IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2020-04-05

ubuntouristNo one came out to play. Giving up for the night.00:56
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ubuntouristWell, I borked Jitsi Meet. Fortunately, I have backups of everything.14:11
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jelknerubuntourist, just got your message15:08
jelknerkevin at seven, i like the sound of that15:08
jelknerdid you get the jitsi test done15:08
jelkneror do we want to try now?15:08
ubuntourist!remind Set remind autofire to report in a separate window / tab for easy reference?15:08
"Set remind autofire to report in a separate window / tab for easy reference?" added to message queue15:08
ubuntouristjelkner: I'm on it now. See recent e-mail. Now password protected.15:09
jelknerlet me read15:09
jelknerstill having morning coffee15:10
ubuntouristjelkner: I'm trying to pace my Diet Coke habit... So, now on first O.J. of the a.m after Diet Coke. ;-)15:10
ubuntouristjelkner: But sadly, practicing binge sobriety for several weeks now. ;-)15:11
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jelknerubuntourist[m], great email to haiku thread!15:15
jelknerubuntourist, i don't see any email with the password15:19
ubuntouristjelkner: ??? Sent to everyone@ and primes@ ... Subject: Re: 7:42 PM Saturday: Anyone available to test?15:20
ubuntourist(A reply / followup to last night's request for testers.)15:21
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ubuntouristabuchholz: CMoran: Seen the " Re: 7:42 PM Saturday: Anyone available to test?" e-mail from this morning? Care to try before IRC meeting?15:33
abuchholzI'm a little busy at the moment. I'm sorry.15:34
ubuntouristabuchholz: No problem.15:34
ubuntouristnrcerna: mjsir911: You should have also seen that message.15:35
CMorani can help15:35
ubuntouristCMoran: Excellent! I'll be able to see your attempt to join (and even if video / audio not working, Jitsi chat should)15:36
ubuntouristCMoran: See the password in the e-mail message.15:36
nrcernaubuntourist, I just tried it15:37
nrcernait says that it was an error15:37
ubuntouristnrcerna: CMoran: Sadly, I'm seeing that too.15:38
CMoransame here15:38
ubuntouristDamn. I've apparently made it worse, not better.15:39
mjsir911A bit pre-occupied, I'll try later15:39
ubuntouristmjsir911: No need. ;-)15:39
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SameenAGood Morning!15:54
kjcoleSameenA, Hiya15:54
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LittleBrother2020-04-05 15:59:53.40510215:59
bcassatt : SITarabuta : SameenA : GFbot : amina : lbolz : @kjcole : CMoran : nrcerna : +jelkner : abuchholz : @mjsir911 : @ubuntourist[m] : wolcen : @ChanServ16:00
Test video... again? 😜 (ubuntourist)16:00
Set remind autofire to report in a separate window / tab for easy reference? (ubuntourist)16:00
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nrcernaHello everyone!16:00
jelknerGood morning!16:00
kjcoleGood whatever16:00
kjcole(morning, afternoon, evening)16:01
nrcernaWell I think our agenda today will be brief16:01
kjcoleIt's mostly me failing at stuff.  😜16:01
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nrcernathe first item its yours kjcole 16:02
nrcernaHosted video meetings: Achieved. Yay! ;-) (ubuntourist)16:02
kjcoleSo, Both 1 and 4: Yay, and boo. 16:03
nrcernaare we going to try again?16:03
nrcernaand when?16:03
kjcoleI have the early vestiges of Jitsi Meet going, but briefly a few issues:16:03
kjcole1. Yesterday each user could see and hear themselves and text-chat w/ other participants but nothing more.16:04
kjcole2. I thought it was a firewall issue and opened a port.16:04
kjcole3. Now it seems to go into a loop of kicking people out and retrying the connection.16:04
kjcole4. I tried briefly this morning to implement security to prevent ZoomBombing but failed at that. Turned it off.16:05
kjcoleJust about everything I've done (I hope EVERYTHING) is in a file out on the server:
kjcoleACTION is done with both agenda items 1 and 4.16:06
jelkneri'd like to put in my 2cents16:06
jelknerkjcole, this is super cool tech16:06
jelknerand definitely high on our wish list16:06
jelknerbut i want to make sure we don't let it distract us from our top priorities16:07
SITarabutawhen i hear jelkner's 2cents, i am scared that he is going to shut off the experiment16:07
jelknerto remind us16:07
kjcoleOh, brief aside before I forget: Nightly dump / backup of SQL appears to be working okay.16:07
jelknerif we can't bring in around $6K per month minimum by end of august, we're done16:07
SITarabutakjcole oh thank god16:07
jelknerso we need to keep being reminded of that16:07
kjcoleSITarabuta,  😜16:07
jelkneri pitched this to the primes16:08
jelknerbut SITarabuta abuchholz need to focus on getting LO working with features people need16:08
jelknerACTION done16:08
nrcernaBut jelkner this could help to improve LO and then market it to get that budget 16:08
