IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2020-03-31

*** zOnny has joined #novawebdev14:38
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jelknerGood morning zOnny and ubuntourist[m] 14:41
jelknerubuntourist[m], what does the "[m]" signify?14:41
jelkneroh, and Good morning to you too, mjsir911 14:42
mjsir911mobile, I assume?14:42
jelknerah, mjsir911, that makes sense, thanks!14:42
mjsir911ah, no: matrix14:42
jelkneroh, a bridge14:43
jelknerfrom another application, right14:43
mjsir911yeah, it looks it14:43
jelknermjsir911, any chance we could chat by phone this afternoon?14:44
jelkneri have class in 15 minutes14:44
jelknerbut later14:44
jelknersince we aren't getting together for dinner14:44
jelkneri wanted to catch up with what you are doing these days14:44
mjsir911Sure. I still haven't recieved the tax forms in the mail, but MA's tax deadlines were extended14:45
jelknertax forms have been sent14:45
jelkneri can send you a pdf14:45
jelknerif you want14:45
jelknerlet's talk by phone14:45
mjsir911sounds good14:46
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*** nrcerna has joined #novawebdev15:05
jelknergm, nrcerna 15:51
nrcernagm jelkner 15:51
jelkneri just got out of class15:51
jelknerwhat are you plans for today?15:51
nrcernaI'm chatting with zOnny , I'm asking if I could help on the design of business tracker15:52
jelknergood idea15:52
nrcernaGerman is taking care of generate the PDF 15:52
jelkneri can't wait for a demo15:52
nrcernaGerman and Edzon are working really good on that15:53
jelknerthat is great to hear15:53
nrcernayes, we are communicating on discord and having regular voice calls to work├ž15:53
jelknercan you please paste the discord url here?15:54
nrcernais not a channel15:54
jelkneri don't understand15:54
jelknerstefan just gave me a url15:55
jelknerand i connected to it15:55
jelknerand it worked15:55
jelkneri just tried to call stefan15:55
nrcernaWe are comunicating on direct messages15:55
jelknerhe didn't pick up15:55
nrcernaOh, 15:55
jelkneri'll call adrian15:55
nrcernayou want to log in on discord?15:56
nrcernais not that15:56
jelkneris had x in it15:57
jelkneror X15:57
jelkneri remember that much15:57
nrcernaIt says that expires in one day15:57
nrcernais always changing jelkner 15:58
*** abuchholz has joined #novawebdev16:05
jelkneris that the link, abuchholz?16:05
jelknerso i can connect to this each morning16:05
jelknerand find y'all?16:05
nrcernaACTION AFK17:55
jelknerACTION signs off to go get groceries with his wife18:50
jelknerhasta tomorrow18:50

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