IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2020-06-29

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jelknerinana_16, you should get into the Mexico group13:34
inana_16I think I can try to reach the Costa Rica women I mentioned and maybe create a Central American group 13:36
inana_16not sure13:36
jelknerbut if it is too small, Mexico has a group13:37
inana_16Also we need local partners *meaning US*13:37
jelknerand there are natural connections13:37
jelknerUSFWC includes Mexico13:37
inana_16Because we have 4 members there13:37
jelkneri'll be in the us group13:37
jelknerif you can get into the mexico group13:38
jelknerwe have better coverage13:38
inana_16did you heard what she mentioned? it has to be local13:38
jelkneryou are not in the us group13:38
jelkneri just looked at the spread sheet13:38
jelkneri am13:38
inana_16I am13:38
inana_16on whatsapp13:38
jelknerwhatever you say, inana_16 13:39
inana_16:( 13:39
inana_16I think she is going to update the spreasheet maybe it could be a group where I can join *locally*13:41
inana_16If not I guess would suggest the US one (as NWD) because you're there, and I can try to reach some other latino countries13:42
inana_16Let see what happens13:42
inana_16Ana told me that she paired me with Costa Rica jelkner 13:46
inana_16is that Okay?13:46
inana_16she is asking13:46
jelknerthe closer to el salvador the better ;-)13:47
jelknerwe want to cover both us and latin america13:47
jelknerso that is great13:47
inana_16so I think she is going to pair you with the US coops13:49
jelknershe did13:50
jelkneri'm in the spread sheet already13:50
jelkneri'm in group 413:50
jelkneryou and i can talk after class13:50
jelkneri plan to email greg and the rest of group 413:50
inana_16I can not the spreadsheet just the one where they added the whatsapp group13:50
jelknersince NWD already has a MVP, we need to figure out our goals for this process13:51
jelkneri have emails from the spreadsheet13:51
jelknerso i'm happy13:51
jelknerno whatsapp for me!13:51
jelknerbtw, inana_16, we need the business tracker website!13:53
jelknertan pronto que sea posible!13:53
jelknerbecause we will now need to share our projects during this process13:53
inana_16I can add it as this week task13:53
jelknerNWD has two platform project in process already13:54
inana_16No, I mean I was saying that I can not see the spreasheet you see13:54
jelknerLibreOrganize and Business Tracker13:54
jelkneryes, i know13:54
jelknerthat's fine13:54
jelknersince it gives me hope you will be on a latin american team13:54
jelknerwe don't need two of us in the same place13:55
jelknerinana_16, can you meet me on planning?14:02
inana_16jelkner, 14:47
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inana_16jelkner, have 2 mins?16:09
inana_16need to talk you briefly16:09
jelkneri'm writing an email to may first16:09
jelkneri can't get distracted16:09
inana_16Okay I just met with Amina16:10
jelkneri'll follow up when i finish16:10
inana_16We're using django girls for the alias16:10
inana_16and we need to use it today, since we're going to meet tomorrow at 11 am16:10
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jelknerinana_16, done. Did you get the email?16:54
jelknerinana_16, did you?17:14
inana_16what email? jelkner 17:16
jelkneri guess you didn't get it :-(17:17
inana_16I'm on planning if you want to talk jelkner 17:19
jelknerNo, i've got too much to do17:19
jelknerif you didn't get the email, the alias isn't working17:20
jelkneri don't know what to do17:20
jelknerneed to ask ubuntourist17:20
jelkneryou may have to just email each of them separately17:20
inana_16hold on17:20
inana_16I just received now17:20
jelknerit works17:29
jelknerbtw. inana_16, this reading from our class this week would be good for your group:
jelknerand be on the look out, inana_16 for contact from may first17:30
jelknersince you are listed as the general contact17:31
jelknerzOnny, is the tech contact17:31
jelkneri applied17:31
jelknerthey should be contacting you i imagine17:31
inana_16they already sent an email regarding 17:38
inana_16membership dues jelkner 17:38
jelknerso i need to pay17:38
jelknercan you please forward that to me?17:38
inana_16done jelkner 17:39
jelknerinana_16, zOnny member dues have been paid17:42
jelkneryou should be able to access the resources now17:43
jelknerinana_16, please forward zOnny the emai if he didn't get it17:43
jelkneri'll be away until 3 pm at a vea state wide meeting17:45
jelknerbb at 3 pmish17:45
inana_16Done jelkner 17:45
jelknerACTION away VEA Meeting17:45
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jelknerinana_16, ping19:52
inana_16pong jelkner 19:56
jelknerinana_16, can you meet me on novalaciro?19:58
inana_16sure jelkner 20:01
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jelknerubuntourist, u here?22:50
jelknerACTION signs off for the evening22:53

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