IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2020-07-12

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inana_16GM jelkner 13:19
jelknerGM inana_16 13:48
inana_16How are you?13:48
jelkneri'm ok, how about you?13:49
inana_16same ;)13:49
jelkneri woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat13:49
jelknerzOnny was going to come here to work today13:49
jelknerbut i messaged him not to13:49
jelknersince i didn't want to take any chances13:49
inana_16Oh, I see13:49
jelknersore throat is one of the covid symptoms13:50
jelknerbut i'm feeling better now than several hours ago13:50
inana_16yes, You need to be careful13:50
jelkneri'm pretty confident i'm fine13:50
inana_16and get some medicine, then rest13:50
jelknerbut yes, better to be cautious13:50
jelkneri rested a lot13:50
jelknernow i have work to do13:50
jelkneri'm back studying testing, inana_16 13:51
jelknerusing the work i'm doing with the django boys13:51
inana_16Nice! jelkner 13:51
jelknerinana_16, you've got the agenda in your mind, yes?13:51
jelknerwe need to move all the projects forward this week13:51
jelknerand begin to look for new ones13:51
jelknerinana_16, keep that in mind13:51
inana_16Of course13:52
jelknerwe are still trying to get to our $6K per month average revenue13:52
jelknerwe need that to stay afloat13:52
jelknerand we aren't there yet13:52
jelknerso i would:13:52
jelkner1. check with stefan on business tracker (when will that be finished)?13:53
jelkner2. check with zOnny, adrien, paul, and ubuntourist about Sound advice13:53
jelknerthat's our biggest budget item13:53
jelknerwe meed to make sure we have a clear plan for that13:53
jelkner3. check with stefan about RAGU13:54
jelknerwe now have a new agreement for that13:54
inana_16Ok, I'll add it to the agenda13:54
jelknercheck with zOnny, clayton and german, (and inana_16! ;-) about CIDU!13:54
jelknerthose are all our current projects13:54
jelknerwe need to think about timelines for each and all13:55
jelknerso we can decide when you want me to go out and look for more13:55
inana_16I agree13:55
jelknerinana_16, it will take us several months, but we are finally getting the data we need to do business / financial planning13:56
inana_16I would like to talk about the project that maybe I can work with Agaric, have time for a brief call?13:56
inana_16or later?13:56
jelknernow is good13:56
jelkneri want to get back to work13:56
jelknergive me a minute13:57
inana_16!remind Check with Stefan on business tracker (when will that be finished)?14:44
"Check with Stefan on business tracker (when will that be finished)?" added to message queue14:44
inana_16!remind Check with zOnny, Adrian, Paul, and ubuntourist about Sound advice14:44
"Check with zOnny, Adrian, Paul, and ubuntourist about Sound advice" added to message queue14:44
inana_16!remind Check with Stefan about RAGU14:44
"Check with Stefan about RAGU" added to message queue14:44
inana_16!remind Check with zOnny, Clayton and Natalia about CIDU14:45
"Check with zOnny, Clayton and Natalia about CIDU" added to message queue14:45
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jelknerping mjsir911 15:37
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jelknerGM, zOnny 15:38
jelknersorry about the change in plans15:38
jelkneri think it was a false alarm (fortunately!)15:38
jelknerbecause my sore throat has largely gone away15:38
jelknerbut i didn't want to take any chances15:38
zOnnyGood morning jelkner15:39
zOnnyIt's ok15:39
jelknerthanks for your understanding, zOnny 15:39
mjsir911Hi jelkner 15:39
jelknermjsir911, would you have a few minutes some time today to talk GASP?15:40
jelknermaybe even screen share?15:40
jelknercool, when?15:40
mjsir911Today is flexible for me, I'm available whenever15:40
jelknerhow about 1 pm?15:40
mjsir911Sounds good to me!15:40
jelknerdon't know if you could make a codeberg account between now and then ;-)15:41
mjsir911I already have since the last time we talked15:41
jelknerwhat's your user, mjsir911?15:41
jelknercool, hold on...15:42
jelknermjsir911, you're now a GAST Team owner15:44
jelkneroops, make that GASP Team15:44
mjsir911Cool, I see it15:45
abuchholz!remind LibreOrganize Documentation 15:50
"LibreOrganize Documentation" added to message queue15:50
