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jelkner!remind We we need to be by June (look at
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jelknerGood morning, abuchholz 10:25
jelkner!remind Quick note about netsplit (
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lbolz : abuchholz : +jelkner : wolcen : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ11:02
jelknerGood morning lbolz 11:11
jelknerLooks like Big Brother wasn't fixed.11:12
lbolzgood morning!11:12
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jelknerGood morning, ubuntourist 11:16
ubuntouristjelkner, Greetings from the Home Front.11:16
jelknerubuntourist, it looks like Big Brother wasn't reset11:17
jelknerDo you know anything about that?11:17
ubuntouristBrain-Washington, Disenfranchised City. How goes the war on the other side of the river? ;-)11:18
jelknerI thought GFbot was going to look into it, but apparently he didn't11:18
ubuntouristjelkner, As to Big_Brother, I'm not sure where it even is these days.11:18
jelknerubuntourist, i'm just talking about setting the clock ;-)11:18
jelknerokie dokie11:18
jelkneranyway, while i have you11:18
ubuntouristjelkner, I'll see if I can dig up a location I can login to.11:19
jelkneri talked to Matt about your irc issues11:19
jelknerhe referred me to this:
ubuntouristjelkner, IRC <--> Riot.IM?11:19
jelknerhe says this is a well known issue with irc11:19
ubuntouristjelkner, Were you able to bridge the two? 11:20
jelkneri didn't try, ubuntourist 11:21
jelknerdo you want me to do that?11:21
jelknersince we have the netsplit issue, it didn't seem like a worthwhile use of time11:21
ubuntouristjelkner, Nah. I found the documentation not that great.11:21
jelknerok, so let's not spend our preciously limited resources on that11:22
jelknerirc works ok for meetings11:22
ubuntouristjelkner, I was going to send you instructions once I had it working, and then, after you succeed as a beta-tester,11:22
jelknerfixing the clock on Big_Brother is a higher priority11:22
ubuntouristjelkner, I'd send it out to the full crew.11:22
jelkneri understand, ubuntourist 11:22
jelknerbut since we are blocking on making it work11:23
jelknersounds like a dead end for now11:23
jelknerthanks for trying, ubuntourist11:23
ubuntouristjelkner, a "backup" suggestion, assuming we don't figure out what's wrong w/ Big_Brother"11:24
ubuntouristjelkner, (And, yes, I'm fully aware it's not ideal)11:25
jelknerabuchholz, do you have any interest in taking control of our irc bot?11:25
jelknerand helping us figure out where to host it, and how to fix it?11:25
ubuntouristjelkner, Put the agenda on our site somewhere, and change the IRC channel topic to point to it. For now.11:26
jelkneri'll do that, ubuntourist 11:26
jelknernext week, if we don't have this fixed11:26
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nrcernagm jelkner 11:29
abuchholzi would love to be in charge big_brother11:30
jelknergm, nrcerna 11:31
jelkneri've been trying to call you on signal11:31
jelknerno answer11:31
nrcerna:( sorry my phone died, I'm charging it11:31
nrcernajelkner, 11:31
jelknernrcerna, do you know if GFbot followed up with Big_Brother?11:32
jelknerit doesn't look like he did11:32
nrcernaI'm not sure11:32
jelknersince it fired at 11 am11:32
nrcernaOh :(11:32
jelknernrcerna, let me know when your phone is charged11:33
jelknerso we can talk11:33
nrcernayes jelkner 11:33
jelknerfor now, abuchholz is interested in taking over being the responsible one for Big_Brother11:33
jelkneri'm going to send an email to him and mjsir911 now11:34
jelknerahh, mjsir911 11:38
jelkneri just sent the email11:38
jelknercool, you two are now in contact11:38
ubuntourist(OT) While a lot of ACC/Arlington Tech are here: The call is going out from various local emergency rooms, etc, for coordinated 3D printing and delivery.11:39
ubuntouristWhile schools might be locked down, there's still a chance that they might want to get a printer to somewhere that someone11:39
ubuntouristcan use it during the seige.11:40
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ubuntouristSo, if any of you know someone who knows someone who could get at a printer and use it (on site or elsewhere), I have some11:40
ubuntouristcontact info.11:40
ubuntourist(We now return to your regularly scheduled program.)11:41
ubuntouristACTION is done with the PSA.11:41
jelknerubuntourist, could you send me an email with the details of the ask?11:43
jelknerI could pass it on the folks at work.11:43
jelknerAnd see if anything could be done11:43
jelknerubuntourist, are you sure we have what they need?11:43
abuchholzWait, ubuntuourist do you need a 3d printer, because I have one?11:43
abuchholzubuntourist do you need a 3d printer?11:47
ubuntouristjelkner, abuchholz I just forwarded the message from HacDC's president re: the call for 3D.11:49
