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jelkner!remind Setting up media wiki for aelkner?14:07
"Setting up media wiki for aelkner?" added to message queue14:07
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jelkner!remind Next step, ORA website14:07
"Next step, ORA website" added to message queue14:07
jelknerGood morning, abuchholz!14:07
abuchholzgood morning14:07
jelknerdid you get re-energized by your days off?14:08
jelknerACTION observes a conspicuous silence from abuchholz...14:10
abuchholzthey were great14:10
abuchholzI felt that something was missing half of the time 14:10
jelknerthat's nice14:10
jelknerwe should keep this schedule each week i think14:11
jelknerfriday and saturday are "weekends"14:11
jelknertake them off14:11
jelknerthis course i am taking is just what we needed14:11
jelknerit is forcing me to do just the kind of marketing planning and market research we will need to launch in june14:12
jelkneri'm hopeful, abuchholz 14:12
abuchholzyeah me too14:12
jelknerit depends mostly on the quality of our "product"14:13
jelknerwhich is you the developers14:13
jelknerand nrcerna and me as customer service providers14:13
abuchholzyep. This week stefan and I have a lot to work on 14:14
abuchholzwith all the issues filed 14:14
jelknerbtw. i spoke with my brother yesterday14:14
jelkneri think the best plan is to set him up with media wiki for his own use14:14
jelknerand get him off of ours14:15
abuchholzthat makes sense14:15
abuchholzthat can be a job for kevin14:15
jelkneri'll want to ask about how to clean up our database in that case14:15
jelkneror zOnny14:15
abuchholzcleaning it up wont be hard14:15
jelknersince my brother mentors zOnny each week14:15
jelknerit can be an exchange of services14:16
abuchholzwe just have to decide on they way we want to organize things14:16
jelknerwe want to do that soon14:16
jelknersince we need to develop real experience using our tools14:16
abuchholzstefan and i will talk about it14:16
abuchholzthats on our list of things to do14:17
abuchholzI can remove alans stuff when we have a media wiki set up for him. and as for organizing things. I'm going to do some research14:19
jelkneri'm going to share this link with zOnny:
jelknerthere are lots of resources, but that one looks promising14:20
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nrcernaGm jelkner 15:09
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jelknerabuchholz, can you jump on voice#1?15:53
abuchholzone sec15:54
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SITarabuta : lbolz : Doisaac : SameenA : amina : nrcerna : abuchholz : +jelkner : @ChanServ : @mjsir911 : @ubuntourist[m] : wolcen16:00
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SITarabutaMorning! Is anyone home?16:01
abuchholzyes stefan16:01
jelknerSITarabuta, we're here, waiting for nrcerna 16:01
nrcernaGood Morning everyone!16:01
jelknerGood morning!16:01
nrcernafirst item: Talk about signing in on website (jelkner)16:02
jelknernrcerna, i noticed i'm the only one with items this morning16:02
jelknerin the interest of saving time, can i handle them all at once?16:03
jelknerso, please "sign in" whenever we have a meeting16:03
jelknerlike now16:03
jelknerOur Revolution Arlington badly needs that feature16:03
jelknerso we can test here first16:03
jelknerthey define membership as anyone who has attended at least three events within the last year16:04
jelknerso signing in to events is how you become a voting member16:04
jelkneri'll be asking SITarabuta and abuchholz for a view into sign-in data after this meeting16:05
jelkneractually, i'll file an issue for that feature16:05
jelknernext item, zOnny do you think you would be able to setup media wiki on AWS for aelkner?16:05
zOnnyjelkner: with postgres? or mariadb?16:06
jelknereither, he doesn't care16:06
jelknerthen we can get his data out of our wiki16:06
zOnnyjelkner: nice source16:06
jelknerhe has an AWS account, but is sys admin challenged16:06
jelkneranyway, if you think you can, zOnny, we can talk more after meeting16:07
jelknerlast item, our next customer to bring on-line is ORA16:07
zOnnyjelkner: ok16:08
jelkneri'm meeting with the steering committee tomorrow on Jitsi to begin preparing them for that16:08
jelknerwe also need to work closely with hrodriguez to make the NOVALACIRO website more useful for her16:08
jelknerthe first paper i wrote for my marketing class was very helpful to me16:09
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jelkneri learned about what is called a "value proposition"16:09
jelkneri had heard the term "elevator speech" before16:09
jelknernow i know those are the same thing16:09
jelkneri came up with one for NOVA Web Development:16:10
jelkner"High quality custom web applications without monopoly vender lock-in"16:10
jelknernrcerna, this is mostly for you and me, but everyone should be at least aware of it16:11
jelknerthat's what we will be selling16:11
nrcernaOf course16:11
jelknerLibreOrganize is our portfolio project16:11
jelkneri don't know to what degree it will generate revenue16:11
jelknerbut it will be what sells our ability to write high quality custom Django applications16:12
jelknerthat's all i got16:12
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jelknerso we can make this a 15 minute meeting16:12
jelknernrcerna, back to you16:12
jelknerACTION done16:13
nrcernaGreat, thanks jelkner 16:13
nrcernaanything to add?16:13
ubuntouristSorry. I was in the thick of WebRTC development. I have a basic 23-line stand-alone test file. (Will check the logs to catch up.)16:13
jelknerubuntourist, please check out logs16:13
jelknerwhen you get a chance16:14
nrcernaOk I think we are done?16:14
nrcernaif so...16:14
nrcernaACTION drops the bag of gravel16:14
jelknerthanks, nrcerna!16:15
jelknershort fast meetings are the best16:15
jelknerwe need to move toward scrum, nrcerna 16:15
jelknerthat is part of it16:15
jelknersee y'all next thursday16:15
nrcernaI'm going to try to do it regular with the thing we are working jelkner 16:15
jelknerbtw. nrcerna, i spoke to my brother yesterday16:16
jelknercan you, zOnny, GFbot and i meet now on Voice#1?16:16
jelkneroopes, #216:16
jelknersince #1 is taken ;-)16:16
nrcerna2 then16:17
jelkneri hear you load and clear16:17
ubuntouristSo, I am, or am not setting up Alan?16:17
jelknerubuntourist, can you join us on voice#2?16:18
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nrcernaI muted because you know my neighbords have parrots jelkner 16:20
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nrcernaACTION away20:52
nrcernaACTION Back21:19

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