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jelkner!remind A few more tweaks to The Blog and a first post.13:26
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jelkner!remind Could we get accounts and a private space on the AEA website for the PAC members?13:28
"Could we get accounts and a private space on the AEA website for the PAC members?" added to message queue13:28
jelkner!remind Email from www.blueeeagle.com13:32
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jelknerGM, inana_16 13:34
inana_16GM jelkner ;)13:34
inana_16!remind best practices: Backup13:36
"best practices: Backup" added to message queue13:36
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jelknerzOnny, can you please meet inana_16 and me on hangout?14:25
jelknerzOnny, we need to discuss the meeting today with Rick14:28
jelknercan you meet us on hangout?14:28
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inana_16 jelkner here's an example for Rick15:25
jelknerGood morning, amina!15:25
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aminaGood morning!15:25
inana_16GM amina, how are you? :)15:26
aminaI am doing well! How are you doing?15:26
inana_16Fine! I just wanted to check if you received the email I sent about our meeting this Sunday 15:28
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aminaYes I have15:30
inana_16Great ;)15:30
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inana_16another example for Rick jelkner:
zOnny!do not remind15:42
LittleBrotherAvailable commands: !event, !help, !ping, !remind, !remove, !time15:50
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GFbot!ping jelkner15:59
jelknerGFbot, 15:59
PAldea : cmoran : SLewis : bcassatt : GFbot : amina : zOnny : inana_16 : +jelkner : wolcen : @msirabella : @ChanServ16:00
A few more tweaks to The Blog and a first post. (jelkner)16:00
Could we get accounts and a private space on the AEA website for the PAC members? (jelkner)16:00
Email from (jelkner)16:00
best practices: Backup (inana_16)16:00
Negotiate with Gallaudet about "Sound Advice" work (ubuntourist)16:00
inana_16Hello Everyone!:)16:00
jelknerGood morning!16:00
jelknerDon't forget to sign in, folks16:00
inana_16So let's start! we have a long agenda today16:01
inana_16first item: Should we create a wiki page for care and feeding of our Jitsi server? (jelkner)16:01
jelknersince stefan, adrian, and kevin aren't here, let's punt this to another meeting16:01
jelknerACTION done16:01
inana_16Ok great16:02
inana_16next item:Possible LibreOrganize partner (jelkner)16:02
jelknerOK, this is an FYI, but it's really exciting16:03
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jelknerWe have a meeting today at 3 pm with a possible LibreOrganize user16:03
jelkneri'll let everyone know how it went on Sunday16:03
jelknerwish us good fortune!16:03
jelknerACTION done16:03
inana_16This is really exciting ;)16:03
inana_16busy days are coming :)16:04
inana_16so next item: A brief discussion of what the GPLv3 means for our interns (jelkner)16:04
jelknerthis came up in conversation with adrian yesterday16:04
jelknerhe isn't here, but he can read the logs16:04
jelknerso i'll address it briefly16:05
jelknerHe was interested in setting up a server to offer Business Tracker to paying customers for a monthly fee16:05
jelknerhe did not realize that he can do that16:05
inana_16I agree on that with him, as a side project16:06
jelknerfree software gives him the freedom to do that16:06
jelknerwhile he could certainly talk to the rest of us about it16:06
jelknerhe could do it on his own, or with another group of friends, or with whomever he wants16:06
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jelkneryou all have that same freedom16:06
jelkneri encourage you to look into it further16:07
ubuntouristIRC troubles (actually lots of computer troubles).16:07
jelknersince GPLv3 is what is known as "copyleft"16:07
jelkneralso called a "viral license"16:07
jelknerwhat you *are* obligated to do is give the same freedoms to others for any changes you want to make to the source16:08
jelknerthat's all for now16:08
jelknerACTION done16:08
jelknerGM, ubuntourist 16:08
inana_16thanks jelkner 16:08
inana_16next item: A few more tweaks to The Blog and a first post. (jelkner)16:09
jelknerSITarabuta, can you work with zOnny to get his fixes into my blog?16:09
jelknerhe doesn't know how to reset the published flag in the database after merging the changes16:09
SITarabutajelkner, okay16:09
jelknerfor everyone else, we have a wonderful blog app we are calling "The Blog"16:10
jelknerthat inana_16 and i will be using to communicate with the outside world about our activity16:10
jelkneri published a post this morning i would encourage you all to read16:11
jelknerIt was written with two goals in mind:16:11
jelkner1. set the stage for our Summer activity16:11
jelkner2. reach out to folks we want to communicate with16:12
jelkneri'd like to hear any questions / feedback on Sunday16:12
jelknerACTION done16:12
inana_16thank you jelkner 16:12
inana_16next item: Could we get accounts and a private space on the AEA website for the PAC members? (jelkner)16:12
jelknerthis is best done as a conversation on hangout after16:13
jelkneror perhaps we should wait until after our 3 pm meeting today16:13
jelknerthe meeting at 3 pm will be about a union in Colorado called the Colorado Independent Drivers Union16:14
jelknerone of the things they want is a private space for their members to communicate16:14
jelknerthat is *exactly* the kind of thing we wanted to build LibreOrganize to do16:14
jelknerand what's more, they seem to have a non-trival budget to work with16:15
jelkneranyway, if we move ahead with that, it would be a good time to port some of that functionality to AEA as well16:15
jelknerthe PAC has only 18 members16:15