ubuntourist(Forwarded to both of you.)11:49
jelknerI'll pass this information on, but it would take someone higher up in APS for us to be able to do anything11:50
jelknerGFbot, what did you find out about Big_Brother last week?11:51
ubuntouristjelkner, Oh, I understood that. As I said "If any of you know someone who knows someone who knows someone..."11:51
GFbotjelkner well11:51
GFboti saw big brother online11:51
GFbotI think it was working 11:52
ubuntouristGFbot, and where does Big_Brother live these days? (Sorry, my mind's a sieve and I lose track.)11:52
jelknerGFbot, it isn't working11:54
jelknerlast week when we agreed to move the time to 12 noon11:54
GFbotubuntourist yes11:54
jelknerGFbot, we asked you to set the clock11:55
jelknerso i was just confirming that you didn't do anything with that11:55
jelknerGFbot, never mind at this point, abuchholz has agreed to take on the task11:55
jelknerand will work with mjsir911 to get it setup for next week11:55
GFbotits ok11:56
jelknershould we start?11:59
nrcernaYes :)12:00
jelknerthere were only two agenda items, both mine12:00
jelknerthe first was a technical thing about netsplit which ubuntourist and i already chatted about12:00
jelknerso there is only one more item that i have:12:00
jelkner1. Where we need to be by June.12:01
jelknerHaving just about finished my current Managerial Accounting class, i was returning to Dr. Chuck's Django for Everybody course this morning12:02
jelknerhe has an old video that recommends a website tool that doesn't exist anymore, but it lead by accident to some useful info12:02
jelknerHe directed students to chrispedrick.com12:03
jelknerwhich now redirects here: http://ww17.chrispedrick.com12:03
jelknerAll it has on it now is adds12:03
jelknerfor hiring web developers12:04
jelknerthose adds are useful12:04
jelknerthe first one is for a company named orpheusincorporated.com12:04
jelknerwhich offers custom wordpress sites starting at $2K12:05
jelkneri thought it is helpful to be able to measure what we can do against some know competitors12:05
jelknerwhat i saw gives me some hope12:06
jelknertheir own website has at least one nasty flaw12:06
jelkneri took a screenshot12:06
GFbot2k per site?12:06
jelknerYup, GFbot 12:06
ubuntouristjelkner, ??? I go directly to the page of the the creator of WebDeveloper -- which I've used extensively for years.12:06
ubuntourist( does not redirect for me.)12:06
GFbotjelkner oh thats what we need12:07
GFbot"LibreOrganize Training"12:07
jelknerGFbot, if you seriously want to stay in this business as part of NOVA Web Development, we need to team of devs who can handle customers quickly and efficiently12:08
ubuntouristjelkner, You may recall a recent message from me where I accidentally read Chris Pedrick as Chris Hedrick...12:08
jelknerand a sales team (me an nrcerna at first), who can then sell the team12:08
jelkneri noticed the similarity myself12:08
jelkneri don't know why i'm getting the redirect12:08
jelknersince Dr. Chuck was trying to direct us at the tools with which you are familiar, ubuntourist 12:09
jelkneranyway, that's all i've got12:09
jelknernow that i'm learning to "do the numbers"12:09
jelkneri'm figuring that at the very least, we need $6K per month in revenue to stay afloat12:10
jelknerby stay afloat, i mean keeping GFbot, nrcerna, and zOnny working full time12:10
jelknerwith income left over for abuchholz, lbolz, stefan, etc.12:10
jelknerto get paid by the hour12:11
jelknerACTION done12:11
jelkneranyone else have anything?12:12
jelkneri guess we don't have any new LOv2 sites12:12
jelknerACTION feels we are bogging down12:12
GFboti was thinking about to get novalaciro using LibreOrganize by this week12:12
*** SITarabuta has joined #novawebdev12:12
jelknerPlease, GFbot!12:12
jelknerwe are running out of time12:12
jelknerif we don't start bringing the customer sites online12:13
jelknerwe won't make any new progress12:13
GFbotjelkner yes, i was thinking about that12:13
nrcernaI just want to share something12:14
nrcernaOur business tracker app (ToDo++) is having a good progress, we had our weekly meeting with Alan and GFbot working harder on that 12:15
GFbotbtw. i moved Elizabeth linode to 5$ plan.12:15
GFbottalking about that nrcerna12:16
nrcerna(this is going to help me a lot) to track our customers12:16
GFboti was wondering if i can setup my app on LibreOrganize linode?12:16
nrcernaGreat GFbot12:16
jelknerexcellent, nrcerna 12:16
jelknerwe need to do that very badly12:17
GFbotjelkner so i can setup my app on that Instance?12:17
jelknerGFbot, keep looking out for ways to save money on servers12:18
jelknerthat is going to be crucial for us12:18
jelknerok, anything else?12:18
ubuntouristSorry, had to step away.12:18
jelkneranything to add before i end, ubuntourist?12:19
ubuntouristNothing from me.12:19
