IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2020-06-30

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jelkner!remind Time to retire learn and/or scrum channels?13:43
"Time to retire learn and/or scrum channels?" added to message queue13:43
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inana_16Gm jelkner 14:00
jelknerGm inana_16 14:00
inana_16Busy? jelkner 14:00
jelkneryes, as always14:00
jelknerwhat do you need?14:00
inana_16Nothing right now, just asking14:01
jelkneri've got a lot to do today14:01
jelknerincluding sending the xoom payment14:01
jelknerso you don't want to disturb me! ;-)14:01
inana_16Okie :)14:01
jelkneryou should get busy too inana_16 14:02
jelknerwe have so much to do!14:02
inana_16I am14:02
jelknerif we want those payments to keep coming14:02
inana_16and yeah14:02
inana_16I'm going to keep going14:03
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zOnnyjelkner I'm on Discord 15:39
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jelknerzOnny, on planning, please17:27
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inana_16ACTION AWAY19:10
inana_16ACTION back19:58
inana_16still busy jelkner ?20:42
jelknerI'm *always* busy, inana_16 20:42
inana_16I mean I know20:42
jelknerall i do is work20:42
jelknerwhen i'm not sleeping, that is20:42
jelknerwhat's up?20:42
inana_16I was talking with zOnny 20:42
jelknertalking with zOnny is always good20:43
jelknerbut what do you want to bring to my attention?20:43
inana_16 but he needs help I mean with the load work, there some things that can be assigned to the primes regarding that20:43
jelknernot really sure20:44
inana_16meaning we can distribute filling in boxes20:44
inana_16why not?20:44
jelknerpaul is the only one who seems ready20:44
jelknerwho else do you have in mind?20:44
inana_16mmm we need to see how are they doing, I mean this is a library it supposed to be kinda easy add links to the boxes20:45
jelknerwell, why not pitch it to the Django Girls?20:46
jelkneri just don't have a sense of the skills required20:46
jelknerand who has them20:46
jelknerif you can find someone, inana_16, that would be great20:47
jelkneri just don't know who20:47
inana_16me neither, the Django girls hangout didnt worked, just Amina came, but we talk about coordinate another one20:47
jelkneryeah, its a process20:47
jelknerwhat about Amina?20:47
inana_16We talked but it seems like the girls are not used even to check their emails20:47
jelkneri get the hunch she is the strongest20:47
jelknercould she help with National Hospital?20:47
jelknerit would be a chance for zOnny to train her20:48
inana_16Yeah I mean we can mentioned that and we can do it together20:48
jelknerif she takes to it, we could move her along20:48
jelknerwell, there you have it20:48
jelknerwhat do you need me for?20:48
inana_16not sure about him training her, I mean I know that he can do it, but he has a lot on his shoulder20:48
jelknerdon't know how i can help then20:49
jelkneri don't understand what you're asking20:49
jelkneri thought you just said you wanted help from a prime20:49
inana_16Yeah, I mean I'm not asking you a solution for it20:49
inana_16I'm discussing this with you20:49
jelknerinana_16, you should talk to Amina20:49
jelknerthat's my opinion20:50
inana_16in order to organize and get the work done20:50
jelknerask her if she feels comfortable enough with Unix cli and Python20:50
jelknerto begin learning how Django works20:50
jelknerit's going to be challenging balancing these things20:50
jelknerwe need to invest in training20:51
jelknerbut not let our current partners suffer20:51
jelkneri am very eager to get all our old non-paying partners finished20:51
jelknerwe need to generate revenue to survive20:51
jelkneri was hoping National Hospital wouldn't be that hard20:52
jelknersince zOnny did it twice before20:52
jelknerCIDU is the most important thing now20:52
jelknerNational Hospital has to wait20:52
jelknerCIDU is time bound20:53
jelknerif we can't deliver in short order20:53
jelknerthey won't be happy, and neither will our friends at Agaric20:53
inana_16We know that jelkner 20:58
inana_16We are not going to let them down 20:59
inana_16you know it20:59
jelkneri do!20:59
jelkneryou rock!20:59
inana_16So, we have a team, zOnny is working hard as you, Stefan, Adrian and I :)20:59
inana_16don't worry20:59
jelkneri'm not worrying, just working ;-)21:00
jelknersoon louie21:00
jelknerthat will help21:00
inana_16I'll have someone to talk about all this lol 21:04
jelknerinana_16, i'm going to call it a day21:37
jelknerbb early tomorrow morning21:37
jelknerACTION signs off for the day21:38
inana_16good night jelkner 21:38
jelknerhasta tomorrow21:38
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