IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2020-04-27

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nrcernagm jelkner 15:00
jelknergm nrcerna 15:14
jelknerlet me give you a call15:14
jelknerwe need to schedule a time to work on invoices15:14
jelkneri was hoping for today, in the afternoon (i'm at work until 3 pm)15:14
jelknerbut my wife wants to go shopping today15:14
nrcernaworks for me15:15
jelkner!remind ask folks to sign-in to the meeting15:50
"ask folks to sign-in to the meeting" added to message queue15:50
nrcernawhat meeting jelkner ?15:50
jelknerlook at our calendar, nrcerna 15:54
jelknerwhen will LittleBrother fire the agenda?15:54
jelknerat the start of the *meeting* ;-)15:54
jelkneri'm working to develop simple processes that allow us to get the important data we need to run our business15:55
jelknerwho shows up for meetings is very important data, nrcerna 15:55
jelknerif you click on the Thursday Jams, nrcerna 16:02
jelkneryou can see we haven't been doing that16:02
jelknerApril 23 only Stefan signed it16:02
jelknerSo only he gets credit for attending16:02
nrcernaI see16:03
jelknerApril 16 was better, but you and I have been bad16:03
jelknerGerman too16:03
jelknerThat's what dogfooding is all about, nrcerna 16:03
jelkneras we build these tools16:04
jelknerwe need to use them to:16:04
jelkner1. decide if they are useful or not16:04
jelkner2. if they are, learn how to improve them16:04
jelkneras you and i market, nrcerna 16:04
jelknerthis is soooo important16:04
jelknerwe need to know our product16:04
jelknerfeel good about it ourselves16:04
jelknerso we can talk about it with honest enthusiasm16:05
jelknerif we don't like our own tools and think they are helpful in on-line organizing16:05
jelknerthen we should stop trying to go into web development and take up gardening or fishing ;-)16:05
jelknersince we want to help build the world we want to live in16:06
jelknermake sense, nrcerna 16:07
nrcernayes jelkner 16:08
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nrcernaubuntourist[m], are you here?17:37
nrcernaI want to set up a meeting (we are going to have one with Ingrid on Wednesday)17:37
nrcernaI just created but its named "testing"17:38
nrcernaI want to change that 17:38
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nrcernai know how to do it17:44
jelknerACTION signs off to go shopping (still need to eat ;-)19:01

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