IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2020-07-21

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lelkneralfarookay. got to find my headset15:10
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inana_16 Operation Agreement Document lelkneralfaro 15:20
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jelknerzOnny, inana_16 which of you can reach out to Joselin Peña-Melnik to check-in with her?17:04
jelknerWe keep talking about doing that, but we need to actually do it.17:04
jelknerzOnny, i called AEA17:04
jelknerit will be at least September before they can get the new Administrative Assistant ready to learn to update the website17:05
jelknerzOnny, Alyshia told me she has many other things she needs to learn first17:05
inana_16I think the main idea before was to do it and then reach her, you and I discussed that jelkner , is that the plan yet?17:06
jelknerso, for now, we will continue updating the site17:06
jelkneryou mean migrate the site and then reach her?17:06
inana_16regarding to Joselin17:06
jelknerinana_16, can you jump on BBB?17:06
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abuchholzubuntourist could you please join hangout18:34
inana_16ACTION AWAY18:43
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inana_16ACTION back19:42
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inana_16jelkner, did you see the email that Clayton sent?22:56
jelknerdo i need to, inana_16?22:56
jelkneri'm in a class22:56
jelkneranything pressing?22:56
jelknercan you handle it?22:56
inana_16Yes, later. A contract to work on a redesign with Agaric 22:57
jelknerwooo, a contract22:57
jelknerthis class will be over soon22:57
jelknercan we talk after?22:57
inana_16sure, but on planning please, I changed my phone and I need to set it up23:00
jelknerinana_16, i just tried to call you23:15
jelknerbefore reading this23:15
jelknerthis class seems like it will never end23:16
jelkner*soooo* boring! :-(23:16
jelknerit is for the AP Computer Science Principles class23:16
jelkneri'm not paying attention23:16
jelknerbut i need to stay signed in so they thing i was there ;-)23:16
jelknerinana_16, i read the email, wonderful!23:17
jelkneralso, we are invited to attend tomorrow23:17
jelkneri'm going to sleep early, inana_16 23:17
jelknerwhat time tomorrow can we talk?23:17
inana_16Yeah but still I can not see any link to that meeting23:17
jelknerwe can figure it out in the morning, inana_16 23:18
inana_16sure 23:18
jelknerwhat time can we talk?23:18
jelkneras early as possible ;-)23:18
inana_169:30? or to late?23:18
jelknerhold on...23:18
jelkneri have a 10 am meeting with JoJo from OneDC23:19
jelknerso 9:30 am is perfect23:21
jelkneras long as you're not late23:21
jelknerso, let's talk tomorrow at 9:30 am23:21
jelknerinana_16, let meet at:
jelknerinana_16, say "OK", and i can sign off for the night23:22
inana_16sure jelkner 23:22
jelknerhasta tomorrow23:22
inana_16see you mañana23:22
jelknerACTION signs off23:22

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