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ubuntouristjelkner, Do you still have the original GASP somewhere? Or can you tell me where / who created the color list?11:10
ubuntouristjelkner, (Trying to determine how many generations ago a bug was introduced.)11:11
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jelknerSorry for the delay in response, ubuntourist 13:10
jelkneri've been working on gasp13:10
jelknergm cedewey 13:11
jelknerubuntourist, color list goes all the way back to livewires13:11
jelkneri have no idea about the specifics of when things happened13:11
jelknertoo many cooks13:11
ubuntouristjelkner, well, I found that in the 2020 version, "goldenrod yellow" = "gray".13:14
ubuntouristjelkner, It would be good to report it in all versions affected, and since you've used all of them you could13:15
ubuntouristsave me time by doing a bit of checking. Or so I'd hoped.13:15
jelknerubuntourist, i figure i need to:13:15
jelkner1. see if i can get pygame 2 running13:16
ubuntouristSpecifically GOLDENROD and GRAY.13:16
jelkner2. consolidate gasp from launchpad and gitlab to codeburg13:16
jelkner3. begin fixing things13:17
jelkneryou're on step 313:17
jelknerlet's talk this weekend13:17
jelkneri need 1 and 2 first13:17
jelknerbtw. i found and ubuntourist project in one of the repos from 201113:18
ubuntouristjelkner, other question: Is the documentation on OBP produced from Sphinx? I'm thinking of bundling documentation with the Qt version...13:19
ubuntouristjelkner, the other reason for seeking the original: I don't know what the correct value for GRAY should be -- other than that all three values of the triplet should be the same.13:21
ubuntourist'T'would be nice to know what the original authors were using as a pallet, rather than guess at a shade betwixt DARKGRAY and LIGHTGRAY.13:22
ubuntouristjelkner, BTW, to answer yesterday's question about Codeberg: Already taken care of (and forgotten about)13:33
ubuntouristjelkner, (I set that up when you signed up for Codeberg.)13:34
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ubuntouristjelkner, BTW: An improved (IMHO) at
inana_16gm jelkner, you're not on hangout13:52
ubuntouristjelkner, Note the comments at the ends of the lines -- quickly produced with a wee python script.13:52
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jelknerubuntourist, stay tuned, everything will be on codeberg soon!15:17
jelkneri created a group, and made you and owner, ubuntourist 15:17
ubuntouristjelkner, GASP-Qt has been moved to the new group.15:21
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jelknerubuntourist, are we going with - or _?15:23
jelkneri'm fine either way, but my OCD won't let me be inconsistent15:23
jelkneri either need to rename GASP_lessons15:24
jelkneror you need to rename GASP-Qt15:24
jelknerI'm going to follow your lead then, and make GASP_Pygame (or GASP-Pygame) as soon as you let me know15:25
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ubuntouristjelkner, I stepped away. I'll switch: It won't make much difference here, but there are occasions where "gasp-qt"15:34
ubuntouristjelkner, gets interpreted as "gasp minus qt", which makes a good case for "_".15:34
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ubuntouristjelkner, switch made, BTW.15:57
jelknerubuntourist, thanx, i saw that15:59
ubuntouristPAldea, I'm thinking you may need to explore the network stuff solo, since I don't have a Windows machine. More later.15:59
PAldea : GFbot : SITarabuta : abuchholz : zOnny : inana_16 : cedewey : @ubuntourist : +jelkner : wolcen : @ChanServ : @mjsir91116:00
Following up Taxes issue: (inana_16)16:00
PAldeaubuntourist did a bit of research myself, but I'll keep looking into it. 16:00
inana_16Hello everyone!16:00
jelknergm inana_16!16:00
ubuntouristHi-de-hi, to quote Cab Callaway.16:01
inana_16Gm / Ga SITarabuta 16:01
GFbotHello 16:01
inana_16Welcome again cedewey ;-)16:02
ubuntourists/callaway/calloway/ ;-)16:02
inana_16We're really glad to have you here with us16:02
inana_16Ok the first item:16:02
inana_16CIDU project (workflow, timeline, and progress)16:02
SITarabutaubuntourist it took me a while to understand that. I am disappointed im myself16:03
inana_16I'm happy that we already started this yesterday and today on the jitsi meeting16:03
inana_16I shared the notes of our first meeting with cedewey with the team16:04
cedeweythanks for having me!16:04
inana_16So I think we are moving on that, this week we are going to focus to have ready the website design16:05
inana_16(I said this week) meaning the upcoming 16:05
inana_16cedewey, is going to join us on Thursdays and Sundays as well,16:06
ubuntouristcedewey, do you have access to our wiki? (SITarabuta, abuchholz feel free to answer. 😉)16:06
