IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2020-06-10

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jelknerGood morning, inana_16!13:50
jelknerI have been busy since 6 am working on this post:
jelknerCould you please take a look and let me know what you think?13:50
jelknerIt's almost done.13:50
jelknerI'm going to email it to folks it mentions by name13:51
jelknerand others who might be interested13:51
jelkneri'm also thinking it will help frame the launch of our Summer development13:51
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inana_16I dont see you there jelkner 15:01
jelkneri see you there15:07
jelknerand kevin15:07
jelknerinana_16, Yazu is in our Platform Coops Now! class15:14
jelknerdon't know if i have the spelling right15:15
inana_16We should try to contact him directly15:15
jelknerthey are calling on you natalia15:19
inana_16Yeah, and I sent that I dont know why but I can not activate the mic jelkner 15:25
inana_16nice jelkner
jelknerinana_16, zOnny can we meet on planning?16:04
jelkneri'm there now16:05
inana_16Yes, hold on I'm just hearing something there , wait a sec16:05
jelknersure, no rush16:06
jelkneri'll call zOnny 16:06
zOnnygot it16:06
inana_16He's talking about design and the way tools react to what the user is doing jelkner 16:09
inana_16with the tool16:09
jelknerstay there, inana_16 16:09
inana_16to get engagement16:09
jelkneri'm going to meet with zOnny and stefan16:10
jelknerto talk about The Blog issues i filled this morning16:10
jelkneras soon as we can get zOnny to join, that is16:10
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jelknerwe are both waiting for him16:11
inana_16he's talking about this16:12
inana_16I would like to know what Kevin thinks about it16:13
inana_16and Patcon is talking about privacy and transparency about that too16:16
inana_16nice qoute on the conversation with Patcon : "We have more information than we've ever had. It's our relationships that are broken." --patcon 👏👏👏16:25
jelknerYes indeed!16:27
jelknerthanks for sharing that, inana_16 16:27
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inana_16jelkner, quick question17:17
inana_16this should be the period for Abby's cleaning hosting "Aug 1, 2020 to Jul 31, 2021"17:17
jelknerinana_16, 17:37
jelkneri was away eating17:37
jelkneri'm back17:37
jelknerlet me give you quick call about the dates17:38
inana_16I just made it17:39
inana_16like this jelkner 17:39
inana_16"Abby's Cleaning Website hosting, Jul 1, 2020 to Jun 30,17:39
jelknernot that it really matters17:39
jelknerbut all the school system ones, AEA, Arlington Administrators, Gallaudet17:39
jelknerwill run on that calendar17:40
jelknerso i thought it would be easier17:40
jelknerbut it's not that important17:40
inana_16I'm going to send an email to her, with the invoice and explain her that if she agree on that we are going to port to libreOrganize17:40
inana_16jelkner, 17:40
jelknersoon we will be having groups start contracts with us at all times of the year17:40
jelknerlike November 12th17:40
inana_16do you want to see the email before I sent it?17:40
jelknerno, inana_16 17:41
jelknerthat isn't necessary17:41
jelkneryou have the relationship with her, not me17:41
jelkneri tried signal, inana_16 17:41
jelkneryou didn't pick up17:41
jelknerinana_16, i need to finish my grades and get ready for the last faculty meeting of the year17:43
jelkneri'll be here, but working on other things17:43
jelknerinana_16, let's talk early tomorrow morning, before our meeting17:44
jelknermainly to plan for Sunday17:44
inana_16sorry was composing the email17:46
jelknersorry to distract you17:46
jelkneri know how that is ;-)17:46
jelknercan we talk tomorrow morning at around 8 am your time?17:47
jelkneri'll look for you here and on planning tomorrow morning, inana_16 17:47
inana_16ACTION going to cook lunch, bb in an hour18:07
inana_16jelkner, do you have a min? real urgent thing 18:09
jelknercan we talk by signal?18:11
jelknerhmmm, inana_16 doesn't answer18:12
jelknerzOnny, inana_16, GFbot, can we please meet on planning?19:31
GFbotright now?19:31
jelknernow would be great19:31
jelkneri'm there now19:31
inana_16hold on19:31
GFbotgive me a min have to finish lunch19:31
inana_16Im talking something with zOnny 19:31
jelknernp, but i want to do this today19:33
jelknerwe received a payment i need to discuss19:33
jelknerinana_16, zOnny i'm here with GFbot 19:39
jelknerwe're waiting for you when you are ready19:40
jelknerif now is not good, perhaps we can schedule later, so i can start something else19:40
jelkneri was going to talk to you first19:40
jelknerbut it can wait19:40
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jelknerzOnny, inana_16 my Internet connect went down19:56
jelknerbut it is back now19:57
jelknercan we *please* meet on planning?19:57
GFbotjelkner brb19:58
GFbotgive me 15 min19:59
inana_16GFbot, waiting for you20:09
jelkner!remind Possible LibreOrganize partner22:10
"Possible LibreOrganize partner" added to message queue22:10
jelkner!remind A brief discussion of what the GPLv3 means for our interns22:11
"A brief discussion of what the GPLv3 means for our interns" added to message queue22:11
jelknerACTION signs off for the day22:12
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