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jelknernrcerna, are you watching Rashida Talib?17:26
jelknerShe is the congress women on Celina's website with her17:26
nrcernaIt seems like she's supporting worker cooperatives jelkner 17:27
jelknerShe is17:27
nrcernathat's what the speaker just said17:27
jelknerno surprise, nrcerna 17:27
nrcernaI know17:28
jelknerAnd Maura, who just spoke, is the one who Heylin called and spoke with17:28
jelknerfrom Up&Go17:28
jelknerThis is our tribe, nrcerna!17:28
nrcerna:O awsome17:28
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ubuntouristBernie, bernie17:31
jelknerI love Bernie!17:32
ubuntouristI pitched MatterMost on the Slack channel and the Live Video chat.17:36
jelknerThanks, ubuntourist!17:37
jelkneri am going to politely refuse to use non-free software when free tools exist17:37
nrcernaDefinitely they should use mattermost 17:37
jelknerthere's Naomi, let me listen17:37
ubuntourist(The Live Video Chat is on the YouTube page for this live stream:
ubuntourist? I'm not seeing Naomi...17:38
jelknerit might be a minute off17:38
jelkneri'm watching through the
ubuntouristDoes anyone watching NOT already know what's being reiterated for 40 minutes now? I've always been bored by pep rallies.17:41
jelknerwell, ubuntourist 17:41
jelkneryou need to understand the movement is growing fast17:42
jelknernew people coming in all the time17:42
ubuntouristjelkner, I suppose.17:42
ubuntouristMy 2:30 breakout will be "City Leadership: Economic Recovery and Shared Prosperity Through Worker Ownership"17:48
jelknergood thinking, ubuntourist 17:49
jelkneri'll do "A Worker Led Green New Deal"17:50
jelknerwe can compare notes17:50
jelknerNaomi is talking about Argentina17:51
jelknernrcerna, Geoff works at The Working World18:04
nrcernaEveryone is connected18:07
ubuntourist♪It's a Small [Working] World, After All ♫18:08
jelknerThe host is talking *way* too much!18:14
jelknerLet the guests have a turn18:14
ubuntouristAccording to YouTube, 386 people are watching live at the moment. 18:15
jelknerI wonder if those of us watching on count separately18:16
jelkneri think so18:16
ubuntouristI missed the guy talking's name. It looks like his video window is captioned "Escabar? Kelly"18:16
ubuntouristFound him (on Twitter): Esteban Kelly18:21
nrcernaI like the way Esteban just explain the movement / model and the political thing, the difference between them18:22
jelknernrcerna, i agree, he is making important points18:22
jelknerhe is just taking too long to say them, not being respectful of the guests18:23
jelknerimho ;-)18:23
jelknerbut i agree, nrcerna, he is on the right trac18:23
nrcernaand I was happy for the way he was talking lol18:23
jelknerglad to hear a different perspective, nrcerna 18:24
jelknerif nrcerna is happy, jelkner is happy ;-)18:25
ubuntouristDamn. My system just froze.18:27
jelknerWow, Baltimore18:28
jelknerthe neighborhood here18:28
jelknerThat was a great ending, Avi!18:30
ubuntouristNWD is now following Avi, Naomi and Esteban on Twitter...18:31
jelknerthanks, ubuntourist!18:31
ubuntouristI see nrcerna just commented in the YouTube chat... ;-)18:32
nrcernaDo you know the poem? ubuntourist, jelkner ?18:32
jelknerI know the poet18:33
jelknerAsata Shakur18:33
jelknerShe lives in Cuba18:33
jelknerI know several people who have met with her there18:34
nrcernaSweet, I need to know more about her jelkner 18:34
jelknernrcerna, let's talk Sunday18:34
jelknerdid you see dante is asking us for an app on CJS to put info like that18:34
jelkneri forwarded you his email18:35
jelknernrcerna, which breakout to you want to attend?18:36
jelkneri'm willing to do due diligence18:36
jelknerlet you and ubuntourist pick first18:36
jelknerand then choose something important you're not covering18:36
ubuntouristI will miss the end of the second breakout. I have a standing 5:30 that I'll need to prepare for. I'll probably bail at 5:15-ish.18:37
jelkneri'm going to have to miss much of tomorrow18:38
jelknersince i teach until 3:10 pm solid18:38
ubuntouristI'm not sure the Muzak is that helpful... 18:38
jelknerheylin is going to go to the financial one18:40
jelknerso i don't have to18:41
jelknersince the women she has been working with in the developing cleaning co-op have been asking her about that18:41
jelkneri told heylin she could join us here18:41
jelknershe said she'll try18:41
jelknerbut i think she was watching on her phone18:42
nrcernaI was trying to help her with the information, she didnt receive it18:42
jelknerthanks, nrcerna!18:42
jelknerbtw, nrcerna, tim dempsy is working on a bilingual yard sign18:42
jelknerhow do you translate, "Housing for All!"18:43
jelknerviviendas para todos!18:43
nrcernaSi, así jelkner 18:43
nrcernaI think I'm going to attend this: Financial Accounting for Cooperatives: A Question & Answer Skill Building Session jelkner 18:44
