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SITarabutaping jelkner 17:54
jelknerSITarabuta, pong17:55
SITarabutaawesome! are you available to talk jelkner ?17:55
jelkneri am, SITarabuta 17:55
SITarabutaI am on planning right now17:55
jelknerlet me signal you17:55
SITarabuta!remind FreeIPA is now available - what does that mean?18:15
'FreeIPA is now available - what does that mean?' added to message queue18:15
jelknerlouisea, zOnny will pick me up at 8 am on Sunday18:17
jelknerso we'll be at HacDC before 918:18
louiseajelkner, cool I'll be there 9/9:30 probably18:18
jelknerc u then18:18
jelkneri'm going to see if you and zOnny can sign our Operating Agreement18:18
jelknerusing my blog instructions18:19
jelknerlouisea, i'm signing off now18:19
jelknerc u sunday18:19
jelknerACTION signs off for the day18:19
louiseajelkner, alright see you then18:19
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FreeIPA is now available - what does that mean? (SITarabuta)20:53
jelknerSITarabuta, are you here?20:54
SITarabutajelkner, yes20:54
jelknerI talked to mattva01 about FreeIPA20:54
SITarabutaUh-oh ;-)20:55
jelknerTo quote, "Since it does everything, it is pretty hard to set up"20:55
jelknerI told him, "Stefan already set it up ;-)"20:55
jelknerSo, you did it again, SITarabuta 20:55
jelknerpretty darn impressive20:55
SITarabutaHehe :-) I should probably add this to my resume ;-)20:56
jelknerok, let's talk Sunday about creating some nice docs for us20:56
SITarabutabtw jelkner 20:56
jelkneri just logged in here now to put it on the agenda20:56
SITarabutashould I try to sign our operating agreement20:56
jelknerbut i see you already did20:56
jelknerlet's get louisaea and zOnny to do it first20:57
jelknersince i know it works with Mint 2020:57
jelknersadly, it doesn't work out of the box on any other distro20:57
SITarabutaI use the Windows Distro ;-)20:57
SITarabutaVersion 1020:58
jelknerit might work on Windoz20:58
jelknerwe spoke of that20:58
jelknerbut we also found in LibreOffice 7 where you can configure the key store20:58
jelknerso let me try that first20:58
SITarabutaAh yes, nice20:58
jelknerwe can talk about that on sunday too20:58
jelknerok, i'm signing off again20:58
jelknerlater, and great work SITarabuta!20:59
SITarabutalater, thanks!20:59
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jelkner!remind Talk with Kevin about RedCAP meeting tomorrow with Susan 4:30 pm21:27
'Talk with Kevin about RedCAP meeting tomorrow with Susan 4:30 pm' added to message queue21:27

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