IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2020-04-28

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ubuntouristjelkner, I believe I am minutes, nay, mere seconds, from a successful iCalendar test... But then, I'm loopy from lack of sleep.11:45
jelkner!remind Status of bilingual support for NOVALACIRO?14:44
"Status of bilingual support for NOVALACIRO?" added to message queue14:44
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nrcernagm jelkner 15:03
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ubuntouristjelkner, I'm probably going to skip CalDav, but iCal has gone nicely.15:53
ubuntouristjelkner, It awaits merging and writing tests, before deploying to the live system(s) but my manual tests went okay.15:54
jelknerubuntourist, nrcerna can we meet on planning?16:35
jelkneri'm there now16:35
nrcernaplanning? jelkner 16:38
ubuntouristMissed that. Heading there now.16:38
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jelknernrcerna, why not join the video conference now?19:54
jelknermicky isn't here yet, but i am19:54
jelknerwe can wait for her together19:54
jelknernrcerna, there jitsi server is more permissive than ours is ;-)19:54
nrcernaSend me the link again please jelkner 19:55
nrcernacan we meet on planning?21:05
nrcernaI think GFbot should me there too21:05
nrcernato talk abou the meeting with Micky21:05
nrcernajelkner, 21:05
*** ubuntourist has joined #novawebdev21:05
nrcernahello? jelkner 21:06
ubuntouristnrcerna, I thought he'd be here too.21:06
ubuntouristnrcerna, So I just signed on a second ago.21:07
nrcernabut it seems like he's not here21:07
nrcernaubuntourist, 21:07
ubuntouristnrcerna, Well, I guess then I'm going to watch TV. ;-)21:08
nrcernaI saw you with the coke zero21:08
ubuntouristnrcerna, I'm addicted. ;-)21:08
nrcernaubuntourist, i was drinking it too21:08
nrcernaIm addiceted too ubuntourist 21:09
ubuntouristBut it's cheaper than cigarettes.21:09
nrcernayou're right21:09
nrcernaI still dont get it, where is jelkner ?21:09
ubuntouristOn the other hand, I also like very expensive Belgian beers. I haven't had any beer since mid-March, since my wife doesn't like it around.21:10
nrcernathat's sad21:10
nrcernayou should come to El Salvador21:11
nrcernawhen this pandemic ends21:11
nrcernaJeff likes to go to get some beer here in a place called "Cadejo"21:11
nrcernaubuntourist, 21:11
ubuntouristShe doesn't stop me, but she has let me know it's not her preference, and so, I go out to drink.21:11
nrcernaYeah, I know21:11
nrcernaIts the struggle of being married I guess  (I'm joking)21:12
ubuntouristjeff likes the hoppy stuff, I like the malty stuff. So our tastes in beer rarely intersect.21:12
nrcernaI see21:12
nrcernaubuntourist, Im pretty excited about the show and tell21:13
ubuntouristOccasionally, though. We found one that was a very dark porter -- which he likes but I don't -- that had a lot of coconut and cinnamon -- which I really liked.21:13
ubuntouristnrcerna, I've never joined one of Micky's show and tells.21:14
ubuntouristnrcerna, I know she's been holding them for a long time. I get regular messages from one of the mailing lists about them.21:15
ubuntouristAnyway, I'm going off to do other stuff.  Chat with you later.21:15
nrcernattyl ubuntourist 21:16
ubuntouristACTION wanders off...21:16

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