IRC log of #novawebdev for Saturday, 2020-08-15

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jelknerubuntourist, ping13:29
ubuntouristjelkner, pong.13:30
jelknerubuntourist, just sent you an email asking if you could attend peter yuan's altair 8800 presentation next friday13:36
jelknerhe has been doing an amazing job13:37
jelknerand given your interest in bare metal programming13:37
jelkneri thought you might enjoy it13:37
jelknerit would also be nice to have a larger audience for him than just me13:37
jelknerwhile i didn't at first intend it to be so, this has been perhaps my most shameless "get a student to do it"13:38
jelkneri came up with the idea of using the Altair 8800 manual as our text for CSC 205: Computer Organization this Fall13:39
jelknerand Peter just ran with it13:39
jelknerhe'll have the course completed by the time school starts13:39
jelkneri told him i am indeed fortunate, being a high school teacher with the equivalent of graduate assistants13:40
jelknersince that is the level of work he is doing13:40
jelkneranyway, that's what my ping was about, ubuntourist 13:40
jelknerACTION done ;-)13:40
jelkneron do dr chuck13:41
ubuntouristjelkner, added to calendar. I take it you saw my "Brain-Computer Interface" 😉 survey responses.13:49
ubuntouristOops. Laundry ready.13:49
ubuntouristACTION ventures out into the plague-ridden world to fetch laundry...13:50
jelkneri did, ubuntourist, thnx!!13:57
ubuntouristACTION -- the mighty adventurer -- returns from the plague-ridden jungles of apartment hallways after a harrowing journey to the laundry room...14:22

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