nrcernaI mean I would like to join all of them lol18:45
jelknernrcerna, can we meet on planning at 5 pm?18:54
jelkneri have a 5:30 pm call with JoJo18:54
jelknerbut i'd like to chat with you first18:54
ubuntouristMine doesn't appear to be starting yet... (Zoom says it will "Start 2:30" and that I should wait for the host...)19:06
nrcernaQ:How much it cost outsourcing accounting,? A/ It depends on the task that person is going to do for the cooperative (Sending invoice, managing credit and bank accounts,book keeping and preventing financial issues)19:41
nrcernaACTION AWAY19:41
ubuntouristjelkner, Democracy At Work Institute & City of San Francisco Office of Engagement and Immigrant Affairs focusing on co-op opportunities for students (higher education).19:50
ubuntouristjelkner, Oops. Office of Civic Engagement and Immigrant Affairs (OCEIA). Richard Wipple is the presenter from that office.19:51
ubuntouristjelkner, Shared Equity in Economic Development (SEED) a DAWI program that works with the "League of Cities" which includes DC, SF,19:56
ubuntouristjelkner, Durham, Philly, Richmond, and Atlanta.19:57
@ubuntourist : +jelkner : nrcerna : wolcen : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ20:00
Good afternoon everyone!20:00
It's 16:00 UTC and NOVA Web Development's bi-weekly meeting is starting.20:00
This is the agenda for today:20:00
Groups in LibreOrganize (abuchholz)20:00
Have a nice day!20:00
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jelknerHi PAldea 20:10
jelkneryou know there is no meeting today?20:10
jelkneri sent an email20:10
jelknerwe are at a conference on worker co-ops20:10
PAldeaAh, ok. I must've missed the email. My bad, I20:11
nrcernajelkner, which one are you attending?20:18
jelknerGreen New Deal20:28
jelknervery interesting20:28
jelknernrcerna, i'm a bit confused20:28
jelkneri didn't plan well20:28
jelkneri thought this ended at 5 pm20:29
jelknerbut it goes until 620:29
jelkneri have a 5:30 phone call scheduled with JoJo20:29
jelkneri have to make that20:29
jelknernrcerna, 20:29
nrcernaYou have to see the Financial one :D20:29
jelknerthey are going to be available after i hope20:30
jelknerso we can watch them later20:30
nrcernaYes, they said that20:30
jelknerso i'm not going to do the second session live20:30
nrcernaI'm going to make it again, since sometimes I got kinda lost with the accounting termns20:30
jelknerheylin is in the financial one with you, yes?20:30
nrcernaNo, she's not here20:30
nrcernaI dont know which one she decided to attend20:31
jelknerwe can watch it together with her later20:31
jelknerso, can we still meet after this session?20:31
jelkneror would you rather watch a second session live20:31
jelknerand meet tomorrow?20:31
jelkneri mainly want to meet before sunday20:32
ubuntouristSince they keep pushing later and later, I am skipping session two as well.20:32
jelknerlet's meet at 5 pm on planning20:32
nrcernaYes, they're doing the same here ubuntourist 20:32
ubuntouristsession one is still going strong20:32
nrcernaWell, we should meet first jelkner, I mean is something important right?20:33
jelknermine too20:33
jelknerit will end at 4:4520:33
ubuntouristTheoretically the Q&A is yet to come.20:33
nrcernaWe can set up a meeting / working session to watch it with Heylin as well20:33
ubuntouristI took notes, such as they are. (Not a lot, though.)20:33
nrcernanot today20:33
jelknerbtw, ubuntourist and nrcerna, argentina was "in the house" in my session20:33
nrcernawhere are you ubuntourist?20:34
jelknerwith a *really* good question20:34
nrcernaI mean which one?20:34
jelknernrcerna, not today what?20:34
nrcernaThe catch up with Heylin regarding to my session jelkner 20:34
jelkneroh, definitely, nrcerna 20:34
jelknernot today!20:34
jelknernext week!20:35
nrcernaI mean we can meet before your meeting with JoJo20:35
jelkneror sunday20:35
jelkneryes, 5 pm20:35
jelknerso let's do that20:35
nrcernaOkie dokie20:35
ubuntouristnrcerna, "City Leadership: Economic Recovery and Shared Prosperity Through Worker Ownership”20:35
nrcernaGreat ubuntourist !20:36
ubuntouristnow talking about taking back ownership of data from tech companies monetizing it.20:36
jelknerubuntourist, you can't join us at 5, or can you?20:38
ubuntouristjelkner, for 15 minutes or so...20:38
jelkneri'd like to keep it to that in any case20:39
ubuntouristjelkner, provided they end on time and I have a minute to answer the call of nature (and Diet Coke).20:39
jelknerme too, ubuntourist!20:41
jelknermine is stopping now20:41
jelknerthey are saying they're last goodbyes20:41
ubuntouristStill going strong...20:41
jelknerubuntourist, nrcerna and jelkner are on planning20:47
jelknerjoin us when you can20:47
nrcerna#financialaccounting accounting channel20:59

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