IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2020-04-07

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jelknerzOnny, good morning14:12
jelknercan we talk on voice 2, zOnny?14:12
zOnnygood morning jelkner 14:12
jelknerwell, zOnny, can we talk on voice 2?14:13
jelkneri'm there already14:14
jelknerjoin me as soon as you can, zOnny 14:14
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jelknergm nrcerna!15:09
nrcernagm jelkner 15:10
jelknernrcerna, zOnny, can you two please meet me on voice 1?15:10
nrcernaok jelkner 15:10
jelknerzOnny, are you here?15:11
zOnnyjelkner: no15:11
jelknernrcerna, you're muted15:12
jelkneryou are muted15:12
jelknernrcerna, 15:12
jelknerit is on your end15:12
jelkneri hear you15:12
nrcernaI cant hear you15:13
jelknerbut i see an icon with mic with line through it15:13
jelknerit is on your end, nrcerna 15:13
nrcernaim not muted15:13
jelkneri can hear everyone else fine15:13
jelkneruse your phone15:13
jelknerthat worked yesterday15:13
nrcernait is my phone15:13
nrcernalet me try again15:14
jelknerzOnny, what do you mean no?15:14
jelkneryou told me you worked from 10 to 515:14
jelknerit's 11:1515:14
jelknerwhich, if i'm not mistaken, is between 10 and 515:14
nrcernajelkner,lets try voice 215:15
zOnnyjelkner: meaning I'm here15:19
jelknercan you talk with me on discord?15:21
jelknerwe have some issues that came up, zOnny 15:21
jelknerand we need to think about how we are going to handle them15:22
jelknerzOnny, i see your mic muted15:22
jelknercan you hear me, zOnny?15:24
jelkneri can't hear anyone15:24
jelknercan you hear each other?15:24
nrcernayes we can15:24
jelknerahh, nrcerna 15:24
jelknerapologies then15:25
jelknerthe problem is on my end15:25
jelkneri'm going to restart my router15:25
nrcernanp jelkner 15:25
nrcernazOnny, join voice 115:34
nrcernaJeff couldnt be here15:34
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jelknerzOnny, nrcerna i'll restart the laptop one more time15:35
nrcernajelkner, zOnny  can hear me15:36
jelknerbut discord wasn't working15:36
jelknerok, so it's my end15:37
jelkneri hate wasting time with tech like this!15:37
jelknerwe have important things to do15:37
jelknerok, let me try two things for voice, and then i'll give up for today with that15:37
nrcernaDont worry I can start a call with you and zOnny if you like15:37
jelkner1. I'm going to reconnect one more time15:37
jelkner2. install discord app on my mobile device15:38
jelknerlet me try15:38
jelknersince it's good to have backup plans anyway15:38
nrcernasure jelkner 15:38
jelknernrcerna, zOnny i'm on my phone now on voice 115:47
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jelknerzOnny, nrcerna is GFbot going to join us?15:59
nrcernayes he's here15:59
nrcernahe joined the call before we ended jelkner 15:59
jelknerso, stefan has a testing server ready for novalaciro16:00
jelknerhe was waiting for testing before deploying to production16:00
jelknerwhich is normally a *very* good idea16:00
jelknerbut in this case isn't necessary16:00
jelknersince no one can use the old server16:00
jelknerand as long as we have the database backed up16:00
jelknerthere isn't anything worth keeping16:01
jelknernrcerna, you and zOnny should collaborate on this16:01
jelknerwe have a real customer's website that needs to be made prettier16:01
GFbotjelkner should i keep working on business tracker right?16:01
jelkneras stefan said, he's not a designer16:01
jelknerGFbot, yes!16:01
GFbotor do you need anything else from me?16:02
jelknernot at the moment, GFbot 16:02
GFbotjelkner in the case we are almost done with zOnny16:02
