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jelkner!remind Operating agreement and returning members?07:14
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jelknerinana_16, can you please start hangout?10:17
jelkneri want to see if my mic works now10:17
jelkneri can't start it yet, since i haven't got my password manager setup yet10:17
jelknertell me when it's ready, inana_16, and i'll conntect10:18
inana_16ready jelkner 10:21
jelkneryes, i hear you fine10:22
jelknersame problem10:22
jelkneryo no se?10:22
inana_16it is weird jelkner 10:23
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jelknerGood morning, SLewis!11:27
jelknerwe are on hangout also11:27
SLewisgood morning11:27
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jelknerGM abuchholz 11:37
jelknerwe are on hangout11:37
jelknercan you join us?11:37
jelkneryou too, SLewis 11:37
SLewissorry i can't find the link11:37
jelknerit is always meet.novawebdevelopment.org11:38
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inana_16!remind another upcoming project? 11:55
"another upcoming project?" added to message queue11:55
LittleBrother2020-06-28 11:58:21.60079711:58
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LittleBrother2020-06-28 11:59:50.35305511:59
inana_16Hello Everyone! :)11:59
jelknerdoesn't look like it fired12:00
jelknerabuchholz, 12:00
ubuntouristHey. Just catching my breath.12:00
GFbot : @ubuntourist : PAldea : abuchholz : zOnny : SLewis : +jelkner : inana_16 : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ12:00
another upcoming project? (inana_16)12:00
inana_16thanks ubuntourist 12:00
inana_16Welcome, 12:01
jelknerGood day, all!12:01
inana_16so, first item: Learning to manage our financial work flow (bank accounts, payments, taxes, etc.) (jelkner)12:01
jelknerok, i just want to update everyone12:02
jelkneri have a meeting with the ceo of opencollective tomorrow morning12:02
jelkneri've also started working on taxes12:02
jelknerwe have much to learn12:02
jelknerbut as the show and tell meeting last wednesday showed12:02
jelknerit seems pretty typical for us web coops to be long on the geek and short on the business12:03
jelknerthe coop that presented last week described the same issues we have12:03
jelknerthey are *much* further along than us12:03
jelknerso it was great to be able to learn from them.12:04
jelknermore on thursday12:04
jelknerACTION done12:04
inana_16thanks jelkner 12:04
ubuntouristI didn12:04
inana_16next item: All the balls in the air (VDOE, CIDU, ARA, Sound Advice, ASA, am I missing any?) (jelkner)12:04
inana_16missing: National Hospital12:04
ubuntouristI didn't finish watching the Friday S&T but intend to.12:04
jelkneri highly recommend it, ubuntourist 12:04
jelkneri put this on the agenda12:05
jelknerbut is it for the dev team12:05
jelknernot me12:05
jelknerto address12:05
jelknerwe have a lot going on12:05
jelknerwhat's our plan to handle all these projects?12:05
inana_16Good question12:05
ubuntouristSound Advice: I've finally gotten it working in a non-VM with current Ubuntu 20.04. 12:06
inana_16I think we need to plan in order of the skills we need for every project, and considering the work load of every developer12:06
zOnnyNational Hospital will be deployed today, Hopefully12:06
ubuntouristI just need to wrap it up in a bow, so that I can give it to abuchholz and zOnny to get savvy with.12:07
inana_16I know that abuchholz and SLewis are busy with back end12:07
inana_16zOnny, is going to work on CIDU and is working on National Hospital as well12:07
ubuntouristARA: Seems like Stefan's got that. When Susan runs into trouble that he can't handle, I'll stick my head in.12:07
ubuntouristACTION is done12:07
jelknerNote: we need to add a feature to Business Tracker to handle pre-payments, like Rick\'s12:08
inana_16Stefan also did handle VDOE12:08
jelknerso we can invoice against them and show latest balance12:08
jelknerACTION done12:08
inana_16jelkner, yo mentioned ASA12:08
jelknerinana_16, you and i need to invoice12:08
jelkneri emailed ASA, check is on the way12:08
inana_16what are going to work for them? 12:09
inana_16I see12:09
