IRC log of #novawebdev for Saturday, 2020-04-04

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ubuntourist!remind Hosted video meetings: Achieved. Yay! ;-)13:21
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LittleBrotherAvailable commands: !event, !help, !ping, !remind, !time16:41
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ubuntourist!remind Add to everyone@novawebdevelopment.org16:45
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jelknerubuntourist, i'm ready now, if you are16:53
jelkneri know we said 2 pm16:54
jelknerbut i squeezed in lunch before the student meeting16:54
ubuntouristTry it out. 16:55
jelkneri see your email with invite link16:55
jelknerdo i need to install something first?16:55
jelkneror just click on it?16:55
jelkneri never heard you16:57
ubuntouristWell. Still no dice. I can see you're on, and private message you, but cannot see or hear you.16:57
jelknerubuntourist, just clicks16:57
jelkneronly a few16:57
jelkneri can see myself16:57
jelknerso my webcam is working16:57
ubuntouristDitto. I can see myself.16:57
jelknerbut i don't here you16:57
jelkneror see you16:57
ubuntouristI also tested the audio, and I can see that my speech moves a voice meter, and speaker test rings a phone.16:58
jelknerwhy don't i hear you?16:58
ubuntouristSo, firewall issue or some such.16:58
ubuntouristWe will need more expertise.16:58
jelknerokie dokie16:58
ubuntouristI've been searching but not finding anything conclusively wrong.16:59
jelknerso, ubuntourist, that will be your project, right?16:59
jelkneri am happy to test16:59
jelknerbut i don't have the time to do more than that16:59
ubuntouristYeah, though I may get a student to do it. ;-)16:59
jelknerreach out to the primes16:59
jelknersee if any of them take the bait ;-)17:00
jelkneri can help you with that17:00
jelknerubuntourist, can i add you to the primes list?17:00
ubuntouristI feel like there was a lot of progress yesterday and this morning with Jitsi, and I'm expecting the problem to be small -- though obscure.17:00
ubuntouristSure. What the hell.17:00
ubuntouristAnd I put it in reminder but I can just tell you since you seem to be the mailman admin:17:00
jelknerthen i'll send an email asking if anyone has interest in working with you to solve this puzzle17:01
ubuntouristmarco's not getting any "everyone" mail. Should he?17:01
jelkneryes, he should17:01
jelknerlet me check on that17:01
jelkneri'm going to go for a bike ride17:02
jelkneri haven't gotten any exercise in a week17:02
ubuntouristHaveth fun.17:02
jelknerwhen i get back, i'll work on the mailing lists17:02
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jelkner!remind Ask how to handle users in multiple alias email lists21:33
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jelknerACTION signs off for today21:33
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ubuntouristAnyone available to play?23:18
ubuntourist!remind Test video... again? 😜23:48
"Test video... again? 😜" added to message queue23:48

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