IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2020-07-08

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inana_16gm jelkner 13:49
jelknergm inana_16 13:51
jelkneri'm on planning13:51
inana_16 jelkner 13:54
jelknernice, inana_16!14:02
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jelknerping inana_16 14:48
inana_16I'm here if you need anything
jelknercan i give you a signal call?14:52
jelknerjust got an email i need your help with14:52
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inana_16welcome cedewey!15:29
cedeweyhello NOVA Web Dev! *waves*15:29
zOnnyHey cedewey15:31
inana_16jelkner, have time for a brief call?15:43
mjsir911jelkner: looking at your blog, you can simplify the gasp installation process with `python3 -m pip install -U git+ --user`15:43
mjsir911Also you should prefer using the https git URLs for publicly facing stuff since I believe you need to register ssh keys with gitlab to clone from the ssh url15:44
jelknermjsir911, i was hoping to call you to talk about GASP15:45
jelknerwould you have time to talk today?15:46
mjsir911Sure, but I would need to after 515:46
inana_16jelkner, can I call you?15:46
jelkneryou're not answering, inana_16 15:47
jelknermjsir911, i'll call you at 5:3015:47
mjsir911Sounds good to me15:47
jelknerinana_16, give me a few minutes16:03
inana_16she already replied16:15
inana_16jelkner, we need to wait16:15
inana_16until next time16:15
jelknerthat's one less thing for you to have to do today16:16
inana_16ACTION Away19:07
inana_16ACTION back19:48
inana_16jelkner, Clayton shared this with me21:00
inana_16!remind CIDU's project (workflow, timeline, and progress)21:04
LittleBrotherInvalid arguments: No closing quotation.21:04
inana_16!remind CIDU project (workflow, timeline, and progress)21:04
"CIDU project (workflow, timeline, and progress)" added to message queue21:04
inana_16!remind Possible Django girl joining the team?21:05
"Possible Django girl joining the team?" added to message queue21:05
inana_16!remind When should we move Partners information from Gdrive to NextCloud?21:06
"When should we move Partners information from Gdrive to NextCloud?" added to message queue21:06
inana_16!remind Following up Taxes issue:
"Following up Taxes issue:" added to message queue21:06
jelknermjsir911, ping21:07
jelknerACTION signs off for the day21:32
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