jelknerwe'll meet thursday as planned to talk about the business tracker16:02
nrcernaOkay jelkner I can work with zOnny  in the design meaning the other pages that NOVALACIRO has16:02
nrcernajelkner, 16:02
jelkneryes, nrcerna 16:02
jelknerwe want the site to look nice16:02
jelknerthat's where you come in, right?16:02
jelknerzOnny has a good handle on that too16:03
nrcernayes jelkner 16:03
jelknerso, let's go ahead and tell stefan that zOnny will deploy novalaciro's website using the new LO16:03
jelknerand he will ask stefan for help when he needs it16:03
jelknerthat way, we know zOnny can do it in the future16:04
zOnnyjelkner: It isn't about deploying16:04
nrcernaOk I'm going to send him an email16:04
zOnnyjelkner: It is about the DNS setup16:04
jelknerwell then, that's easier!16:04
jelknerzOnny, go ahead and change the dns16:04
zOnnyjelkner: We should meet with stefan16:05
zOnnyjelkner: to let him know I'm taking over16:05
jelknerwe can send him and email16:05
jelknerhold on16:05
*** hrodriguez has joined #novawebdev16:05
jelknerlet me call him16:05
jelknerhrodriguez, hello16:05
hrodriguezhello jelkner 16:06
jelknerhrodriguez, zOnny and nrcerna are here16:06
jelknerwe are ready to begin testing, fixing, and using the new novalaciro website16:06
jelknerand novalaciro emails16:06
jelknerso we want to work on that today16:06
hrodriguezperfect, jelkner 16:07
jelknerzOnny, how do we start?16:07
zOnnyjelkner: by going to the link16:08
zOnnyjelkner: you call this meeting16:08
zOnnyjelkner: was this meeting for testing purposes?16:09
zOnnyjelkner: the site16:09
zOnnyjelkner: or email setup?16:09
nrcernaI think we wants to do both zOnny 16:10
zOnnynrcerna: I would like to take over once I have the permission16:11
nrcernaSounds reasonable zOnny 16:12
nrcernaI think jelkner is calling Stefan16:13
jelknerhe will be here soon16:13
jelknerzOnny, nrcerna can you connect our mail server?16:13
jelkneri can't16:14
jelknerthough i can connect to mail.novalaciro.org16:14
nrcernafrom where jelkner ?16:14
jelknerweb browser16:15
nrcernaI mean I have working my email, let my check16:15
jelknerhrodriguez, let's get you logged in to your email account on novalaciro16:16
jelknerhrodriguez, ready?16:16
jelknerpoint your browser at mail.novalaciro.org16:16
hrodriguezI am there16:16
jelknerYour login is heylin.rodriguez@novalaciro.org16:17
jelkneri'm going to signal text you the password16:17
jelknerwhich you can change16:17
jelknerjust sent it16:19
jelknerlet us know when you get in16:19
jelknerzOnny, can you reach our mail server?16:19
hrodriguezI am in jelkner 16:20
jelknerso, hrodriguez 16:20
jelknerwe want to get daniela started too16:20
jelkneryou and i can do that16:20
jelknerzOnny, can you reach the mail server?16:20
hrodriguezyes, sounds good jelkner 16:20
jelknernrcerna, how about you?16:21
zOnnyjelkner: yes16:21
jelknerif you point your browser at what happens?16:21
jelknerwow, that is terrible16:21
nrcernaI'm in jelkner 16:21
jelknerthat means i'm having issues with comcast16:21
nrcernaWell I'm talking to Adrian16:22
nrcernaI cant log in on our website16:22
jelkneroh wait, just tried from chromium, i get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED16:23
jelkneri wonder if our server has locked me out16:23
jelknerthat's a stefan question16:23
jelknerso i can't send emails to our group16:24
jelkneruntil that is resolved16:24
jelknerarrrg :-(16:24
jelknerzOnny, how do you want to proceed?16:24
jelkneri can work with hrodriguez on getting daniela setup for email16:24
jelknersince that seems to be working16:25
jelknercan you work on the dns for the novalaciro website16:25