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GFbot : zOnny : PAldea : SITarabuta : abuchholz : inana_16 : @ubuntourist : +jelkner : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ : wolcen16:00
Check with Stefan about RAGU (inana_16)16:00
Check with zOnny, Clayton and Natalia about CIDU (inana_16)16:00
LibreOrganize Documentation (abuchholz)16:00
inana_16Hello Everyone!16:00
jelknerGM all!16:00
abuchholzGood afternoon!16:00
inana_16Alright, 16:01
inana_16First item:  PRIMEs having issues with nova web email - the trials and tribulation of serving your own mail16:01
SITarabutainteresting. why don16:01
SITarabutat we have issues though? what is set up differently for them16:01
jelknerSITarabuta, i think we just need to get them to install the right imap clients on their phones16:02
jelknerit's mostly a matter of them not checking regularly16:02
SITarabutaall of them are the same. they should follow the instructions from the wiki16:02
jelkneryeah, i'm on it16:02
jelkneri should have pulled that from the agenda16:03
SITarabutaif they are not checking them, that is not an issue of serving our own email ;)  just an issue of people not checking it16:03
jelknerACTION done16:03
inana_16Ok, thanks jelkner 16:03
inana_16next item: Check with SITarabuta on business tracker (when will that be finished)?16:03
SITarabutathat will hopefully be finished today.16:04
jelknerwow, awesome!16:04
SITarabutaunfortunately it doesn't have the API, YET16:04
SITarabutalater down the line I will do that16:04
jelknerfinished in this context means "deliverable"16:04
SITarabutabut i have to switch gears to the beautiful RAGU16:04
jelknersoftware is never finished ;-)16:04
SITarabutaACTION done16:04
inana_16Thanks SITarabuta 16:05
inana_16next item: Check with zOnny, abuchholz, PAldea , and ubuntourist about Sound advice16:05
ubuntouristNot having a Windoze box means I've largely left PAldea to his own devices (pun intended).16:06
jelknerubuntourist, i talked with PAldea 16:06
ubuntouristzOnny has both Pac-u-lator and Sound Advice installed.16:06
jelknerhe is either going to get a Linux box from his dad16:06
jelkneror i am going to lend him one16:06
jelknerwhat about the rest of you?16:07
ubuntouristThe catch with Windoze is both the Avahi / Bonjour / mDNS communication and Qt. Solvable both, but not easily.16:07
ubuntouristjelkner, THAT will speed things up immensely!16:07
jelknerubuntourist, more important than that is defining the problem we are going to solve16:07
jelknersince setting it up is only so that we can do something with it16:08
ubuntouristThat's a David thing: Basically, as I understand it from him, it's more a matter of subtracting functionality than adding.16:08
jelknerubuntourist, have you been in touch with david lately?16:08
jelknerwe need to know what he wants16:08
ubuntouristjelkner, Not since you and I spoke with him.16:08
jelknercould you check-in with him?16:09
jelknerotherwise, we won't know what to do16:09
jelkneror do you, ubuntourist?16:09
jelknerknow what to do i mean.16:09
ubuntouristI *think* so.16:09
jelknerok, never mind then16:09
jelknerwhat i'm driving at is we need to get to work on billable tasks soon16:10
jelkneror we won't have revenue to pay folks in august16:10
ubuntouristHe wants us to take away options so that clinicians don't have a lot of choices, but do have a turn-key system.16:10
jelkneryes, i remember that general idea from the discussion16:11
jelknerif you can represent him in practice as "the customer"16:11
jelknerwe can get zOnny and abuchholz working on it this week, yes?16:11
abuchholzjust need to be told what to do16:11
jelknerACTION done16:11
ubuntouristabuchholz, do you have a running copy if the two parts?16:12
abuchholzno. Im gonna have to install ubuntu or something16:12
abuchholzI have an old arch machine upstairs16:12
abuchholzmight use that16:12
ubuntourist(Pac-u-lator and Sound Advice repos?)16:12
abuchholzI will ask zOnny for the repos 16:12
abuchholzill try to install stuff today16:12
ubuntouristI had it running on Arch too, but didn't make any documentation notes about that.16:12
jelknerlet's keep it simple16:13
ubuntouristMy Arch box is having troubles though.16:13
jelknerthis is a big project16:13
jelknerwith a lot of challenging hardware issues16:13
jelknerbest to minimize them to the extent we can16:13
