IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2020-07-13

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inana_16gm jelkner 13:57
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jelknerGM inana_16 14:57
inana_16hello jelkner ;)14:57
jelknerhello inana_16!15:56
jelkneran hour delayed :-(15:56
inana_16Dont worry jelkner ;)15:56
jelknerinana_16, are you in the middle of something?15:57
inana_16Tell me jelkner 15:58
jelkneri just jumped on planning15:58
jelknernothing urgent15:58
inana_16see you there15:58
jelknerbut it would be a good time to catch up15:58
jelknertalked to Clayton this morning15:58
jelknerinana_16, you're the one person who should stay18:06
jelknercan you come back, inana_16?18:06
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ubuntouristping jelkner 18:34
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inana_16zOnny, are you here?20:27
jelknerinana_16, ping21:04
inana_16pong jelkner 21:05
jelknerinana_16, do you know where we have the AEA logo?21:05
jelknerone of our board members is asking me for it to put on the FB page21:06
inana_16I think I have a copy of it21:06
jelkneri could really use that, inana_16 21:07
jelknerit would be even better if it is SVG21:07
inana_16hold on21:07
inana_16I hae just the white with no bg in png21:15
inana_16Oh found other, I'm going to send you that21:17
inana_16I sent it21:19
jelknerhow did you send it?21:25
jelknernever mind, inana_16 21:25
jelkneri got it21:26
jelknerinana_16, what would it take to make those into really nice svg?21:28
inana_16time I can have it ready tomorrow :)21:28
inana_16is that Ok?21:28
inana_16jelkner, 21:29
jelknerACTION signs off for the day21:39

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