IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2020-04-08

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abuchholzjelkner u there?12:54
abuchholzanyway I just came to tell you that stefan and I didn't have enough time to finish the wiki app last night. We should be able to finish it today. After the wiki is done I am going to also take a "mini-vacation" like stefan. 12:58
abuchholzI will be back around 12 and work for a couple of hours.13:00
jelknergot it13:10
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jelknergm, nrcerna 15:10
nrcernagm jelkner 15:11
jelknercan you help me test GoToMeeting?15:12
jelkneri need to use it with AEA15:12
nrcernaOk jelkner , Tell me what to do15:12
jelknerhold on, i just created an account15:12
jelknerso let me figure it out first15:12
jelknernrcerna, just sent you an email15:25
jelkneralso, i started the meeting15:25
jelknersee if you can join15:25
nrcernalet me check15:25
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nrcernajelkner, 16:43
jelknernrcerna, 16:56
nrcernanevermind was about Bernie jelkner 17:05
jelknergot it, nrcerna 17:33
jelkneri have an our revolution virginia meeting at 3 pm today, nrcerna 17:34
jelknerit would be awesome if we could build LO for ORVA at the same time we build it for ORA17:34
jelknerORVA is new17:34
jelknerwe are just planning it17:34
jelknerlet's see if we can make that happen17:34
GFbotjelkner i've created a new linode instance just for these days that we are going to test business tracker.17:50
nrcernaACTION AWAY18:55
nrcernaACTION back19:12
nrcernajelkner, Im testing ToDo++ jelkner 19:17
nrcernaadding customers19:17
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abuchholz!remind The Wiki app/some other features have been pushed live to novawebdevelopment20:15
"The Wiki app/some other features have been pushed live to novawebdevelopment" added to message queue20:15
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nrcernajelkner, are you here?21:42
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SITarabuta!remind Check out the Wiki for information on setting up email23:37
"Check out the Wiki for information on setting up email" added to message queue23:37
SITarabuta!remind Changing the way LibreOrganize is structured (particularly the 2 repos)23:38
"Changing the way LibreOrganize is structured (particularly the 2 repos)" added to message queue23:38

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