jelknerand then figure out if / how we can login16:25
jelknerzOnny, does that work?16:25
zOnnyjelkner: I can. if stephan agrees on it16:26
jelknerhe does, zOnny 16:26
jelkneri just called him16:26
jelknerhe said he would be on here16:26
jelknerbut i don't see him16:26
zOnnyjelkner: so?16:27
jelknerso let's do this!16:27
nrcernaIm talking on discord with Adrian, he doesnt have access to do it, so we all are waiting for Stefan16:27
jelknertime is a wastin'16:27
nrcernajelkner, 16:27
jelkneryes, nrcerna 16:27
jelknerhrodriguez, i'm going to call you in a minute16:28
nrcernaI mentiones Adrian that zOnny and he needs to have access 16:28
hrodriguezall right16:28
jelknerhe does16:28
*** SITarabuta has joined #novawebdev16:28
SITarabutaGood morning!16:28
nrcernaGm SITarabuta 16:28
nrcernathanks for join us,16:29
SITarabutaOf course16:29
nrcernaWell we need your help whit two things: jelkner cant access to the novawebdev mail 16:30
nrcernaI think he's banned16:30
SITarabutaOk, this happened too many times. I will loose up the restrictions.16:30
nrcernaand the other is that we need that zOnny and Adrian can have access to help us in case you cant16:31
SITarabutaAre we talking about the mailserver?16:31
SITarabutaBecause Jeff also has access to that. But yes, I can get zOnny and Adrian access16:32
nrcernaalso I just tried to log in our website, But I had two issues there :( I've attached a picture on discord and tagged you16:32
nrcernaplease :D SITarabuta 16:32
SITarabutaYes, I saw that. I sent an email a while back. Unfortunately, we lost the database for that website, so you will have to "register" again. Sorry :(16:33
nrcernaAbut the website issues, Adrian told me that accidently you maybe deleted the database from our website, and that why I cant log in16:34
SITarabutaOk so16:34
nrcernanp, very user has to do it as well16:34
SITarabutaLet's address #1: Jeff can't access the email16:34
nrcernaYes SITarabuta 16:38
nrcernaI was waiting I thought you were going to type lol16:38
SITarabutaOk, so I think jelkner was banned. Indeed there is some routing issue with Comcast because a trace is getting me all over US and finally to Alexandria, VA. I unbanned that IP and relaxed the rules to 10 attempts instead of 5.16:39
SITarabutaBut if you fail those 10, the IP is banned for 4 weeks. So don't :)16:39
SITarabuta(unless someone manually unbans you)16:39
nrcernaOkay SITarabuta 16:40
jelknerthanks, SITarabuta 16:40
jelknerlet me check16:40
jelkneryipii, i'm back!16:40
SITarabutaOk, great jelkner16:41
jelknerSITarabuta, i don't know how i failed at all?16:41
jelknerunless i configured evolution wrong this morning16:41
SITarabutaProbably your client kept retrying to connect16:41
jelknerthat might be it16:41
jelknerSITarabuta, can i try evolution again?16:42
jelknerwhile you're here16:42
jelknerso you can see the logs if it breaks16:42
jelknerSITarabuta, remind me again about the sending config16:42
jelknerwhich port?16:42
jelknerwhich encryption?16:43
SITarabutasending, 993 if I am not mistaken. Let me double-check16:43
jelknercheck "this server requires authentication"?16:43
jelkneror not?16:43
SITarabutaCheck that16:43
SITarabutajelkner *16:43
SITarabutaSo Sending (Outgoing) was port 58716:44
jelknerThis is why we need a wiki!16:44
SITarabutaand Incoming (Receiving) Port 99316:44
SITarabutaI know jelkner . I am trying16:44
jelkneri know you are, my friend16:44
jelknerand we will have it soon, i know we will16:44
jelknerso, check the box or not?16:44
SITarabutaIt requires authentication16:45
jelknerTest sending novaweb mail16:49
jelknerSITarabuta, i believe we are back in business16:52
