IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2020-07-14

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inana_16gm jelkner 13:33
jelknergm inana_16 14:24
inana_16hello :)14:24
jelknerinana_16, can i give you a quick call?14:24
inana_16call again14:26
inana_16I can not hear you14:26
jelknerwhat happened?14:26
jelkneri heard you14:26
inana_16But I did not14:27
jelkneri wonder why it's not working?14:27
jelknerlet me try telegram14:27
inana_16if not I have credit to call you directly , I never spend my USA calls14:29
jelknerhold on, inana_16 14:29
jelkneri need to get this to work on my new freedom phone14:30
jelknerinana_16, can you text me14:31
jelknerand see if that gets through?14:31
inana_16I just did on telegram14:32
jelkneri mean just a plain sms14:32
jelknertelegram says it sent me a verification code14:32
jelknerbut i didn't get it14:32
jelknerso telegram isn't working14:32
inana_16I just texted14:33
jelkneri didn't get it14:35
jelknerdid you use 1 240 406 2906?14:35
jelkneri just got the telegram code14:37
jelknerdon't know why it took soooo long14:37
jelknerinana_16, ping15:23
inana_16Calling you15:23
inana_16call me again please15:23
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ubuntouristjelkner, 18:10
ubuntouristjelkner, I see you've closed the bug. I just finished meeting w/ Adrian, Edzon and Paul re Sound Advice.18:10
ubuntouristjelkner, Next up, I *think* will be a full-team meeting w/ David.18:12
ubuntouristjelkner, Adrian was able to get the pieces working together, but then something broke, but then he got it working, lather, rinse, repeat.18:12
ubuntouristjelkner, However, we both know the "voice of understanding" and today, I heard that from Adrian. So, I think he's "got it" now,18:14
ubuntouristjelkner, and can see how the pieces fit together. Edzon was able to do a brief test a few weeks ago. Paul is still struggling,18:14
jelknerexcellent news, ubuntourist 18:15
ubuntouristjelkner, since it was designed on a Linux box for deployment on a Mac box and Paul's running Windows.18:15
jelknerwe are still trying to figure out the team at this point18:15
jelknerubuntourist, i'm most glad Adrian has got it18:16
ubuntouristjelkner, meanwhile... rick... I feel bad for both Rick and Edzon.  I'm afraid to get sucked in, but I may intervene.18:16
jelknerubuntourist, edzon is handling it18:16
jelknerhe's strong18:16
jelknerrick is putting him through the mill18:17
jelknerubuntourist, i told him, track your hours18:17
jelkneri'll be invoicing rick on thursday18:17
jelknerwe'll continue to do whatever he asks18:17
jelknerbut he will be billed for it18:17
ubuntouristjelkner, Edzon feels a lot of guilt about not knowing how to make Rick happy, and how to convince him that some of his troubles are with his own hardware.18:18
jelknerubuntourist, anything you can do to make Edzon feel better18:18
jelknerwould be nice18:18
jelknerubuntourist, I try to do that too18:18
ubuntouristjelkner, For example, Rick keeps insisting that the link from his Twitter account to his home page doesn't work. I created a video that demonstrates that it does work.18:18
ubuntouristjelkner, Rick says "The video doesn't show anything." It clearly shows that what he is claiming is not reality.18:19
jelknerubuntourist, i'm going to go for a bike ride now18:19
jelknerbefore the Django Girls group at 4 pm18:19
jelknerubuntourist, i'll be back in an hour and a half18:19
ubuntouristjelkner, Oh. Right. Have fun. I rode this morning.18:19
ubuntouristjelkner, later.18:19
inana_16ACTION AWAY19:13
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inana_16ACTION back19:50
jelknergood evening, inana_16 and zOnny 21:32
jelkneri'll be back on *early* tomorrow! ;-)21:32
inana_16hello jelkner 21:33
inana_16See you maƱana21:33
jelkneranything you need before i go, inana_16?21:33
inana_16Not really, thanks jelkner 21:33
jelknerbtw. just had an excellent meeting with Amina and Shushantika21:33
jelknerthey are learning fast!21:33
jelknerwe meet again Friday21:34
jelknerACTION signs off for the evening21:34
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