IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2020-03-25

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jelknerping mjsir911 12:28
mjsir911hi jelkner 12:28
jelkneri need to send you a check for $10012:29
jelknerwhere do you want it sent?12:29
jelknermom's address?12:29
mjsir911<redacted> I think12:29
jelkneri'll stick the W-2s in the same envelope12:29
jelkneryes, mjsir911, that's the address where you are ;-)12:31
jelkneri have it in my contacts12:31
jelknernrcerna, ping12:46
jelkneri just tried to call again, nrcerna 12:47
jelkneri'd like to talk to both you and GFbot, when you have a chance12:47
nrcernasorry I was talking with Ezon12:47
jelknerno rush, either12:47
jelknercan you ping me when you have a few minutes?12:48
nrcernaOk Let me tell German12:48
nrcernaI will let you know when he reply back jelkner 12:54
nrcernaor do you want me to talk you, meaning just me 12:55
jelknerthnx, nrcerna 13:00
jelkneri'm writing an email now that will have details of what i want to discuss13:00
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nrcernajelkner, 13:04
nrcernaGFbot is here13:04
jelknernrcerna, GFbot, big long email just sent13:23
jelknercould you take a little time to read it, and then we could call to talk about it?13:23
nrcernaACTION waiting for the email13:24
nrcernaI didnt received yet13:24
jelkneryes, nrcerna that's another problem Stefan and adrian are looking into13:24
GFbotI dont have any email13:24
jelknermoving our email forwarding from WebFaction to Namecheap13:25
jelknerin the hopes it will help reduce the delay13:25
nrcername either13:25
nrcernacould you forward to our personal email accounts? jelkner 13:25
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nrcernaplease jelkner 13:26
nrcernaNo email yet :( jelkner 13:29
jelkneri'm talking to abuchholz 13:29
jelknerhold on please13:29
nrcernaok jelkner 13:30
abuchholzjelkner I have begun working on the bot and I believe Kevin is as well. I will add the remind feature for tomorrow at 1214:04
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abuchholzjelkner add stuff to the remind list14:06
abuchholzit should go off tomorrow at 1214:06
abuchholz!remind Investigate Big_Brother Bot14:18
"Investigate Big_Brother Bot" added to message queue14:18
abuchholzmjsir911 idk if you will get this message, and I will most likely email you later. If I update IRC3 from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0 will everything breal?14:22
mjsir911not sure14:22
mjsir911depends what it updates14:22
abuchholzI am using python 3.7 and the bot will not run 1.0.0 but will run 1.1.0. Im on a test irc chat #testnvdbot and i get invalid arguments.14:24
abuchholzmjsir911 what python version did u use when writing this?14:25
mjsir911No idea, but probably >314:26
abuchholz1.0.4 | Drop py33, py34 support14:26
abuchholzSo, either we continue using py3.4 or we have to update the code14:27
mjsir911there isn't much code for there to be a problem14:27
jelknernrcerna, did the email arrive yet?14:48
jelknerabuchholz, ping14:50
jelkner!remind Warm, NOVA Web Dev welcome to our new intern, Sameen14:52
"Warm, NOVA Web Dev welcome to our new intern, Sameen" added to message queue14:52
jelkner!remind Developing work teams - abuchholz, lbolz, and stefan & nrcerna, GFbot, and zOnny?14:53
"Developing work teams - abuchholz, lbolz, and stefan & nrcerna, GFbot, and zOnny?" added to message queue14:53
jelkner!remind Working with Heylin on NOVALACIRO website14:54
"Working with Heylin on NOVALACIRO website" added to message queue14:54
nrcernano jelkner 14:57
nrcernajust this one: Re: CCHD Application14:57
jelkneryes, since that went to your personal email :-(14:58
nrcernaand other from Kevin14:58
jelknerthat's a bcc, btw14:58
jelknernrcerna, can you chair tomorrow?14:59
nrcernayes jelkner14:59
nrcernathen we should talk about your email14:59
nrcernaI can add it to the agenda15:00
jelknernot during the meeting, nrcerna 15:00
jelknerits too much in the weeds15:00
jelknercheck out what's already on the agenda15:00
nrcernaACTION AFK15:03
abuchholzwould it be ok to have a command like this to add events?15:29
abuchholz!event "this is a title" "this is a desc" "2020-03-04 11:30" "2020-03-04 12:00" "IRC" "1"15:29
jelknerabuchholz, give me a few minutes15:30
jelkneri'm Signaling with nrcerna 15:30
jelknerso, abuchholz, this sounds wonderful to me, but i'm not the one to ask15:35
jelknerif you and ubuntourist and stefan are good with the interface15:35
jelkneri certainly am15:36
jelkneri'm going to do whatever you all tell on this15:36
jelknerbut i'm loving all the initiative!15:37
jelknerthis if fun stuff15:37
abuchholzalright. I'm gonna take a break and log off but I will work on the bot tomorrow. 15:38
jelknerok, everyone, i have my final paper due for the business class15:38
jelknerso i'm going to logoff too15:38
jelknerhasta tomorrow15:38
jelknerACTION signs off15:38
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ubuntourist!remind Hello Little Brother21:13
"Hello Little Brother" added to message queue21:13
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abuchholz!remind Talk about the IRC Bot21:34
"Talk about the IRC Bot" added to message queue21:34
abuchholzthis was what i was afraid of21:35
ubuntouristabuchholz, Try !remind now... 21:37
abuchholzwe should probably remove one of my talk about irc bot  21:38
abuchholzbecause I have two21:38
ubuntouristabuchholz, fixed21:39
ubuntouristabuchholz, Still need to look a bit at logging...21:40
abuchholzI dont know if I have access to the server21:40
ubuntouristabuchholz, I'm going to transfer all the old logs to the new system.21:41
abuchholzso I dont think i can make changes21:41
abuchholzand ok ubuntourist21:41
abuchholzubuntourist is it `ssh` ?21:42
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ubuntouristLet's see if this is added to the new log files...22:42
ubuntouristACTION checks the logs from ssh...22:43
ubuntouristand lo and behold, the log for today is being updated, yea, verily, even as I type.22:44
ubuntouristSo all is well on that front.22:44
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SITarabuta!event s23:31

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