IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2020-06-09

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inana_16Gm jelkner 13:04
inana_16yesterday I went out , It took me 2.30 hours to come back to my home, so I started eralier today because I really need to watch the movie you sent and we have a lot of stuff to do13:05
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SITarabutareStructuredText docs:
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SITarabutaWatch this:
zOnnyjelkner my headphones did run off battery16:53
jelknerinana_16, where is GFbot?17:07
jelknerping msirabella 17:10
msirabellaHi jelkner 17:10
jelknermsirabella, are you in a place where you could talk?17:11
inana_16jelkner, in discord17:11
inana_16he's there17:11
jelkneri'd like your advice on CSC 20517:11
msirabellaSure, give me a minute17:11
jelknermsirabella, i'm in
jelknermsirabella, i have class there in 15 minutes, so if now isn't a good time, i can call you later17:15
msirabellaI'm trying to join, internet is slow17:16
jelkneri could call your phone17:16
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msirabellajelkner: brain dump:17:40
msirabellathis looks to be exactly what you want17:41
inana_16Can you paste here the url of your blog jelkner ? please?19:11
inana_16i found it jelkner 19:12
msirabellaah jelkner, maybe would be more your speed20:08
jelknerThanks, msirabella 20:24
jelknerLooks a bit overwhelming, but I'll take a look20:24
msirabellaYeah, I haven't found anything super great so far20:25
msirabellabut I suspect simh should be in the ubuntu repos, it is in the gentoo repositories20:25
jelkneryup, its there20:25
jelkneri'll install it tomorrow morning and see what i can make of it20:25
msirabellaThe biggest issue I've found is theres no colloqial 8080 assembler20:26
msirabellasimh lets you load a binary file but how do they expect you to get there? I'm not sure20:26
jelknermore important would be to get basic running20:26
jelknermy brother actually wrote his own assember in basic20:26
jelknerwe could write one in python20:26
jelknerthat would be a fun project20:26
jelknersince it's just a one-to-one mapping20:27
msirabellaOh, yeah, if that's how you want to go about it `simh` should work great20:27
inana_16jelkner, I just forwarded you an email21:32
jelknerinana_16, 21:32
jelkneri'll look21:32
inana_16;) I know that you will be happy to read it21:32
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jelknerACTION signs off for the night23:02

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