jelknerACTION drops the bag of gravel12:19
jelknernext week nrcerna will chair12:19
GFbotjelkner yep, i moved linodes to 5$ plan this last week12:19
jelknergreat, GFbot12:19
jelknerthat is very important12:19
GFbotjelkner did you check if you are paying Elizabeth's webfaction account?12:20
ubuntouristIn brief, Web Developer is a browser plugin for Firefox, Chrome and others, that allows deep examination of a web page12:20
jelkneri was wondering if the built-in tools now rival its features, ubuntourist 12:20
jelkneri know they didn't in the past12:21
ubuntouristvia the Inspector among other things.12:21
jelknerbut i was thinking they might now12:21
GFbotjelkner we need to know that we are losing money via webfaction12:21
SITarabutaubuntourist is it really offering more features than the built-in inspect element and so on? They are pretty advanced nowadays12:21
ubuntouristjelkner, That I could not say, since I automatically install it. I don't know what's there by default.12:22
jelknermy first reaction when i got redirected was it didn't exist anymore because it had become obsolete12:23
ubuntourist(My main use is to alter a web page that refuses to print properly to a PDF or copy and paste properly to an e-mail message.12:23
ubuntouristI use that capability a LOT.)12:23
jelknerabuchholz, keep me in the loop this week on Big_Brother12:24
jelknerGFbot, is it time for me to start using ToDo++12:24
GFbotYES YOU DO!12:24
jelknerGFbot, can we work on that today?12:24
jelkneras soon as nrcerna's phone is charged12:25
ubuntouristjelkner, Last updates for firefox and chrome / chromium were January 12, 2020. Last version for Opera was Feb 15, 2017.12:25
jelknershe is supposed to give me training on it12:25
jelknerbtw. GFbot, we should talk about the name12:25
nrcernaI think I can use it 12:25
nrcernajelkner, 12:25
jelknernrcerna, you not only have to be able to use it12:26
jelknerbut you need to be able to teach me how to use it12:26
jelknerthat's the plan12:26
jelkneri'm waiting for you to tell me you are ready to train me12:26
SITarabutaI personally think that a tool's capabilities are more important than their names, but I still advocate for changing ToDo++ because it keeps making me think ToDo with Classes12:26
jelknerSITarabuta, it's a very C++ kind of name12:27
jelknerPyToDo would be more appropriate for us12:27
jelkneror something like that12:27
jelknerToDo += 1 ;-)12:27
SITarabutaTalking about C++, if anyone wants to have a good time, I recommend this video
SITarabutaPyDo? haha12:27
nrcernaIt was first named for us as Business Tracker jajaja12:28
jelknerok, SITarabuta, on a more serious note12:28
ubuntouristMuchToDoAboutNothing -- A Monty Python Shakespeare parody. ;-)12:28
nrcernabut Ellis mentioned the ToDo name12:29
jelknerthat, ubuntourist, is the best one12:29
jelknerSITarabuta, i was about to give you a call12:29
jelknerbut before i do that12:29
jelkneri'll post something here for all12:29
ubuntouristBTW try this link and see if it redirects:
jelkneri was going to ask you what you thought about using our website for tracking simple tasks12:30
jelknerassigned to us each week12:30
jelknerin addition to calendar events12:30
SITarabutaI had that idea jelkner12:31
nrcernaThat's a feature we want to implement jelkner 12:31
nrcernaon our Business tracker12:31
jelknerso we need to get real users using LOv2 as soon as possible12:31
jelknernrcerna, we need to figure out how the Business Tracker integrates with the rest of the system12:32
jelknerwe are a coop12:32
SITarabutaLet's talk about this. I like it more than typing cuz there are a lot of remifications12:32
jelknerok, i'll call12:32
nrcernaThat's what GFbot was asking , he mentioned me that this week12:32
jelknerwell, nrcerna, GFbot *should* be talking to SITarabuta 12:33
jelknerthat's one of our most fundamental challenges12:33
jelknersmooth and effective communication12:33
nrcernaWe are trying at discord as Stefan suggested12:34
jelknerthat need is across the board, but in the development team especially12:34
jelknerwhatever works12:34
jelkneri find the tool doesn't matter as much as the social commitment to use it12:34
jelknerso do whatever makes SITarabuta happy12:34
jelknerbut communicate with him!12:35
ubuntouristNot an expert, but netsplit, in my limited experience has been a very temporary phenomenon, and,12:47
ubuntouristsince other channels seemed to be bridging just fine, I'm not buying netsplit as an explanation of the problem.12:48
ubuntouristBut, I'm no expert. I'm going to close hexchat now and try riot again to see if I can find my way to this channel12:48
ubuntouristfrom there.12:48
nrcernaACTION AFK13:42
nrcernaACTION AFK13:42
jelknernrcerna, is your phone charged?13:51
nrcernaHello jelkner 14:02
jelknerACTION signs off for the day15:25
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