IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2020-03-04

*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev08:47
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GFbotjelkner good day09:49
*** nrcerna has joined #novawebdev10:01
nrcernajelkner,  we are here in case you want to chat instead calling10:02
nrcernaGFbot is on IRC too10:02
jelknerGood morning, GFbot 10:28
GFbotgood day!10:28
jelknerI just had a long conversation with nrcerna 10:28
jelknershe will update you when you get to her place10:28
jelkneri think we are on the same page and moving in the same direction10:28
jelknera few quick things10:29
jelkner1. nrcerna is the customer for the business app10:29
jelknerso it is really great that you work side-by-side with her10:29
jelknersince you have an "on-site customer", literally10:29
jelkner2. you will need to begin learning about databases10:29
jelknerwe'll use the Django ORM10:29
jelknerbut over time you will want to understand how databases work10:30
jelknerthat's a needed part of your web developer toolbox anyway10:30
jelkner3. let's keep simplifying!10:30
jelknerif you can move everyone off of webfaction10:30
jelknerlet's do it10:30
jelknerso we don't need those accounts any more10:30
jelknernrcerna, Alysha emailed you10:39
nrcernaI'm going to check jelkner 10:39
nrcernaDone I just replied jelkner 10:41
jelknernrcerna, i just tried to call you again10:46
jelknerwe need to talk about the organization of customer information10:46
nrcernaI didnt received the call10:46
nrcernalet me call you jelkner 10:46
jelknernrcerna, 11:05
jelkneri just sent you an email11:05
nrcernaOk I'm going to check11:05
jelknerbtw. where are you keeping the invoice information?  which Google drive?11:05
jelknerit should be the, yes?11:06
nrcernaI'm from my GDRIVE But I think is the shared folder from NWD main account11:07
jelknerthat's not a good idea, nrcerna 11:07
jelknerthis is why we can never find anything11:07
jelknerhold on, let me send you something11:07
nrcernais under INVOICES ---Receivable ---- Al hosting invoices11:08
nrcernaIs everythin under NOVA Web Development (Shared folder) on drive11:09
jelknerAh, let me look11:11
jelknernrcerna, can i call you again?11:12
nrcernaGFbot, I just sent your the reminder file11:12
nrcernaok jelkner 11:12
jelknernrcerna, you're graphic on the AEA site looks *beautiful*!11:54
nrcernaThank you jelkner 11:55
jelknerokie dokie, GFbot and nrcerna, i'm signing off until tomorrow12:18
jelknerso i can get my homework done!12:18
nrcernaoK jelkner 12:18
jelknerACTION signs off12:18

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