IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2020-03-05

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jelknerHola, nrcerna 09:36
jelkneri just tried to call09:36
jelknerbut you didn't pick up09:37
jelkneranything you need to discuss, nrcerna?09:37
jelknerif not, i'll talk to you this afternoon09:37
nrcernaI'm going to call you back if you want09:37
jelknernrcerna, don't forget to email aelkner today09:37
nrcernaYes jelkner,I'm going to send the email.09:38
jelknerokie dokie09:38
jelknerlet's talk this afternoon09:38
nrcernajelkner, 09:38
nrcernaIm going to forward you an email I received on my NWD account09:38
jelknerwhy aren't you answering the phone, nrcerna 09:40
jelkneri just tried to call again09:40
jelknerno answer09:40
jelknerokie dokie, nrcerna 09:46
jelkneri'm going to sign off to focus on my teacher duties09:46
jelknerbb around 3:30 pm09:46
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jelknernrcerna, r u here?15:49
jelknerping, in other words ;-)15:49
abuchholzhello ;)15:53
nrcernaHello abuchholz 15:53
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nrcernaHi SITarabuta_ 15:56
nrcernajelkner, told me that you have a link to share LO 15:57
nrcernaHold On, bb.15:57
nrcernain when the call ends15:57
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SITarabuta_so I have 2 things to share (more like 2 repos):15:58
SITarabuta_The LibreOrganize Application:
SITarabuta_The LibreOrganize Custom Designs:
SITarabuta_So the LibreOrganize Application has only the core apps - accounts, events, pages (for now). It has no home page or any custom design16:00
SITarabuta_That is why we have the Custom Designs - in a folder "custom", you clone the second repo, and the LibreOrganize app will load the custom pages and design (can be overriden from core)16:01
nrcernaOk German could take a look of the code at the repos.16:02
nrcernaI have a question, do you have any link to see it oline? Meaning folks like me can appreciate it from there SITarabuta_ ?16:03
SITarabuta_Hm, one second16:03
SITarabuta_As in, see it live?16:04
SITarabuta_No, but you can easily run it on your local machine16:04
nrcernayes 16:04
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GFbotHello there!16:05
GFbotSITarabuta_, im going to clone LV2.016:06
GFbotand see how it looks16:07
SITarabuta_and make sure to clone the novawebdevelopment branch when you clone custom designs16:08
nrcernaOk SITarabuta_ , GFbot and me we are going to take a look later, since we are now working on ToDo++ , we have a meeting with Alan today.16:10
nrcernajelkner, did you call Alan?17:13
nrcernaI need to know if we are going to meet him jelkner 17:13
jelkneri did, nrcerna 17:13
jelknerhe has been having a busy day at work, and was about to go into a meeing17:14
jelknerhe'll be there at 6 pm though17:14
jelknernrcerna, can I call you tomorrow at 9:35 am to talk about the design for our website?17:14
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nrcernaAre you sure that hi is going yo make it? If not we can meet him next week jelkner 17:14
nrcernaI mean GFbot and me are doing a great work now17:15
nrcernajelkner, 17:15
jelknerhe'll be there, nrcerna 17:15
jelknerlook for him at 6 pm17:15
jelknerhmmm, nrcerna 18:20
jelknerdid aelkner show up?18:20
jelknerhrodriguez and i have meeting in 10 minutes18:21
jelknerbut i can call him after18:21
jelkneror before18:21
jelknernrcerna, are you meeting with him?18:21
nrcernayes jelkner 18:45
nrcernaWe are at the meeting with Alan jelkner 18:45

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