ubuntouristACTION is ... done? (unless there are questions ATM).16:13
jelknernot make them worse16:13
inana_16Can we move to the next item?16:14
inana_16Check with SITarabuta about RAGU16:15
SITarabutawell I am starting on that today or tomorrow16:15
SITarabutanothing to check about it yet16:15
SITarabutaalthough we are fine right? it is only july16:15
ubuntouristSITarabuta, other than screaming at me for the mess, any questions about that?16:15
SITarabutahehe not really. actually, the ldap seems easy to remove16:16
SITarabutawe'll see how hard it is to add SAML16:16
ubuntouristSITarabuta, no one ever did answer about searching names...16:17
ubuntouristSITarabuta, I'm hoping that it can be used for more than just authentication -- i.e. spell-checking names of researchers, etc.16:17
ubuntouristSITarabuta, even better: auto-completion.16:18
ubuntouristACTION is done16:18
SITarabutaACTION done16:18
inana_16Ok, next item: check with zOnny, Clayton and Natalia about CIDU16:19
abuchholzI'm working on the news/announcements app this week16:20
abuchholzshould be done friday16:20
inana_16Alright, about this, the CIDU project is moving slow, Clayton is going to send the information we need for the website, I'm going to send him an email16:20
zOnnyAnd mayfirst haven't replied yet16:20
inana_16We are trying to work on that planning with him but I he knows that this is not a project that it will be Full time16:20
inana_16So we are moving at the rhythm that Clayton tell us, he is mentoring me (us)16:21
inana_16That's what I wanted to report 16:22
inana_16ACTION done16:22
inana_16next item: LibreOrganize Documentation (abuchholz)16:22
abuchholzlast item16:22
abuchholzlets keep it short16:22
abuchholzwe need to work on documentation for libreorganize16:23
abuchholzthat way we can direct our partners towards it before coming to us16:23
abuchholzI have finished the polls, boxes, and dashboard wiki pages16:23
ubuntourist+2 ;-)16:23
abuchholzzOnny is working on the newsletter\16:23
jelknerabuchholz, can you work with me on that?16:23
inana_16Amazing abuchholz 16:23
jelknersounds like a task i should be given16:23
abuchholzACTION is done. 16:24
jelknerabuchholz, let's set aside 4 hours this week16:24
ubuntouristRelated: Does NWD's live wiki have the PDF fix to the wiki?16:24
inana_16Thank you abuchholz 16:24
jelknerbut Sound Advice has to be your priority16:24
abuchholzI have three things I have to do this week including java so I will do my best16:24
abuchholzubuntourist pdf feature now works on NWD16:25
ubuntouristabuchholz, Thanks!16:25
jelknerlet's see if PAldea can be brought into this project16:25
jelknerwe need to get a team with time to do it16:25
abuchholzreminder to check in16:25
jelkneri'm concerned about it16:26
abuchholzlets continue the conversation on hangout16:26
inana_16anything to add?16:26
abuchholzi have to go shortly so if we could talk about sound advice first that would be great16:26
inana_16or we're done?16:26
abuchholzI'm done16:27
inana_16Please don't forget to check in16:27
inana_16ACTION Drops the bag of gravel16:27
inana_16thank you everyone16:27
jelkneryou rock, inana_16!16:27
ubuntouristNot NWD related but, jelkner gets proud of his wee bits, and so I think is a simple GASP improvement...16:27
ubuntouristI'll join the hangout in a minute.16:27
ubuntouristNature calls.16:27
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abuchholzubuntourist ?16:30
jelknermjsir911, i'm on
jelknerwhenever you can join me16:47
mjsir911btw jelkner the example at is broken17:41
mjsir911there is an underscore17:41
mjsir911(found implementing tests from this page)17:41
inana_16jelkner, zOnny, ubuntourist , just wanted to let you know that I have an emergency I need to go out. I'll continue working once I come back. I'm going to try join IRC on my phone.17:48
ubuntouristinana_16, Got it. 17:49
mjsir911Alright jelkner, done writing the API test:
jelknerthanks, mjsir911!18:35
jelknerI'll take a look18:36
mjsir911I don't have the instructions anywhere jelkner, but to run the test: `python3 -m doctest -o ELLIPSIS tests/obp/test_index.txt`18:40
jelknerACTION signs off18:40
jelknergood timing, mjsir911 18:40
jelkneri was wondering about that18:40
jelknerACTION really signs off this time ;-)18:42

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