inana_16so I think other side projects we have is NOVALACIRO's website improve12:09
inana_16GFbot, can work on that with me and Heylin12:09
inana_16and we have (Later) Claudia Jones website jelkner 12:10
jelknernot yet, inana_16 12:10
jelknerso let's handle what we have12:10
inana_16I'm taking that as low priority12:10
jelknerwhich is *enough*!12:10
jelknerCIDU, inana_16 and zOnny 12:10
jelknerthis week12:10
jelknerSound Advice, zOnny and abuchholz 12:10
jelknerRAGU, Stefan?12:11
abuchholzi also have to work on func tests and some business tracker stuff12:11
abuchholzbut I will be gone for most of the week12:11
ubuntouristDon't forget to read through the accessibility stuff in the wiki for CIDU.12:11
ubuntourist(And as a general best practice.)12:11
inana_16Yeah, I think the last conversation we had ubuntourist helped a lot12:11
jelknerubuntourist, zOnny and inana_16 should seek your guidance on that12:11
ubuntouristAfter reading.12:12
inana_16He did it jelkner 12:12
ubuntourist(And I have.)12:12
inana_16and yeah as you noticed I'm doing some research about it to help zOnny 12:12
inana_16ACTION Done12:13
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ubuntourist+1 to inana_16 on her research.12:13
inana_16next item: Operating agreement and returning members? (jelkner)12:13
SITarabutaCouldn't help myself12:13
jelknerHello, SITarabuta!12:13
ubuntouristSITarabuta, sick. You're sick. ;-)12:14
SITarabutaACTION I found this bench in the forest and I decided to use my hotspot12:14
jelknerSITarabuta, have some fun12:14
jelknerjoin us tomorrow12:14
SITarabutaI know ubuntourist12:14
SITarabutanah, I am good for 5-10 mins12:14
inana_16have fun SITarabuta :) take a *lot* of pictures 12:14
abuchholzbefore my parents start yelling ;)12:14
inana_16Operating agreement and returning members? (jelkner)12:15
ubuntouristSITarabuta, So. While you're here. No problems with ARA, I take it? I'm basically on "stand-by" for that.12:15
jelknerok, to keep this short12:15
jelknerlelkner-alfaro is coming back with us!12:15
SITarabutainana_16 yep12:15
SITarabutaubuntourist seems fine12:15
jelknerstarting in two weeks or less12:15
SITarabutaubuntourist just have to change the domain12:15
inana_16ACTION really happy ;)12:15
jelknerwe already received feedback from USFWC that we are missing things from our operating agreement12:16
ubuntouristI'll be sure to give him my condolences. ;-)12:16
inana_16ubuntourist lol12:16
jelknermainly: 1. grievance resolution process and 2. rules on distribution of patronage12:16
SITarabutaoooh, someone to help us with money management!12:16
jelknerlouie's return means we have a 3rd missing item12:17
jelknerhow to handle returning members12:17
jelknerso i am asking those interested in this sort of thing to join inana_16 and me to help update our operating agreement12:17
jelknerSITarabuta, since you have expressed your intent to join us12:18
ubuntouristjelkner, one assumes a "short-circuiting" problem: The bar should be lower for someone already vetted. No?12:18
SITarabutanoo, don't spoil it jelkner haha12:18
jelkneryou're invited to that too if you like12:18
SITarabutabut yes, i am interested to join12:18
jelknerACTION done12:18
inana_16Thanks jelkner 12:18
jelknerubuntourist, yes12:19
jelkneryou shouldn't have to go through candidacy again, but nothing in the current agreement allows that12:19
jelknerit's a blind spot12:19
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jelknerACTION undone for a second12:20
jelknersorry, but we already have the 5 members here12:20
jelkneri was thinking returning members should be just subject to the 2/3 vote that candidates need at the end of their candidacy12:20
jelknerwhat to GFbot zOnny inana_16 and ubuntourist think?12:21
inana_16we should have something like this:
jelknerlet's study that, inana_16 12:21
SITarabutawell, i am glad i could join to say hi. I will leave you to it ;)12:21
jelknerlet's talk tomorrow, SITarabuta 12:21
jelkneri'll call you12:21
inana_16Yeah, its awesome, I mean the way that they placed all the information there12:21
SITarabutaACTION shuts off his laptop after people looked weird at him for having internet in the forest.12:21
