IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2020-07-22

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jelknermjsir911, ping12:59
mjsir911hi jelkner 12:59
jelknerit doesn't look like a new england trip is in the offing for this year13:00
mjsir911Yeah, thats too bad but it's probably for the best13:00
jelknercovid numbers continue to rise13:00
jelknerthings are likely to shutdown again13:01
jelknerso my only trip out of my apartment will be to visit a nephew in rural PA this coming weekend13:01
jelknerother than that, i'm staying home13:01
jelkneron a different note, do you know the proper way to handle moving a project repository from launchpad to codeberg?13:02
mjsir911Alright then. Thats no proble, but I will be fully out of boston then by the time everything is good again13:02
jelkneri want to move the getting down with series13:02
mjsir911Moving the git stuff should be easy, not sure if there is a process for issues & MR history13:03
jelknerbut i'm thinking of leaving the extensive bzr history on launchpad13:03
jelknerso all i want to do is say "this project has move" on launchpad13:03
jelknerthe history contains many abandoned efforts that may be of some interest to someone someday ;-)13:04
jelknernot sure, but don't want to erase them for no reason13:04
jelknerbut i want to make it clear the project has moved, so we can move forwrad13:04
jelknerlike we did with GASP13:04
jelknerlet me see what i can do13:04
mjsir911you can clone the git repo from launchpad with @jelkner13:05
mjsir911then just change the remote to a codeberg repo and push it13:05
jelkneroh, that makes sense13:05
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jelknergm inana_16 13:26
inana_16gm jelkner 13:26
jelknerare you going to meet me on MeetWithJoJo ?13:26
inana_16jelkner, after your meeting please reach me when you can14:22
jelknerinana_16, can you meet me on the show and tell bbb?14:24
jelkneri'm there now14:24
inana_16hold on14:25
jelknerbtw, the meeting with JoJo was brief, but very exciting14:26
jelknershe is working closely with Jessica Gordon Nembhard14:26
jelkneri'll tell you more when you get on bbb14:27
jelknerinana_16, do you need the link?14:28
inana_16 tomorrow jelkner 14:49
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jelknerinana_16, i got an email from the USFWC14:57
jelknerdid you?14:57
jelknerit has the link to join the conference today at 3 pm14:57
inana_16I did15:27
inana_16jelkner, are you available at Monday at noon ET? 15:28
inana_16Clayton is asking to have a meeting with them about the new project15:28
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abuchholz!remind SoundAdvice progress20:30
"SoundAdvice progress" added to message queue20:30
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