IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2020-06-03

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SITarabuta!remind Filing issues in the right places01:42
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jelkner!remind Should our Jitsi server let you know when your login is rejected?12:09
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inana_16I couldnt hear what you told me on signal14:02
jelknerThis is facinating.14:14
jelknersecond time that rank choice changes the outcome14:14
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zOnnyGood morning jelkner14:19
zOnnyI need to autheticated14:36
inana_16hold on14:36
inana_16I just sent you the pass on discord14:36
jelkneryeah, this isn't working right14:37
jelknerwe don't want to require passwords for anyone but the host14:37
inana_16zOnny, I sent you the pass on discord14:37
jelknerif he can't connect, we can move to the public Jitsi server14:37
jelknerzOnny, let us know14:38
jelkneri've got *a lot* to do today14:38
jelkneri don't have an hour to try to connect to a video conference14:38
jelkneri want to use the tool, not play with it14:38
zOnnycan u create a public one for a while14:38
zOnnyIt holds me on conecting ..... 14:39
jelknerdear ubuntourist, i just sent an email to members and interns about the jitsi server15:38
jelknerit now requires anyone connecting to authenticate15:39
jelknerit also doesn't return a nice failed message when you do something wrong15:39
jelknerit just hangs on "Connecting..."15:40
jelkneri put an item on the meeting for tomorrow to figure out what we should do15:41
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abuchholzbig issue16:56
abuchholzcsc205 can't meet on jitsi16:56
ubuntouristDamn. I was away from everything for several hours.17:43
ubuntouristI guess I'm just going to give up on the idea of statistics for Jitsi.17:44
ubuntouristI will undo it all and go back to basics, and hopefully, my notes are good enough to get me there.17:45
jelknerzOnny, 18:32
inana_16jelkner 18:33
jelknerubuntourist, i think we should setup a testing server18:33
jelknerzOnny, i'm trying to call you18:39
jelknerbut you're not answering18:39
jelknercan you meet inana_16 and me on planning?18:39
jelknerzOnny, why is her blog loading, but mine is still 502?18:39
zOnnywhat time ?18:40
jelknerwe are there now18:40
jelkneryes? no?18:40
jelknerlet us know18:40
jelknerso we don't just sit here waiting18:40
inana_16what happened18:44
inana_16jistsi kicked us off ? or just me? zOnny , jelkner 18:45
jelkneri think ubuntourist is working on it18:45
zOnnyjelkner Did u kick me out? -.-18:45
jelkneri'm now on:
inana_16can we just jump to voice 118:46
ubuntouristWork in progress now...19:14
inana_16ACTION Away19:23
inana_16ACTION Back19:58
jelkner!remind Should we proceed with membership in the Tech Worker Cooperative Peer Network (
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ubuntouristjelkner, inana_16, zOnny testing... 1... 2... 3... Join me in the hangout room on our Jitsi20:32
jelknerturning on my computer now, ubuntourist 20:32
jelknerstill asking me to sign in20:33
ubuntouristjelkner, again (and be sure to refresh the cache, just in case)20:45
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ubuntouristjelkner, inana_16 just tried. No joy.20:58
jelknerthanks, ubuntourist 21:39
jelkneri'm going to sign off for the evening21:39
jelknerbb early tomorrow21:39
jelknerinana_16, i shared the directory with containing "PRIME Sisters"21:39
jelknerlet me know if you have trouble accessing it21:40
jelknerhasta tomorrow21:40
jelknerACTION signs off21:40
inana_16!remind This week report's / update 22:24
LittleBrotherInvalid arguments: No closing quotation.22:24
inana_16!remind This week report 22:25
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SITarabuta!remind About the two domains on Linode...23:01
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