jelknernrcerna, not any time soon16:09
jelknercertainly not by august16:09
nrcernammm Ok16:09
jelknerit's just too challenging technically16:09
jelknerbigger efforts with far more resources fail16:09
jelknerwe need to make the most from our *very limited* resources to have any chance of success16:10
jelknerit's not voice and video we need16:10
jelknerit's text16:10
jelknerdocument management16:10
jelknerworking out resolutions documents with a group of people with some sane workflow16:10
jelknerthat's what people are stumbling over all over the world right now16:11
kjcolejelkner, as you mentioned (and I concur) screen-sharing is probably even higher on the list than video (except for your "suit and tie" interview needs).16:11
jelkner+1 kjcole 16:11
jelknerfor presentations16:11
jelknerwe need that more16:11
jelknerACTION done16:12
nrcernaOk lets continue: Add to (ubuntourist), SITarabuta and abuchholz can you please take care of this?16:12
jelknernrcerna, he is on the list16:13
jelkneri'm wondering if we told him we aren't forwarding any more16:13
nrcernaI dint noticed, sorry16:13
jelknerthat's probably the issue16:13
jelknermjsir911, r u here?16:13
mjsir911I am16:14
kjcolemjsir911, Are you getting emails now?16:14
jelkneris that the issue?16:14
SITarabutawe have a different mailserver now mjsir91116:14
mjsir911I don't see anything16:14
jelknerwe are hosting our own mail server now, mjsir91116:14
jelknerno more forwarding16:14
mjsir911ah, sounds good16:15
jelkneryou need to setup pop or imap16:15
mjsir911I've always used IMAP though, so not much of a change16:15
SITarabutalog in to your mailbox at, username is your email, password is password16:15
kjcoleSounds like a post-meeting discussion betwixt mjsir911 & SITarabuta 16:15
SITarabutaplease change it16:16
SITarabutatrue kjcole16:16
kjcole(or now  😜 You guys are reasonably quick.)16:16
jelknerlet's move on...16:17
nrcernaOk the next is yours jelkner 16:17
nrcernaAsk how to handle users in multiple alias email lists (jelkner)16:17
jelknerthis is also a post meeting discussion16:18
jelkneri just wanted it in the minutes16:18
jelknerand to present the problem16:18
jelknerwe currently use a forwarding table in our database for "aliases" or "lists"16:18
jelknerthe problem is that if one account is in multiple "aliases"16:19
jelknerwill they receive multiple copies of the same email16:19
SITarabutawell yeah. when it goes to primes and everyone16:19
SITarabutai don't see how we can change that16:19
jelknerso that's a pretty serious problem16:19
jelknernot huge, but not trivial16:19
jelknerlet me talk to ubuntourist[m] about it16:20
jelknerhe has the most database experience16:20
jelknerACTION done16:20
SITarabutathis is not a database issue. anyway16:20
jelknerSITarabuta, let's talk after16:20
nrcernaOk and the last one: Set remind autofire to report in a separate window / tab for easy reference? (ubuntourist)16:20
kjcoleMinor, and maybe not really important to anyone but me:16:21
kjcoleNever mind. As I started to explain it I saw a problem: I wanted to have the agenda in a separate window or tab, but 16:22
kjcolethat would be a private message and wouldn't open a separate tab for everyone. So...16:22
kjcoleACTION retracts the last item and is done.16:23
nrcernaanything else?16:23
nrcernaor are we done?16:23
kjcoleRe presentations on the web... I may have an idea. Post-meeting discussion.16:23
jelknerkjcole, awesome16:24
nrcernaSure we can talk it after :)16:24
nrcernaSo... I think we are done.16:25
nrcernaACTION Drops the bag of gravel16:25
kjcolePRIMES et al, don't run off.16:25
nrcernathanks everyone.16:26
kjcoleVery briefly, try out the web slide presentation demo at and see what you think of it.16:26
mjsir911I *think* I've got email working but im not seeing any new ones16:26
kjcole(Now you can run off. I may send a reminder of the slide presentation system in e-mail.)16:27
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mjsir911kjcole: I have some experience with [hovercraft](, which uses impress.js which seems to be similar to reveal.js16:28
nrcernajelkner, are you going to talk GFbot? since you couldnt on friday16:28
nrcernahe was waiting for it16:29
kjcolemjsir911, good to know. Is there a demo to wow people with?16:29
jelknernrcerna, yes16:29
jelkneri'm talking with SITarabuta and abuchholz and lbolz on discord now16:30
jelknerabout email16:30
kjcolemjsir911, The nice thing about reveal.js was that the web site sucks you into a demo pretty quickly to wet your whistle.16:30
jelknerafter that i'll reach out to you16:30
nrcernaOk jelkner 16:30
kjcoleACTION is stepping away from the screen for a minute...16:30
mjsir911+1 fair enough16:31
jelknernrcerna, we can't here you16:36
jelknernrcerna, i just tried signal16:41
jelkneryou didn't pick up16:41
nrcernaI guess I'm having issues with the internet, I muted mi micro on discord  because I barely heard you16:42
nrcernaI'm going to try again16:43
nrcernaOr we can talk after16:43
