IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2020-04-01

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ubuntourist[m]Wait... Success???01:22
ubuntourist[m]!remind This reminder is being set from...! Success!01:23
"This reminder is being set from...! Success!" added to message queue01:23
ubuntourist[m]!remind We also have a mumble voice server up and running on!01:24
"We also have a mumble voice server up and running on!" added to message queue01:24
ubuntourist[m]OK... Riot.IM can add reminders, but cannot query Little Brother for the current list...01:25
ubuntourist[m]So. Are Riot.IM messages making it into the log?01:26
ubuntourist[m]Yes! Riot.IM messages are making it into the log!01:30
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ubuntourist!remind However, Riot.IM doesn't understand !remind w/ no arguments... Odd.01:32
LittleBrotherInvalid arguments: No closing quotation.01:32
ubuntourist!remind However, Riot.IM does not understand !remind w/ no arguments... Odd.01:33
"However, Riot.IM does not understand !remind w/ no arguments... Odd." added to message queue01:33
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SITarabuta!remind NOVALACIRO is up for testing featuring: translation, improved design responsiveness (down to 3.5inch devices), memberships, events, and boxes04:24
"NOVALACIRO is up for testing featuring: translation, improved design responsiveness (down to 3.5inch devices), memberships, events, and boxes" added to message queue04:24
ubuntourist[m]Riot.IM is slow to catch up with the present. It is currently listing me as being on Freenode / true IRC,10:12
ubuntourist[m]while simultaneously showing me on the Matrix network via Riot.IM. That was true last night, not this morning.10:13
ubuntourist[m]!remind ?11:04
" ?" added to message queue11:04
ubuntourist[m]!remind Mumble is lightweight. Jitsi might be too heavyweight.11:04
"Mumble is lightweight. Jitsi might be too heavyweight." added to message queue11:04
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jelknerubuntourist[m], ping15:26
ubuntourist[m]jelkner, Sorry. Was on the phone. Greetings from Riot.IM...16:13
ubuntourist[m]abuchholz: You've got the wiki up and running somewhere? Although I use MediWiki on several sites -- including NWD,16:21
ubuntourist[m]abuchholz: I don't know that I made much use of any particular feature.16:22
ubuntourist[m]abuchholz: Are you using `pandoc` to convert pages?16:22
ubuntourist[m]jelkner: pong?16:23
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ubuntourist[m]"🎜 Is there anybody... out there (out there) 🎜" -- Pink Floyd 16:25
ubuntourist[m]SITarabuta: G'day.16:25
ubuntourist[m]Ah, life. I was beginning to wonder if Riot.IM was screwed again.16:26
ubuntourist[m]But apparently, two-way traffic is still working.16:27
SITarabutaOh that's good16:27
SITarabutaSo this you talking from Riot.IM?16:27
ubuntourist[m]So anyone willing to rumble -- er, I mean, mumble? ;-)16:28
ubuntourist[m]SITarabuta: Yeah talking from Riot.IM. Bit of a lag, but not terrible.16:29
SITarabutaNot me, *yet* I have to wake up properly (it's 12:30 PM, early haha) ;-)16:30
ubuntourist[m]ubuntourist is inviting you to a meeting.16:37
ubuntourist[m]Join the meeting:16:37
abuchholzjelkner or SITarabuta would you join the meeting please.16:48
SITarabutayup, one second16:50
jelknerabuchholz, which meeting17:43
jelkneri'm sorry folks, i'm trying to figure out how to attend a mandatory meeting at work17:44
abuchholzits fine. little too late now. We were testing jitsi and mumble17:44
jelknerabuchholz, i am very interested in jitsi17:44
jelknersince that is voice, yes?17:44
jelknerhow did it go, SITarabuta?17:44
SITarabutathe quality is great17:44
jelknerand of course, there is Jitsi Meet in the F-Droid store17:46
jelknerACTION goes to install it17:46
jelkneri can't do it now because of that meeting, but tomorrow after our general meeting i'd like to try it from my mobile device17:47
jelknerThis is great, a step toward freedom!  I removed WhatsApp, since Signal makes it redundant17:52
jelknerand added Jitsi17:52
jelknerthe dream would be to use F-Droid and LineageOS for *all* my mobile needs17:53
jelknerthat won't happen soon, but any step towards it makes me smile :-)17:53
ubuntourist[m]Signal requires a phone.18:08
ubuntourist[m]I THINK I've solved my Mumble problem.20:44
ubuntourist[m](This is what I get for putting too many audio drivers in one place and expecting them all to cooperate with each other.)20:45
ubuntourist[m]The question becomes: Do I tell ALSA to use my headset, or Pulse Audio to use my headset or JACK to use my headset or Mumble to use my headset?  And the answer -- at least, as of now is "No". ;-)20:49
ubuntourist[m]Tell Cadence -- which integrates ALSA, Pulse Audio and JACK -- to use my headset, and then tell Mumble to use JACK. At least, that's my current working theory. That should also fix Jitsi Meet... maybe.20:50
ubuntourist[m]ubuntourist is inviting you to a meeting.21:50
ubuntourist[m]Join the meeting:21:50
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SITarabutajelkner, Matt is here22:02
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abuchholzjelkner. matt, stefan and I are waiting in Voice 122:02
jelknerACTION signs off for the day23:01
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