inana_16so he can be part of the progress we are doing.16:06
inana_16ACTION done16:07
SITarabutaubuntourist as long as he has an account on our LibreOrganize instance, yes16:07
ubuntouristThat's a rewording of the question I was asking. 😉 Does he have an account? I'll interpret that as a "Yes".16:08
SITarabutaoh lol16:08
cedewey@ubuntourist I don't have access to your wiki, as far as i know16:09
ubuntouristOK, I'll reinterpret that as a "No". 😉16:10
cedeweyI have access to the LibreOrganize GitLab project, but there is no link to the wiki there. Maybe the developer role doesn't have permission to access GitLab wikis16:10
SITarabutait is our own wiki, runnning on novawebdevelopment.org16:10
SITarabutathe discussion thread is ripping apart ;)16:10
cedeweyah, ok I understand now.16:11
ubuntouristACTION takes that thread private.16:11
inana_16Ok next item: Possible Django girl joining the team? 16:12
inana_16jelkner, and I talked a lot about this issue we have:16:12
jelknerinana_16, i'm not sure what you're asking here?16:13
inana_16As you all know, I'm the only girl in NWD16:13
jelknerwe have two groups studying16:13
jelknerDG Group A16:13
jelknerShushan and Amina16:13
jelknerand Group B16:13
jelknerAbby, Ansha, and Sameen16:13
jelkneris there anything specific you want to know?16:14
inana_16I know, jelkner I just wanted to point what we talked that we need to start changing our actual situation as coop16:14
jelknerahh yes,16:14
inana_16is not a question, I just wanted to bring this topic16:14
ubuntouristinana_16, There's a bad science fiction movie "Mars Needs Women" So does NWD. 😉16:14
jelkneri want to propose that we put in our by-laws that at least 30% of our members need to be women16:14
inana_16so, in order to change that, we are looking forward to have some "girl power" here16:15
jelknerwe will be out of compliance with our own by-laws to start16:15
SITarabutalet me get in first LoL16:15
jelknerbut it will then require us to actively recruit women members until we are back in compliance16:15
jelkneryes, SITarabuta 16:15
jelknerthat is already planned16:16
jelknerand Louie too16:16
jelknerso we are *way* out of compliance!16:16
jelknerand have a lot of work to do going forward16:16
jelknerACTION done16:16
SITarabutaGoing the wrong way, that's how I like it!16:16
ubuntourist(Lots of +1, actually.)16:16
jelknerand thanks for putting that on the agenda, inana_16!16:17
inana_16next item: When should we move Partners information from Gdrive to NextCloud? 16:17
inana_16cedewey shared this with me it could be an option as well?16:17
jelknercedewey, i can't for the life of me figure out how to share a directory16:18
jelkneri've been trying16:18
jelkner(btw. you can ask ubuntourist, i am trying ;-)16:18
SITarabutaPlease, please, PLEASE? DO NOT move stuff from ONE place to THREE place ;)16:18
inana_16I think cryptpad is a good option jelkner16:18
jelknerSITarabuta, we need a plan16:19
inana_16That's what we are using for notes with him16:19
jelknerand we need to stick with it16:19
jelkneri'm not giving up on sharing in nextcloud yet16:19
jelknerlet me keep trying16:19
jelknerand even file an issue on mayfirst16:19
ubuntouristjelkner, Easy. I know how.16:19
jelknercool, ubuntourist 16:20
ubuntouristjelkner, I'll show you later.16:20
jelknercan we work on this after the meeting?16:20
inana_16and the last item: Following up Taxes issue:
inana_16SITarabuta, I just noticed that you commented on this16:21
SITarabutaSo exactly what should I put there16:21
jelknerGFbot, we need your tax form!!16:21
SITarabutaWhat fields do you need jelkner16:21
SITarabutaGive me a complete list please ;)16:21
inana_16yes GFbot, we need it to complete the process16:21
jelknername, dob, us tax id16:21
GFbotWell, ok16:22
SITarabutaIs that all?16:22
inana_16yes SITarabuta 16:22
inana_16and maybe a place to save the form16:22
jelknerinana_16, no16:23
jelknerthat's not the place for business tracker16:23
jelknerwe just need to be able to find the infor16:23
jelknerso we can file taxes16:23
inana_16anyone has anything to add?16:24
jelknerit's great to have you here, cedewey!16:25
inana_16ACTION Drops the bag of gravel16:25
jelknergreat job, inana_16 16:25
inana_16Thank you everyone!16:25
ubuntouristCan someone give cedewey an account (since it appears he doesn't have one?)16:25
jelknerubuntourist, can we meet back on jitsi?16:26
inana_16 side conversation16:26
cedeweygonna head out, good meeting with you all!16:36
inana_16jelkner, I know that you're busy but I need your advice19:22
inana_16maybe later19:22
inana_16ACTION away19:22
inana_16ACTION back since a while20:52

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