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jelknerAhh, now you are.19:38
jelknernrcerna, i just sent an email19:39
nrcernaI just read it19:39
jelknercan you handle setting that up?19:39
jelkneri think it is really important for the four of us to meet19:39
jelknernrcerna, we could pick a time now if you like19:39
nrcernaI'm waiting for Edzon answer, after you called me I wrote them to talk about the schedule 19:39
jelknerlet me look at my schedule for tomorrow19:40
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jelknerGFbot, nrcerna is trying to organize a meeting for you, her, and zOnny19:42
jelknernrcerna, tomorrow at 6:30 pm your time is my only meeting19:42
GFbotjelkner yes she told us that.19:42
jelknerso let me know when, and i'll add it to my calendar19:42
jelknerand how too19:42
GFboti can19:42
jelknerseems like discord voice doesn't work well from ES19:42
jelknerso whatever you want to use19:42
nrcernaIt does19:43
jelknerwe couldn't hear you, nrcerna 19:43
GFbotlets use hangout19:43
nrcernaI had internet issues19:43
GFbotshe was muted19:43
nrcernaso I muted19:43
nrcernajelkner, 19:43
jelkneryou just tell me how to connect19:43
jelknerand the time19:43
jelknerand i'll be there19:43
GFbotjelkner you can join to the voice channel19:43
GFbotand then i can join19:43
jelkneron discord, right?19:44
jelkneri do that all the time with Adrian and Stefan19:44
jelknerlike every day19:44
jelknerbut we tried with nrcerna today19:44
jelknerand couldn't hear her19:44
GFbotshe was muted19:44
jelkneryes, but i chatted that to her and she couldn't seem to be able to fix it19:45
jelkneranyway, whatever y19:45
jelknery'all want to do19:45
nrcernawe can try the voice channel , voice #219:46
nrcernaare you able to see it?19:46
jelkneri'm in it now19:46
nrcernacan you try it please GFbot 19:46
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jelknergreat, nrcerna GFbot zOnny we meet again next thursday at 2 pm (12 noon en el salvador)20:19
jelknerby then i should have an invoice for novalaciro that needs to be entered in to the system20:19
jelknerand nrcerna should be ready to demo at least login to me20:20
jelknersound good?20:20
nrcernaOk :)20:20
jelknerwe'll meet in the same place 20:21
jelknerdiscord Voice channel #220:21
jelknerand here at the same time20:21
jelknerok, brb, i need to move my laundry to the dryer20:22
ubuntouristcan someone try the Jitsi test again, right now while I have it capturing data? (Same URL as in e-mail. I don't want to publish it on IRC. Not secure.)20:32
ubuntouristSame URL as in this morning (and last night's) e-mail, I mean.20:32
ubuntouristIt will fail, but I want to capture the error messages of the failure.20:34
ubuntourist(I don't want to get on Discord, for fear that it will want to simultaneously use my audio or video and mess with Jitsi.)20:36
ubuntouristjelkner, GFbot, nrcerna, mjsir911, zOnny ?20:39
GFbotubuntouristi i cant right now.20:39
ubuntouristSo much for brb...20:51
*** nrcerna has joined #novawebdev20:53
jelknerubuntourist, i was eating diner20:54
jelkneri'm back20:54
jelknerubuntourist, can you please paste the url here again?20:54
jelknerubuntourist, r u here?20:56
ubuntouristSorry. Stood up to let jen in.20:57
jelknercould you please paste the url again here?20:58
jelknerthen i'll join20:58
ubuntouristRather not paste as I'm worried about ZoomBombing but if you insist...20:58
jelkneris it just /jitsi at the end?20:58
jelkneri can try that20:59
jelknernot found20:59
ubuntouristJust /Testing on the end.20:59
ubuntouristBut there's a pretty obvious prefix to our public URL -- which is why I didn't want to paste it here.21:00
ubuntourist(prefix to the domain name)21:00
jelknerbut obvious isn't to a bear brain like me21:00
jelkneri got it though21:00
jelkneri see a screen with muted mic and camera21:01
jelknerand nothing i can do21:01
jelknerclicking unmute does nothing on either of them21:01
ubuntouristOK... I'm going to check the logs. I was expecting that it would "bounce" for you as it has for others.21:02
ubuntouristEvery time someone joined today, it would kick both me and the other parties off, and then immediately try again to connect us21:03
ubuntouristad nauseum. Hence the "bouncing" comment.21:03
jelknerThe screen changed, ubuntourist 21:08
jelknerAsking me for permission to use the camera and mic21:08
jelknerAll i get now is a gray screen telling me it needs permission21:08
jelknerso no dice21:08
ubuntouristOK. Well, thanks for playing. I was hoping for a different kind of error...21:09
jelknerseems to have locked my browser, ubuntourist 21:09
jelkneri have to go21:09
jelkneri have school board endorsement work to do for aea21:10
ubuntouristYup. Bye.21:10
jelknerzOnny, GFbot, nrcerna i'm signing off for the evening22:27
jelkneri'll be back on tomorrow morning22:27
jelknerACTION signs off22:27
GFbotsee you22:27
nrcernaOki jelkner22:27
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