handle nova web finances14:01
jelknerhasta tomorrow14:01
jelknerACTION signs off14:01

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