IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2020-02-18

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nrcernajelkner my phone got crazy09:36
jelknergm, nrcerna 09:36
jelknernp, we can meet here09:37
nrcernaI dont know why It seems like is stuck09:37
jelknerso, did GFbot get to communicate with Dan?09:37
nrcernaWell, we received the email you sent, Dan didn't reply yet :(09:38
jelknernp, nrcerna 09:38
jelkneri can follow up with him09:38
jelknerit's a process09:38
nrcernaYes, we know ;)09:39
nrcernaI wanted to ask you something,09:39
nrcernaI saw that NOVALACIRO'S fanpage on facebook is having updates, I think Heylin is the one is making those changes, so I wanted to ask, could I create some social media post so she can use it there?09:40
jelkneranything she wants that you can help her with would be great09:40
jelknertalk to her, not me09:40
jelknerwhat time will GFbot be in?09:41
jelknerbecause i thought of another thing he might try09:41
jelknerwhile we wait for Dan09:41
jelknernrcerna, i want to ask him if he can try to port Events into LibreOrganize09:42
nrcernaHe comes at 8:30 am, but today it seems like is going to be here at the same time he used to do it. 9:30 09:42
jelknerthat's 10:30 my time09:42
nrcernaOh sure, I can tell him to call you when he comes09:42
jelkneri want to add him to my signal anyway09:42
jelknerokie dokie, hasta 10:3009:43
nrcernaYes, he forgot to download the app09:43
nrcernaI'm going to remind him09:43
jelknerbtw. nrcerna 09:44
jelknerdid you see the paper i sent you yesterday?09:44
nrcernaYes jelkner09:44
jelknerwe need to learn to do that kind of analysis09:44
jelknerfor nova web09:45
nrcernaI would like too, sometimes is kind of hard to our kind (meaning graphic designers) to understand some math or business things related to numbers jelkner 09:46
jelkneri understand, nrcerna 10:04
nrcernajeje yes jelkner 10:05
nrcernaBut I want to learn jelkner 10:05
jelknerand you and i need to have frank, honest, and courageous conversation about this10:05
nrcerna??? jelkner 10:06
jelknerbecause if we don't have someone who can do our bookkeeping and marketing10:06
jelknerwe will fail10:06
nrcernaI know, that is why I need to learn and try10:06
jelknersure, we are all trying10:06
jelknerthat's what we're doing!10:06
jelknerme too10:07
jelknerthat's why i'm taking these classes10:07
jelknerLet me know when GFbot arrives, nrcerna 10:29
nrcernaSure jelkner10:29
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