SITarabutaMessage Received16:52
jelkneri was banned because i improperly setup evolution for outgoing mail16:52
SITarabutathere we go16:53
*** abuchholz has joined #novawebdev16:53
jelknerwe desperately need something like this:
jelknerand the logical place for it is our wiki, of course ;-)16:53
jelknerin the mean time, if someone else needs help with this16:54
jelkneri have the valid configuration in my xkeepass database16:54
SITarabutaYes jelkner , I will set up the wiki. Patience is key16:54
jelknerof course, SITarabuta 16:54
jelknercool, zOnny do you have what you need to move on the novalaciro website?16:54
jelknerSITarabuta, i can't login, right?16:55
jelkneror can i?16:55
abuchholzthe wiki app itself is done stefan and I just need to do some finishing touches16:55
jelknersweet, abuchholz 16:55
jelknerthat is great news16:55
SITarabutaok so I did not send anything to zOnny yet, I will in about 10-15 mins16:55
SITarabutajelkner you should just click reset your password and it should work16:55
jelknerlet me do that now16:56
jelknerhrodriguez, i'm in!16:56
jelknernext step is getting you to login too16:56
SITarabutathere we go16:56
hrodriguezjelkner: nice16:57
jelknerSITarabuta, where is the dashboard?17:04
SITarabutaRefresh the page jelkner17:04
jelknerhrodriguez, your task for today is to work with nrcerna and zOnny to update this page:
SITarabutaYou were not an admin ;)17:04
jelknerhrodriguez and i should both be17:04
jelknerhow to change that?17:05
SITarabutaWell, you can go to dashboard17:05
SITarabutathen accounts17:05
jelknerit's done ;-)17:05
SITarabutaoh ok17:05
jelknerthe bilingual part is really cool!17:05
jelknerif i'm in spanish, dashboard works too17:06
SITarabutaI am glad you like it ;) 17:06
jelknerhrodriguez, can you work on content now17:06
jelknerthen we need to talk about next user stories17:06
hrodriguezwhat content?17:06
nrcernaI cant see the dashboard but is beacause I'm not in17:06
jelknerright now i see myself as the only member?17:07
jelknerwhen i click on memberships17:07
hrodriguezso i log in here with my email of novalaciro jelkner?17:07
jelknerwe need to see all the members from the past17:07
jelknerhrodriguez, ask SITarabuta 17:07
jelkneror zOnny 17:07
jelknerSITarabuta, zOnny can i ask you a question?17:08
SITarabutanobody has a membership17:08
SITarabutacuz nobody paid17:08
SITarabutalook into accounts17:08
hrodriguezzOnny: how do I login to the novalaciro website? 17:08
SITarabutathat is where everyone who had a membership is17:08
jelknerAhh, nice!!17:09
jelknerSITarabuta, question17:09
jelknerCould we add another link in the dashboard labeled: "File Issue"17:09
abuchholzhrodriguez 17:09
jelknerthat takes you to the proper git repo?17:09
SITarabuta"proper git repo17:09
jelkneri have to ask every time i want to do that17:10
SITarabutathere is a link jeff, it is called Report a Bug17:10
jelknerwell, where are we going to track user stories and bugs?17:10
jelkneroh, hold on17:10
SITarabutaLook in the dashboard jelkner, there is a link17:10
jelknerdamn, man, you think of everything! ;-)17:10
SITarabuta;)  17:11
jelkneranother question, SITarabuta 17:11
jelknerthis takes me to LibreOrganize issues in general17:11
zOnnyhrodriguez: u probably have to register again17:11
jelknerwe need some way to mark which site is begin reported17:11
hrodriguezabuchholz: do you know how do I login?17:11
SITarabutahrodriguez your email17:11
SITarabutais the gmail one17:11
SITarabutaI can create a label17:12
SITarabutafor that17:12
jelknerthat would do it17:12
jelknerthis is wonderful!17:12
SITarabutahrodriguez this is your email  heylin.rodriguez.maldonado@gmail.com17:12
