IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2020-03-23

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jelknerabuchholz, i just got off the phone with nrcerna 10:53
jelknershe is on signal, btw, so it would be possible to talk to her that way10:53
jelknershe said GFbot has the info you need10:53
jelknershe's working on getting it for you10:53
nrcernaI just emailed German10:59
nrcernajelkner, 12:10
jelkneryes, nrcerna 12:10
nrcernaGerman replied that Stefan has the credentials12:10
nrcernais running on webfaction12:10
jelkneri saw that12:11
jelknerand i replied back12:11
jelknerwe'll let them work that out, then12:11
nrcernaI didnt received yours yet12:11
jelknerYeah, our emails get delayed12:12
jelknerstefan and i were talking about that yesterday12:12
jelknerwe need a better email solution12:12
jelknera top priority for july if not earlier12:13
jelknerfor now we just have to live with the delays12:13
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jelknerbetter ;-)13:42
abuchholzjelkner the bot will now send the remind at 12 instead of 1113:42
jelkneryes, I saw that, abuchholz, and gave you the "You Rock!" reply13:43
abuchholzAlright. I am working on trying to get operator for you on #novawebdev_learn using the bot13:43
jelknerbtw, abuchholz nrcerna i just got off the phone with heylin13:43
jelknershe will join us thursday at our noon meeting13:44
jelkneri'm hoping our new summer prime intern will as well13:44
jelknerso nrcerna and abuchholz, let's be thinking about getting NOVALACIRO moved to LibreOrganize13:44
abuchholzYeah, I saw the email13:44
jelknerthat means getting all the data from the database13:45
nrcernaThats German main task for this week13:45
jelknerits not huge data13:45
jelknerbut very important13:45
abuchholzDoes NOVALACIRO need memeberships?13:45
jelknernrcerna, abuchholz has some background in SQL13:45
jelknerit's a membership organization13:45
abuchholzAlright. So Stefan and I tonight will hopefully finish that13:45
jelknerabuchholz, GFbot should reach out to you about the old data13:46
jelknerit will require someone with SQL skills13:46
jelknerso you or ubuntourist13:46
abuchholzAnd we can also pull the data and start a branch in the LibreOrganize Custom Designs13:46
jelknerto be able to extract the old data13:46
nrcernaPlease try to cominicate with him on discord abuchholz 13:46
jelknerand insert it into the new database13:46
abuchholzGot it13:46
jelknerthis is a great, real world learning experience for us13:47
abuchholzbtw jeff can you know create events on Novawebdev website?13:48
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abuchholzCan everyone please leave #novawebdev_learn | jelkner nrcerna13:59
nrcernaim not there14:01
abuchholzjelkner could you please leave #novawebdev_learn14:07
jelknerabuchholz, sorry for the delay14:11
abuchholzits alright14:11
jelkneri'm still sending out emails to my classes14:11
jelkneri just left14:11
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abuchholznrcerna you can also join back if you'd like14:16
abuchholznrcerna could you leave again please14:25
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GFbotabuchholz db sent check email14:36
abuchholzjelkner could you join #novawebdev_learn14:52
GFbotcan you add the bot to #novawebdev_scrum ?14:53
abuchholzAlright jelkner you and I should both have Operator/Founder status on #novawebdev_learn14:57
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nrcernaACTION going to restart my pc15:59
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SITarabutajelkner, are you here?18:27
SITarabutaI want to talk to you about 2 things:18:29
SITarabuta-we need Kevin for the database because even though Adrian knows SQL, he doesn't know how to deal with dumps and modify them18:29
SITarabuta-i will try to find a way to move email to namecheap while keeping the same email setup that we have with everyone's client and such18:31
SITarabutaMoving email causes disruption, but as long as people read what I send, everything will work. I am going to wait for you to reply18:33
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abuchholzAlright I figured out how to dump everything/19:30

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