IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2020-06-22

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inana_16Gm jelkner 10:08
inana_16I'm on planning 10:09
jelknerzOnny, can you please us on planning10:21
inana_16jelkner, when you're done with zOnny, please I want to ask you something that's why I joined the channel 10:55
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zOnnyjelkner please, pull11:34
zOnnyjelkner,  r u here?11:38
zOnnyjelkner,  discord?11:40
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ubuntouristjelkner, Is there special magic for virt-manager networking set up? (I will want to have a socket on Ubuntu 20.04 talking to VM running 18.04.)13:22
jelknerubuntourist, i've only done basic avahi setup, after you told me about it13:29
jelkneri haven't done anything beyond that13:30
jelknersounds like a question for mjsir911 13:30
ubuntouristjelkner, but with the basic avahi, you can ssh from your non-virtual machine to your virtual machine, right? If so, then that's all I need.13:34
jelknerthat's how i do it13:35
jelkner$ ssh rms.local13:35
jelknerand i'm in13:35
ubuntourist1. download image, 2. add image to virt-manage, 3. start image, 4. apt install avahi*.  13:35
ubuntouristGreat. I think that's all I'll need. (Sound Advice just needs to know how to reach Pac-u-lator via a ".local" address.)13:36
zOnnyjelkner we have an Issue13:38
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zOnny@jelkner  The Issue is gone14:01
jelknerACTION shutdowns down for a nap (after 12 straight hours)14:54
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SITarabuta!remind Business Tracker has a *lot* of potential23:00
"Business Tracker has a *lot* of potential" added to message queue23:00

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