jelknerso much progress today17:12
SITarabutareset your password please using the Forgot your password?17:12
jelknerlike you said SITarabuta two down, three to go17:12
SITarabutayes jelkner17:13
jelknerhrodriguez, i used the same password i use on the mail server17:13
jelknerjust to keep me from getting confused17:13
jelknerbut do whatever you like17:13
jelknerthey are separate accounts17:13
jelknerhrodriguez, he made your gmail account your login to start17:14
jelknerbut you can chance it once you set your password17:14
jelknerso you use "forgot password"17:14
hrodriguezSITarabuta:  I did, 17:14
SITarabutaand you should receive an email on your gmail account hrodriguez17:14
jelknernrcerna, while hrodriguez is figuring that out17:15
jelknerlet's talk about what's next17:15
jelknercan you work with her between now and thursday to update the look of the site?17:15
jelknerand content17:15
jelknerthat's hrodriguez job17:15
jelknerbut you can work with her, nrcerna 17:15
hrodriguezSITarabuta: I haven’t gotten any email17:15
SITarabutaCheck spam hrodriguez17:16
jelkneryup, it was in spam for me17:16
nrcernaOK, just I need her help with the info and images, in case we need to change it17:16
SITarabutaI will fix it17:16
jelknernrcerna, and work with zOnny to make the site look nice!17:16
nrcernabut mainly zOnny and I are going yo work on the design17:16
hrodriguezyeah, it was there17:16
nrcernago it17:16
jelknerhrodriguez, will work on content17:17
jelknerand give it to you17:17
jelknerfor example, the board members are not up to date17:17
nrcernaSounds good17:17
jelknerso that info needs to be updated first17:17
jelknerafter our thursday meeting, if that is ready17:17
jelkneri'm going to start working with hrodriguez on memberships17:17
nrcernajelkner, about what we talked early, zOnny  is take charge and SITarabuta  is going to give him access right? (I'm talking about all the mail server stuff)17:18
jelknerSITarabuta, what is "MISSING ACCOUNT" account?17:18
jelknernrcerna, +117:18
nrcernathis is just a reminder, I want to make sure 17:18
nrcernaSITarabuta, zOnny, jelkner 17:19
SITarabutaIt is an account that had no email, name, or password, but had a phone number jelkner17:19
SITarabutaso i thought i should keep it17:19
jelknerzOnny, SITarabuta i have a question17:19
SITarabutayes nrcerna17:19
hrodriguezjelkner: memeberships are not $10 17:19
SITarabutait is a bit crunch time, i will send access today17:19
nrcernaOk thanks SITarabuta 17:19
jelkneraccounts don't show membership dates17:19
jelkneror payment history17:19
jelknerSITarabuta, zOnny i should file an issue about that, yes?17:20
SITarabutajeff, that is a membership app issue. the dates are shown. what is not shown is payment history. that was something that was in the old Tendenci Invoices app17:20
jelknerso i should file an issue, yes?17:20
SITarabutayes, file an issue17:20
jelknerok, everyone, i have aea work to do17:22
jelknerthis was a very successful morning17:22
jelknerand i think we all know what we need to do next:17:22
jelknerjelkner: file issues on memberships17:23
hrodriguezjelkner: what do i do now?17:23
jelknerhrodriguez: send updated content changes to nrcerna 17:23
jelknernrcerna: work with zOnny to update site17:23
nrcernaSure we will jelkner 17:24
jelknerzOnny: update dns and learn from SITarabuta how to fix spam mail issue17:24
hrodriguezDid I send you a google doc with that information in past nrcerna ?17:24
jelkneri think that's all?17:24
jelknerdid i miss something?17:24
SITarabutaUhm, they are boxes Jeff17:24
SITarabutaThey can update the content themselves17:24