jelknerso i thought it a good size (small) group, to test with16:15
jelknerACTION done16:15
inana_16Thank you for the context and let us know jelkner 16:16
inana_16next item16:16
inana_16Email from (jelkner)16:16
jelknera real quick FYI16:17
jelknerI got an email from someone at this business asking if we needed any mobile or web development help16:17
jelknerit was what they call a "cold call" or "cold email" in this case16:17
jelkneri'm sure they sent it to thousands a people16:18
jelknerbut since they are a business similar to ours16:18
jelkneri thought sharing the website would be useful16:18
jelknerACTION done16:18
inana_16Ok next one: best practices: Backup 16:18
inana_16this is something important as we mentioned jelkner 16:19
jelknerzOnny, GFbot can we meet about this after?16:19
inana_16and you mentioned that could be a talk for after16:19
GFbotsure jelkner16:19
jelknerthis came up because inana_16 and i are starting to think about how to negotiate pricing16:19
jelknerwe wanted to refer back to the prices we used to have on our old website16:20
jelknerand my understanding is that we don't have a backup?!16:20
inana_16and we really need to have quick access to the whole pricing and services information16:20
jelknerthat is really bad if true16:20
jelknerand we need to talk about it now before we get in deep trouble with a paying partner16:20
jelknerubuntourist and i have a crazy friend in vermont who has a saying that is not crazy at all16:21
jelknerThe 5 *most* important words in the technology industry are...16:21
inana_16So I mentioned that now that I'm part of the workflow I can take care of copy and paste the content but jelkner mentioned that is something that it relies on the developers16:21
jelknerACTION done16:21
SITarabutaI was thinking about the backup yesterday16:21
SITarabutaIMO, we should enable backups for every server that is using the "setup"16:22
SITarabutaespecially because of all the savings16:22
SITarabutafrom destroying redundant servers16:22
SITarabutaACTION done16:22
ubuntouristACTION raises hand16:22
inana_16shoot ubuntourist 16:22
SITarabutaACTION yes, the guy over there. what;s the guestion?16:22
ubuntouristjelkner, is the backup you're looking for overwritten by a complete redesign of stuff? If so, something more "git-like" that has a revision history may be necessary16:24
jelknerubuntourist, we are even on a different platform16:24
jelkneris was Tendenci16:24
jelknerwhat we probably need is some of that ultra low cost online storage16:25
ubuntouristjelkner, that's kind of what I thought, but I wanted to verify.16:25
SITarabutaLinode has built-in backup. We can just restore an entire server using that until we get some manual storage thing16:25
jelknerwhere we store old images just in case16:25
ubuntouristjelkner, and some decision as to what gets backed up where and when.16:25
SITarabuta2.5 dollars to backup a server with 4 clients16:25
jelknerSITarabuta, when we delete a server16:25
jelknerdon't we lose it's backups?16:25
jelknerso we need to thing that through16:25
SITarabutaWell... I am storing the backups16:25
SITarabutaon my computer16:25
jelkneran archive workflow16:25
SITarabutathey currently using 250GB16:26
SITarabutaand I hate it16:26
SITarabutaand I wan't to get rid of them16:26
SITarabutaARGGHHH want*16:26
ubuntouristthe straight automated backup is all well and good, and necessary. But if stuff gets overwritten, the new backup will be missing the old info.16:26
ubuntouristACTION is done16:26
jelknerto be continued.16:27
jelknerACTION done16:27
inana_16so, anything else to share, add or discuss?16:27
SITarabutaIt is very close to :30, but:16:27
SITarabutaI have something to add: As you may know, we also have a *GitHub* account / group. It is not used as we have moved to *GitLab*. We should delete that so people won't think that is our git repo because it is pretty out of date.16:27
inana_16Thanks for being on top of it SITarabuta 16:28
SITarabutaEspecially since most people know of GitHub16:28
SITarabutarather than GitLAB16:28
SITarabutaACTION done16:28
inana_16Great, so I think we're done16:28
inana_16ACTION Drops the bag of gravel16:28
SITarabutaDrop it. Quick. Please. I am sweating16:28
jelknerNice work, inana_16!16:29
ubuntouristGallaudet's looking for "Sound Advice" conversations again.16:29
jelknerlet's chat on hangout16:29
ubuntouristAlso, any thoughts on yesterday's Show & Tell?16:29
inana_16Side conversation at
ubuntouristSwitching to hangout, but due to tech troubles, it may be a bit of time.16:29
inana_16what about Alan's meeting? jelkner 17:34
inana_16I know that you're really busy17:35
jelknerinana_16, i'm on MeetWithClayton17:55
jelknerping inana_16 17:56
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nrcer__jelkner, Ana Marina is related to the two of them right? 18:39
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inana_16jelkner, we realized with German that we set up the meeting with the study group at 3pm here, meaning 5 EST18:50
inana_16!ping jelkner 18:51
inana_16can you please ask Clayton for the examples that he mentioned jelkner 19:07
inana_16colors, logo, pictures (resources) can you ask for that ubuntourist ?19:16
ubuntouristinana_16, did that cover it for you?19:29
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inana_16ACTION  Away19:45
ubuntouristSites mentioned:19:48
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inana_16ACTION back19:59
jelknerinana_16, are you available to talk?20:03
inana_16yes jelkner 20:03
inana_16Im already there20:04
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inana_16calling jelkner 21:38
inana_16want to show you something21:38
inana_16real quick21:38
jelknerACTION signs off til tomorrow23:05

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