inana_16we can use it as a model12:21
ubuntouristI'll need to look at the camplight guide. I think it would be prudent to put something in about bouncing in and out too often.12:22
jelknergood point, ubuntourist 12:22
jelknerand we have this whole intern concept12:22
jelknerwhich i'm sure they don't12:22
jelknerso we won't copy blindly12:22
jelknerbut use it as inspiration and guide12:22
ubuntouristIf for no other reason than to save us any red tape / financial nightmares.12:23
jelknerHi amina, btw!12:23
inana_16Ok, I added a last item12:23
inana_16another upcoming project? www.bloomingladies.com12:23
inana_16I know jelkner  that you told me to mentioned that just when we heard back from her...12:23
inana_16but I just wanted to mentioned12:24
jelknerbut you can let folks know what it is12:24
jelkner*very* cool project12:24
inana_16that we are working on connect with people form the course we're taking12:24
inana_16and Wunmi from, asked us if we can build something like Upwork or Fiverr12:25
inana_16She said that her team is building a platform for female entrepreneurs to over their services.12:25
inana_16So I sent her an email to set up a meeting with her12:26
inana_16I'm waiting for her response12:26
ubuntouristACTION isn't keeping up with the latest "cool tools" out there and is looking up "upwork" and "fiverr". 😉12:27
inana_16So, just wanted to let you know that we noticed that as jelkner said "even without trying" things could happen12:27
jelknermore to come soon12:27
jelknerlooks like our main struggle will be keeping upp12:27
jelknerwhich is a good problem to have12:28
jelknerbut we need to handle it12:28
jelknerACTION done12:28
inana_16ACTION done12:28
ubuntourist and
inana_16thanks ubuntourist 12:29
inana_16Anything else? anyone?12:29
inana_16ACTION Drops the bag of gravel12:29
jelkneryou made it inana_16 12:29
inana_16Thanks every one! :)12:29
jelkneri was getting nervous ;-)12:29
jelknergreat job, inana_16 good meeting12:29
inana_16yea I know 12:30
jelknerlet's talk on
inana_16I was thinking about Stefan being nervous for that as well lol12:30
ubuntouristSITarabuta was probably nervous too. 😉12:30
inana_16yeah ubuntourist 12:31
jelkneramina, can you drop in for a few minutes on the jitsi chat?12:32
aminaYeah sure12:32
inana_16jelkner, do you have Rick's information, if you do can you please send me an email whit it? I need to add it to the partners on BT12:34
inana_16and Glenda as well12:35
jelkneri'll add it12:35
jelknerinana_16, can you start a DjangoGirls jitsi meet12:35
jelknerso amina you and me can talk there for a minute?12:36
jelkneramina, just chop off hangout from the url and change it to DjangoGirls12:36
jelknerinana_16, we're waiting12:37
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LittleBrother2020-06-28 16:41:45.56404216:41
inana_16 ubuntourist jelkner 16:42
inana_16jelkner, 16:43
inana_16Some information about how Camplight is doing with their tool Assista16:44
jelknerinana_16, most important immediate takeaway is the url16:46
inana_16? jelkner 16:46
jelknerwe should get working16:46
jelknerand put our new operating agreement there16:47
jelknernot on!16:47
LittleBrother2020-06-28 16:47:34.27606116:47
jelkneri put it there only because we didn't have a place for it16:47
jelknerthat's a bug16:47
inana_16We need to move that16:47
jelknerwe need to fix it too16:47
LittleBrother2020-06-28 16:48:09.05318016:48
jelknerlet's meet with stefan tomorrow16:48
jelknerand see if louie can join us16:48
@ubuntourist : PAldea : abuchholz : zOnny : +jelkner : inana_16 : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ16:48
jelknercan you try to set that up?16:48
inana_16What time?16:48
inana_16I would like to see your available hours16:48
jelknerhold on16:49
inana_16We have a 9 am 2nd Part Orientation jelkner 16:49
jelkneryes, i know16:50
jelkneri'm on planning, inana_16 16:50
LittleBrother2020-06-28 16:51:54.04048716:51
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abuchholzjelkner IRC bot should work now and fire at 12 on thursday18:11
jelknernice abuchholz!18:11
inana_16ACTION AWAY18:13
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