SITarabutajust scroll down and click the edit button17:24
jelknerso hrodriguez can update herself17:24
jelknerhrodriguez, got that?17:24
jelkneryou can update the site yourself17:25
abuchholzhrodriguez if you join discord I can walk you through how to do it17:25
jelknerso just ask zOnny and nrcerna if you need help17:25
jelknerstart with the about-us page17:25
nrcernahrodriguez, could you resend it please17:25
jelkneradd daniela17:25
jelknerremove mauricio17:25
jelkneradd yourself as organizer17:25
nrcernaand if you have pictures of them too hrodriguez 17:25
jelkneram i free to go now?17:26
hrodriguezI was looking for that document the other day but I think I lost it. nrcerna I will do it again and I will ask them for pictures.17:26
hrodriguezabuchholz: I will be on discord in a minute ‘17:26
nrcernahrodriguez, Can add the content, meaning update it as well and then we can stylish that jelkner 17:26
jelknernrcerna, zOnny hrodriguez SITarabuta are you done with me?17:27
abuchholzhrodriguez alright.17:27
SITarabutayes, i think jelkner17:27
jelkneri need to work on the aea endorsement process17:27
nrcernahrodriguez, please update at the site (whit boxes)the info and then send me the pictures, ok? 17:27
jelknerACTION wishes we could use LO for that, but we're not there yet17:27
jelknerok, i'm signing off17:27
jelkneryou can call me at 703-998-3934 if you need me17:28
hrodrigueznrcerna: So i just need to uodate the boxes now17:28
nrcernayes, please17:28
nrcernachange the info there17:28
hrodriguezokay thanks!, I will do it now 17:28
hrodrigueznrcerna:  is there anything else17:29
nrcernaso zOnny and I can make then the design after that17:29
nrcernaI think we're good hrodriguez 17:29
hrodriguezall right thanks nrcerna.17:29
nrcernaThank you hrodriguez 17:30
abuchholzhrodriguez im in Voice 217:30
nrcernaplease let me know when you finish hrodriguez 17:33
abuchholzI just walked through the usage of boxes. hrodriguez is gonna do her edits. She can add images within the boxes. nrcerna17:41
nrcernaok abuchholz 17:49
zOnnySITarabuta: What is the file that u r going to send?17:50
SITarabutaI am not sending any file zOnny . I will create an account for you on and . Please send me your SSH key because we do Key-Only Logins17:51
zOnnySITarabuta: jeff already created an account on mail.novalaciro.org17:53
zOnnySITarabuta: meaning that I can access to the server17:53
SITarabutaoh ok17:53
SITarabutathat is really it honestly17:53
zOnnySITarabuta: Are planing add me on
SITarabutaCan I have your ssh key?17:55
abuchholzsend it over discord17:55
zOnnySITarabuta: Do you want me send my pub key again?17:55
SITarabutayes, i don't see where you sent it17:55
zOnnySITarabuta: u got it?17:56
hrodrigueznrcerna: I finished updating the content I just need their pictures. They told me they will send it to me later. 18:12
nrcernaGreat hrodriguez 18:12
nrcernathank you18:12
nrcernawe are going to work on the design with zOnny 18:13
hrodriguezall right text me on whatsapp if you need anything18:13
nrcernaSure, I will hrodriguez 18:14
*** hrodriguez has left #novawebdev (None)18:14
nrcernaACTION AWAY19:02
nrcernaACTION back19:17
*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev20:15
jelknerSITarabuta, 20:15 isnt' working20:15
jelkneror maybe i'm banned again?20:16
jelkneri can't send email20:16
SITarabutaoh god20:17
SITarabutalet me see again20:17
jelkneri can send it from the webmail20:18
jelknerso it may be my local machine again?20:19
SITarabutaYou are not banned20:19
jelknercan you get on voice 1?20:19

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