IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2020-04-13

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jelkner!remind Check on status of wiki (removing aelkner content, improving navigation)14:58
"Check on status of wiki (removing aelkner content, improving navigation)" added to message queue14:58
mjsir911ubuntourist[m]: just checking that you've got a reference email at email15:00
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jelknerGood morning, nrcerna, GFbot, and zOnny!16:25
nrcerna16msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER nrcerna kudsxzkczapo17:01
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nrcernamjsir911, are you there?17:13
mjsir911I am17:13
mjsir911nrcerna: I would recommend changing your freenode pass & setting your client up to autologin17:14
nrcernaGFbot, was trying to fix the novawebdev_scrum channel17:14
nrcernabut it seems like he cant make it17:15
mjsir911what do you mean can't make it?17:16
GFbotmjsir911 users can not send message17:16
GFbotcan you setup permission on that channel17:16
mjsir911I'm not an op, but you are17:16
GFbotjoin to #novawebdev_scrum17:16
GFbotim can give u op17:16
nrcernawhen I try to send somethin it shows the following: *novawebdev_scrum :Cannot send to nick/channel17:16
GFbotdone mjsir91117:17
GFbotall yours17:17
mjsir911still dont have permission to set flags17:18
GFbotdone mjsir91117:18
GFbottry again17:18
mjsir911ok give me a few minutes17:18
nrcernaIts not working yet mjsir911  GFbot 18:00
mjsir911GFbot: not sure how to get LittleBrother off of there18:07
mjsir911ok it is done *now* GFbot 18:08
GFbotjoin again18:09
GFbotand try18:09
nrcernajelkner, mjsir911  fixed our scrum channel18:19
nrcernaIm going to update the work we are doing there18:20
nrcernasince I was reading that there's a regular (dayli report) so I want to try doing that18:21
nrcernato do that*18:21
jelkneri just noticed i was kicked out of the channel, thanks mjsir911!18:31
*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev18:31
nrcernaACTION away19:30

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